D817 Toyota Camry/Celica car brake pad

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Shandong China (Mainland)

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Front axle

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Packaging Detail:inner packing:heat shrink bags/boxes:outer packing:cartons
Delivery Detail:30days


1.non-asbestos brake pad
3.quick delivery:15-30 days
4.OE quality:no noise,low dust


 Our Advantage

1>We have rich friction material formula system for every car series.

 2>Most of our raw material are imported from Japan,German,France and Netherlands.

 3>We have all the craft ,process and technology in brake pads producing line in the world.

 4>We have big bench test instrument to promise the braking performance of our products.And every our new formula are tested by installing on our local taxi.

 5>We can produce as your samples .

 6>We can supply you with OE quality brake pads.


Different Friction Material Formula

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Q:Cyclic gear when riding a motorcycle, fueling, you can hold the throttle, and then brakes?
Stepped on the brakes even if the throttle will slow down, but the braking distance becomes longer, better car will have a brake priority device, step on the brake throttle on the failure of the oil system immediately to minimize the oil, the engine Then down to the idle state, of course, there is no motorcycle this device, so I would like to slow down or slippery brake brakes
Q:How should a summer motorcycle be maintained?
More oil, rain do not open
Q:How will I know if my motorcycle brakes is still in good shape?
Compared to what? Not clear your frame of reference, or context of the question. How did they behave when new? Any mushiness at all in the lever, or pedal, would be cause to take action. Fortunately, usually the fix is quite simple. Bikes are great to work on, everything is right there. Consult a torque table for proper values on the caliper bolts. Remove the bolts, and calipers, and examine the pads directly. If they are thin, replace them. If not, don't. This is not a bad thing to do occasionally, on general principles. Pretty simple, and doesn't require exotic tools other than the basics plus the shop manual and torque wrench. I personally would NOT want to mis-torque a caliper bolt... Bleeding the brakes systems on most bikes requires clear tubing, brake fluid, 8mm socket, and little else. A rubber mallet to tap the calipers (to drive out air bubbles) doesn't hurt. Takes less than 30 minutes per caliper, details can be found elsewhere. I used to do this at least seasonally on all my bikes. ABS, LBS, and similar complicate the situation somewhat.
Q:Motorcycle brake problems?
Air or water interior the brake line might want to teach itself as a softness on the brake lever, requiring countless pumps previously the brakes paintings. Air (and to a lesser volume water) will compress while brake fluid, like each and every hydraulic fluids, does not compress. notwithstanding the indicators you describe look the different. in my view i might want to eliminate the caliper from the fork leg, take out the pads and positioned a timber lath of their position (to give up the pistons popping out thoroughly) and then pump out the pistons (use a G clamp to give up one if it strikes a lot less annoying than the different) – search for any airborne dirt and mud or gunge on the piston sides. i trust that that is your issue. If there is airborne dirt and mud you could sparkling the perimeters of the pistons (with seize and brake cleanser and a rag – no abrasives) for a non everlasting answer – ideally you should empty the device and take out the pistons and fully service the calipers – replace seals and bleed nipple, flush the device with methylated spirits to sparkling it and enable it dry. once think with reference to the brake fluid replaced you would possibly want to besides have this service achieved mutually. also research the lubrication on the draw close cylinder and lever – there could be a blob of grease and it makes a most suitable massive difference to the action of the lever. EDIT: btw the hot pads will take the time to mattress in, 50 odd miles, so is truly not as effective till then – and ensure the compound is actual for the bike, do not be tempted to apply “race” compounds as you'll by no potential get them warm sufficient to apply.
Q:How do I adjust the brakes on the motorcycle?
Motorcycle hydraulic disc brake is not tune, because the whole system is not a adjustment screw. Cause the brakes are particularly tight reasons are: brake hydraulic piston card does not have the resilience or brake the master cylinder plunger card, to solve only the replacement.
Q:What is the brakes?
With the foot! Front brake the most important, you can observe, the front brake system is better than the rear brake, front with a disc brake behind the drum brake, large displacement car before and after the brake Billy even larger, in front of two large diameter brake disc , Six-piston calipers, and the rear brake only has a small diameter brake disc, a caliper. Brake before the brake speed fast, because the center of gravity forward, the front wheel is not easy to lock, after the brake is played before the role of brazing force distribution, 50 yards below the first 60 after 40,60-90 yards, , 100 yards or more, the first 70 after 30 I was drag racing party, those who say that after the brake is not important people who drive.
Q:How does the motorcycle move downhill?
Slide the gears: pinch the clutch, the throttle, slide forward, to the bottom of the slope, loose the contract to the throttle
Q:Motorcycle front brakes wont bleed..?
Remove the caliper. Put a piece of wood or metal inbetween the brake pads (where the rotor would go). Hold the caliper high above the master cylinder, then bleed as normal. The air will rise up to the caliper so it will be bled at the bleeder screw.
Q:How to choose a motorcycle
Must go to the store to buy, listen to where the Purchasing Guide to explain, remember to change a few stores to see, see more to know
Q:brakes on motorcycles?!?!?
Some bikes, like “old school choppers” will tend to push the front wheel if you use just the front brake (if there is one) due to the rake and trail of the forks. Most modern bikes will stop perfectly well on front brake only, it is only in poor road conditions that you really need to change the ratio from 100:0 to 70:30, many riders are not comfortable riding like that and it does take confidence (that you will not rotate about the front axle) – there is only one way to gain that confidence.

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