Class 200/220 Hot sale Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire

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Productmodels:OEI/AIWAL,1EI/ALWAL,2EI/AIWAL ,Q(ZY/XY)L-3/200, Q(ZY/XY)L-2/200,Q(ZY/XY)L-1/200, OEI/AIWCAL, 1EI/AIWCAL, 2EI/AIWCAL,Q(ZY/ZX)L-2/220,Q(ZY/ZX)L-3/220, Q(ZY/ZX)L-1/220,

Product standard: IEC60317-25,MW35-A,MW36-A

Product features: good heat resistancequality, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance andscratch resistance.

Product application: electric motors usedin compressor, microwave, high tension transformer, heat-resistant electric motor, hermetic electric motor and electric usedin washing machine  

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Q:Building electrical power equipment in the dark pipe is threading or wearing a cable?
There are many kinds: ......... a lot, I said is the steel pipe
Q:Home decoration wall what kind of wire selection
Household wire is BV model, air conditioner socket selection BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A alone plus a leakage protector. The kitchen socket with a way BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A can be shared with the bathroom leakage protector. Toilet outlet also with a way BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A can share the leakage protector. Other sockets with a way BV-3X2.5mm2 wire; then an air switch 16A can be shared with the bathroom leakage protector. Lighting with one or two BV-2X2.5mm2 wire; then an air switch 16A. Note: According to the provisions of the country's residential, 1.5mm2 wire is prohibited to use, so can not use 1.5mm2 wire, must use 2.5mm2 and above specifications. Even if your home only a 3W bulb must also use 2.5mm2 wire and can not use 1.5mm2. BV-4mm2 wire about 120 meters, BV-2.5mm2 wire about 150 meters.Note: the wire to be based on your home room to set, and now there is no plan can only report a approximate number for reference. Such as the bathroom and the kitchen far from the door do not know how long the wire is not out. Air conditioner installed in the location where do not know, on the left or the right side of the wire should be several meters worse. Lighting switch on which position, the same difference between the wire a few meters, and so on, so this figure is no way to report, for your reference, not a few.
Q:Power supply 6PIN (graphics card) with CPU 8PIN will be a problem?
No, the disk will lead to heat accumulation, the impact of wire cooling, serious will burn the wire, especially in the maximum current carrying capacity when the wire is more obvious, so the use of wire tray up to no more than 1/2 rated current, "The inside of the two lines of the current direction is always the opposite can be offset each other to produce the electromagnetic effect" This is very right, the use of wire tray will not increase the wire impedance, but not a single wire, must be the same Two of the circuits at the same time disk up. Wire: the wire is made of one or several soft wires, the outer package is soft and soft; the cable is made of one or several insulated packets, and the outer layer is covered with a tough outer layer of metal or rubber. Cables and wires are generally made up of three parts: the core wire, the insulating sheath, and the protective sheath. Commonly used cable features are as follows: CEF - EPR insulated neoprene jacket, marine flame retardant power cable. CVV - PVC insulated, PVC sheathed marine flame retardant power cable. OVC cable commonly used BV, BX, RV, RVV series of wires, including: BV - copper core PVC insulated wire, long-term allowable temperature 65 ℃, the minimum temperature -15 ℃, working voltage AC 500V, DC 1000V, fixed laying In the room, the outside can be deposited can also be deposited. BX - copper core rubber insulated wire, the maximum temperature of 65 ℃, apply to the room. RV - PVC insulated single-core cord, the maximum temperature of 65 ℃, the lowest temperature -15 ℃, 250V AC voltage, DC 500V, for the internal wiring equipment and equipment. RVV - Copper core PVC insulated and sheathed flexible wire, allowing long-term working temperature of 105 ℃, working voltage AC 500V, DC 1000V, for wet, mechanical protection requirements, often moving and bending occasions.
Q:Cable YC3 * 25 + 1 * 10 What does it mean?
The former core is a single strand of hard copper wire, which is a multi-strand copper wire. 1), BV4 square wire GB diameter 2.22mm, BVR4 square wire GB diameter 19 0.50mm, 2), BV4 square wire with copper weight = 1.11 × 1.11 × 3.14 × 95 × 0.0089 = 3.27kgBVR4 square wire with copper Weight = 0.25 × 0.25 × 3.14 × 95 × 0.0089 × 19 (root) = 3.15kg3), the price BVR4 slightly higher point.
Q:Antique grams VP450P power supply + Xin Guinuo tower T1 chassis back line wire length enough?
Connectcomputerandprojectorvideolineandaudiocable. Connect the computer and the projector's video cable called VGA cable (VideoGraphicsArray), connect the projector's audio cable can be translated directly: Audioline, Theaudioline
Q:What is the meaning of PG + digital markings for electrical wiring?
Will load 473KW current 560A need much cable, how big the casing
Q:Why the three-phase or single-phase AC single-core cable, not alone in the steel pipe
to determine the direction: According to the building layout plan, combined with air conditioning lines and electrical pipelines and other settings, easy maintenance, and cable routing to determine the cable bridge the best route
Q:Why is the cable wall to be laid on the wall?
Birds between the claws of the distance of 5 cm, this 5 cm long wire resistance is only 1.63 × 10 -5 times Ω, the two ends of the voltage does not exceed 5.23 times by ten -3 times v, if the bird's body resistance Is Ω, the current through the bird's body is only 5.3 × 10 -7 amps
Q:What is the name of the SC welding threading connector? Direct hoop
There will not be anything, but there are hidden dangers! What is the wire? If the cable is nothing, the jacket line is also better, such as just ordinary BV line security risks on the big! Wire insulation of the appearance of a long time will be aging, cover their poor heat in the cement, will accelerate the aging, and ultimately may break the leakage.
Q:Is the cable head in the power distribution equipment plugged
Plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, air conditioner, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe , Also includes a plastic wire tube that wears a wire. The plastic pipe that wears the wire can not replace the plastic pipe. But the plastic pipe can replace the plastic pipe through the wire.

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