Class 200/220 Hot sale Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire

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Productmodels:OEI/AIWAL,1EI/ALWAL,2EI/AIWAL ,Q(ZY/XY)L-3/200, Q(ZY/XY)L-2/200,Q(ZY/XY)L-1/200, OEI/AIWCAL, 1EI/AIWCAL, 2EI/AIWCAL,Q(ZY/ZX)L-2/220,Q(ZY/ZX)L-3/220, Q(ZY/ZX)L-1/220,

Product standard: IEC60317-25,MW35-A,MW36-A

Product features: good heat resistancequality, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance andscratch resistance.

Product application: electric motors usedin compressor, microwave, high tension transformer, heat-resistant electric motor, hermetic electric motor and electric usedin washing machine  

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Q:Pvc pipe and pvc line what is the difference
Look at the next board to connect to the TV that line is loose, no words would be a good warranty
Q:How to disconnect electrical wiring when replacing driver's door on 1994 Ford Explorer?
All connections must be unplugged at the sourceie, window motor, lock solenoid, etc. Then the wiring harness is fed thru the door shell. You should be able to reach in the doorAfter the the wind gasket has been removed. And disconnect them by hand. If you need to use tools!!! I suggest a very small blade screwdriver. And every plug in the door is plastic. and brittle. Good luck.
Q:How do I find the right size wire nut for joining electrical wire together?
yellows - 2 number 12s 3 number 14s tans - up to 3 number 12 wires, 4 number 14s reds - up to 5 number 12s, 3 number 10s grey - 4 number 10s, 3 number 10s 2 number 8s blues ( big ones ) - , 3 number 8s 2 number 6 the colors go from smallest to biggest in size this line up is from Ideal , but most manufactuer's follow color/ sizing convection, they do make a smaller blue and smaller grey, but these are for low voltage work of for florescent lighting secondary connections where the voltage is high, the wires are small and the amperes low do not use Scotchloks by 3M they are soft bodied and do not grab well and may lead to arcing even though they are still UL listed no good electrician that I know of uses them
Q:Creative uses for old electrical cords/wires?
here is something that is original. it is called the outlet man. something that you won't get in a store but sure is cool.
Q:What are the electrical equipment? What are the main parts of each device?
1: the bridge can be anti-rat and other animals bite line 2: can go high overhead, the late wiring can not go dark lines, can only take the high-altitude line 3: the bridge is very standardized, easy maintenance later 4: waterproof and anti-light,
Q:The ignition wire on my 1966 Mustang is hot enough to melt electrical tape, is this normal?If not why?
You really should identify what you mean by ignition wire. However ordinary PVC electrical tape used (say) on spark plug leads, especially near the plugs or distributor ends, will probably come off, just through the heat around the engine, if nothing else. The heat mainly softens the adhesive on the tape, and it unwinds. If you are talking about the wire from the ignition switch to the coil, it is a resistance (ballast) wire, and normally gets warm. However the same comment re the tape applies if the tape is near the ignition coil end.
Q:Is it possible to add additional electrical wiring from a light source to a new light source (using conduit).?
Yes it is , but do not hide the box. you must be able to see and open all boxs after the the job is done.
Q:Where can I dowload an electrical wiring diagram for a 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 SD??
i have a 83 300 td and purchased a HAYNES manual at checker auto, all the schematics for all the models are in this book. i believe it was 14.95
Q:Is it true that electrical wires can vibrate when in use?
Yes they do vibrate at 60 cycles per second. This is the low pitched hum you hear around transformers. The movement is too small to be seen. Some people can feel it through the insulation.
Q:How to choose the size of the wire.
The choice of wire has formulas: 10 under five security, 100 on the two security, .35 four security and three security sector, .95 two and a half, Tube thickness of eighty-nine fold, plus half of the bare wire, copper wire count, wire specifications are: 0..1..2..... / .25 / .50 / .95 / .. 240 units are square millimeters

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