Class 200/220 Hot sale Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire

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Productmodels:OEI/AIWAL,1EI/ALWAL,2EI/AIWAL ,Q(ZY/XY)L-3/200, Q(ZY/XY)L-2/200,Q(ZY/XY)L-1/200, OEI/AIWCAL, 1EI/AIWCAL, 2EI/AIWCAL,Q(ZY/ZX)L-2/220,Q(ZY/ZX)L-3/220, Q(ZY/ZX)L-1/220,

Product standard: IEC60317-25,MW35-A,MW36-A

Product features: good heat resistancequality, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance andscratch resistance.

Product application: electric motors usedin compressor, microwave, high tension transformer, heat-resistant electric motor, hermetic electric motor and electric usedin washing machine  

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Look at the next board to connect to the TV that line is loose, no words would be a good warranty
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Wire and cable industry belongs to the mechanical department, machinery manufacturing industry
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Frequency converter cable for the variable frequency cable, he is generally 3 +3 core, outside the copper wire braided + copper double shield, it requires the cable has a low transmission impedance, low working capacitance, it has a lot of high magnetic waves, Cable insulation impact is relatively large, relatively high demand for interference interference factors. Frequency conversion cable long distance transmission, the general should be coupled with the reactor. Ordinary cable, the outside can be added according to the need to shield or not, although he can produce electromagnetic waves, but will not produce high harmonics, the insulation requirements of the cable is not high frequency cable, he can be four core, five core. There is no need for a symmetrical structure of the cable.
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5 square wire for the socket; single-core 4 square wire for more than 3 air-conditioning; single-core 6 square wire for the total Line, two-color line for ground wire
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2.5 square millimeters of copper power line safety carrying capacity 28A. The following is the formula other you can calculate P = 1.732UIX0.8
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Formal cable itself has a waterproof function, as long as the cable at the terminal (such as the junction box) using a sealed connector, do a good job on the seal, there is no need to superfluous. If you need to protect the cable, using PVC electrical insulation tube can be.
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There is a relationship, the aging of the wire will increase the resistance, so the voltage loss in the wire becomes larger, so the voltage will be reduced. Cable aging reasons: external damage. In recent years, the operation of the analysis point of view, especially in the rapid economic development of Haipu East, and now a considerable number of cable failures are due to mechanical damage caused. For example: cable laying installation is not standardized construction, likely to cause mechanical damage; in the buried cable to engage in civil construction is also very easy to run the cable damage. L sometimes if the damage is not serious, to a few months or even years will lead to complete breakdown of the damaged parts of the formation of failure, and sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit failure, a direct impact on electricity and electricity units of safe production. Insulation damp: This is also very common, generally occurs in the direct or barrel of the cable connector. For example: the cable connector production failure and in the wet weather conditions do joints, will make the joints into the water or mixed with water vapor, a long time r in the electric field under the action of the formation of water branches, and gradually damage the cable insulation strength caused by failure. Chemical corrosion. Cables are buried directly in the area of ​​acid and alkali, often lead to cable armor, lead skin or outer sheath is corroded, protective layer due to long-term chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in protective layer failure, insulation reduction, Cable failure. The corrosion of the unit is quite serious.

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