Choke Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Choke Valve Description

Choke valves fall into five types:the fixed choke valve ,the needle choke valve ,the pluger choke valve ,the cage-type choke valve and the orifice choke valve. The application of the materials,of which the main body and the components of choke valves are made,tallies completely with the API 6A and NACE MR-0175 standards. These choke valves are extensively used in off-shore and land oil drilling operations and also in oil production.

2. Main Features of Choke Valve

1) Fitted  with a valve-opening indicator
2) Designed with the relief valve
3) Designed with the plane thrust bearing structure
4) Designed with the meal-to-meal sealing structure
5) Fitting with the valve stem sealed by using some special material made lip-shaped packing
6) Made of high wear-resising& corrosion-resising materials, both the valve core and bean are durable
7) Designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with API Spec 6A, ANSI and NACE MR-0175 standards.

3. Choke Valve Images

Choke Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Choke Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Choke Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

4. Choke Valve Specification

Choke Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

5. FAQ of Choke Valve

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One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers specializing Oilfield products in China, mainly offering various of oilfild products consists of our one-stop sales. The integrated sales & service ensures customers with various demands an easier access for purchasing management.

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We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

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In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:Does the number of valves make a difference?
Number The picture shows circles inside circles. Think of the larger circle as the cylinder and the smaller ones inside, as valves. In the first one the open area of the valves is 50%. In the second one the open area of the valves is 62%. In the third one the open area of the valves is 68%. And in the fourth one the open area of the valves is 69%. The more open area, the less restriction to flow. This means your engine will pull in more air, which provides more power.
Q:How long can a valve cover remain off the engine?
yea it will be fine as long as you check the level and watch for bubbles of water on the dipstick after running it a bit, just change the oil and filter to insure you don't water foul a plug
Q:Symptoms of a bad idle control valve?
Could be.. Also could be dirty. Easy fix, remove the valve and spray carb cleaner in the hole.. Using a small brush, clean the bore that the valve rides up and down in. Also, inspect the valve while it is off the manifold. Harder fix: After cleaning the bore, replace valve with brand new one. Your car will have to relearn the idle after starting with the new valve or after you put the old one back in.. Start car, but do not put it in drive or give it any throttle until the computer has finished making adjustments. - Dave. (Long Island, NY)
Q:Will A Stop Valve Switch Off Water In The Bathroom Only 10 Pts?
Assuming that the stop valves are good, turning them off will stop the flow of water to the sink taps. To test them, turn on the water faucet at the sink, then turn off both stop valves. The water should stop coming out of the faucet. If it continues to drip, the stop valves are defective and should be replaced when you do the job. If this is the case you'll have to shut off the main water valve or a valve upstream of the stops to replace them. Good Luck
Q:Valve cover painting in 1990 BMW 525i?
The BMW valve covers are made of aluminum. You can repaint these valve covers using hardware store spray paints without any problem from high temperatures. The valve cover should be removed and degreased with something like Gunk. The spray paints will not adhere to any parts with oil or grease contamination. The acorn retaining nuts should also be painted the same aluminum color. You should take the acorn nuts off their studs and insert them onto a piece of cardboard where you can overspray two or three coats of aluminum paint. Chromed acorn nuts do not look good with aluminum color valve covers. Do not attempt any underhood painting with spray paint unless everything within 4 feet is carefully masked off. Be very careful with spray painting things like thermostat housings, coolant hoses, and spark plug wires looms. You can buy 4 mm chrome plated flat washers from many hardware stores for about 5 cents apiece. I think you will need about 30 flat washers for the 2.5 litre engine. Good luck. You can try the engine paints if you like, but they are much more expensive and not any better looking. If you wanted to paint your exhaust manifold, I would suggest the high temperature paints designed for 1000 deg. C. temperatures. Some hot rodders use enamal coatings on the exhaust manifolds. BMW exhaust manifolds are very hard to see from under hood viewing as they should have asbestos heat shields to protect spark plugs, gaskets, and plug wires from excessive heat.
Q:hot water heater relief valve?
Most codes state that it must be vented to the outside.Check with your city code enforcer or county office.
Q:Diverter Valve issue on a 2000 passat
The OEM valve has a very low spring rate against the diaphragm holding the plunger down. The very first time you released the throttle the engine vacuum easily held the valve open. When not in boost the open valve will become an intake leak because its bypassing the MAF (mass air flow) sensor. If the MAF reads very low air coming in through the it, the ecm will start lowering the injector pulse width until it cant compensate any longer and will cut off because of the air leak. The Golf was running a higher spring rate to keep the valve closed at idle or has a chipped ecu to be able to release to atmosphere. Hope this helped out.
Q:Mitral valve repair surgery?
Very basically: The procedure is open heart and entails a complex system of sustaining life outside your body. The complications can vary. If you get a mechanical valve placed, your risk of embolus increases. Emboli can cause strokes and/or a fatal episode. However, once one recovers from either surgery (typically a short stint in the ICU but varying by the individual) the quality of life improves to better than pre-op. The need for a replacement may arise down the line. Barring any blood clots or infections, a MVP repair/replacement surgery does not by itself indicate anything about how long a patient survives post-op. A repair surgery tends to yield fewer long-term complications simply because no foreign tissue or synthetic material was introduced into one's system and the whole procedure is significantly lower risk in terms of infection. The risk of failure of a repaired valve is significantly lower than that of a replaced valve. Lots of variables influence the outcome though, and if this is a personal matter, I strongly suggest you speak candidly with your cardiologist. Bottom line: Repair surgery is generally safer and can allow the patient to live life fully.
Q:Explain the role of valves in the functioning of the circulatory system. I am so confused!?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Explain the role of valves in the functioning of the circulatory system. I am so confused!? In your explanation, be sure to: - identify the function of a valve in relation to the flow of blood - identify two places in the circulatory system where valves are found - identify one specific valve by name and describe its specific function
Q:What rhymes with valve?
Sorry to all those saying salve and halve (and one could add calve) -- in these words the L is silent! Thus for valve there is no PERFECT rhyme (defined as using exactly the same sounds from the vowel of the accented syllable to the end of the word). The best you can do is a NEAR rhyme in which most of the sounds match, with as few sounds changed as possible, and the 'substitutes' matching as closely as possible. These COULD include dropping the L altogether, but I'm not so sure that salve, etc. work very well Varying the vowel: delve, elve [from a scientific acronym], helve (handle of a tool such as an ax), shelve, swelve ('to swallow'), twelve revolve, solve Varying the final consonant (and possibly the vowel) The closest match would be changing /v/ to /f/, but these words, again, mostly have a silent L (half, calf, ). The only exception? The name Ralph also changing the vowel: elf, shelf (but the -v forms are better matches) a voiced /th/ (as in this NOT thin) is fairly close to the /v/ sound -- as a result mouth (the verb form) might work. (why does mouth work better than salve? Perhaps because the ow sound is closer to the al of valve than to the short-a of salve, cat, etc.) health and wealth --with a changed vowel and un-voiced /th/ is little tougher, but maybe. . .

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