China's First High-quality Hot-blast Stove

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China's first high-quality split hot-blast industrial stove. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116~1395KW

Technical description:

1. It can be used in ultra-high temperature places as industrial drying and painting.

2.  Different from all-in-one stoves with both combustion and heat transferring system which result in short lifetime of stoves, high energy consumption, and high maintenance cost.

HUAYUAN HUINENG introduced the first split biomass stove in China based on technical advantages.

3. Using patent combustion technology and configuration of different burning parts to solve the combustion problem of straw and ordinary coked biomass fuel.

4. The heat exchanger components in the stove body are using efficient, energy-saving heat-resistant pipes.

5. The best configuration of our boilers can realize that gas emission temperature is close to that of air.

6. The lifetime of our stove doubles that of others, long lifetime and easy maintenance will greatly reduce the customer's cost.

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