China's First High-quality Hot-blast Stove

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Product Description:


China's first high-quality split hot-blast industrial stove. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116~1395KW

Technical description:

1. It can be used in ultra-high temperature places as industrial drying and painting.

2.  Different from all-in-one stoves with both combustion and heat transferring system which result in short lifetime of stoves, high energy consumption, and high maintenance cost.

HUAYUAN HUINENG introduced the first split biomass stove in China based on technical advantages.

3. Using patent combustion technology and configuration of different burning parts to solve the combustion problem of straw and ordinary coked biomass fuel.

4. The heat exchanger components in the stove body are using efficient, energy-saving heat-resistant pipes.

5. The best configuration of our boilers can realize that gas emission temperature is close to that of air.

6. The lifetime of our stove doubles that of others, long lifetime and easy maintenance will greatly reduce the customer's cost.

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Q:waste cooking oil used in oil fired commercial steam boiler?
a million you could convert to gas , the two organic or propane . 2 maximum steam boilers seam to run around eighty two - eighty 3 % performance . ( eighty 3 % hydronic is far greater powerful than a intense performance compelled heat air equipment ) 3 you will choose somebody qualified to eliminate the tank , many diverse contractors in NJ
Q:How does a boiler work?
Water boils at 100 deg c at atmospheric pressure.The boiling temperature goes up if it is heated inside a pressure vassal. In m,odern boilers it is again heated in super heaters to attain more temperature First temperature increases with pressure.After certain stage, it can not increase the temperature that is critcal pressure,,Then steam is heated inside tubes to super heat . Read about boils law,Charles law from physics books
Q:how to find the heat supply rate to water/steam in the boiler?
Boilers are rated in horsepower. The pressure increase is about 1 lb for each 2 degrees rise in temperature over 212 degrees. the water input pressure must be above the boiler operating pressure,so a high pressure pump is used to push the water in. The more steam you take out the more water you must put back. If your recovery rate isn't high enough you run out of steam and pressure. I hope this answers your question.
Q:What is the smoke of the boiler?
Boiler flue gas contains dust (including fly ash and carbon black), sulfur and nitrogen oxides are polluting the atmosphere of the material, without purification when the emission targets can reach environmental protection requirements of several times to several times.
Q:unvented system with condensing oil boiler and megaflow system. Pressure loss with or without heating on?
the water would leave a wet spot.... you must be missing a fitting somewhere... you say no visible leaks.... try using a water bottle with soap.... just like looking for a leak in a tire....
Q:why do i need a boiler to make steam?
You are thinking correctly. High pressure boilers are net works of pipes with an outer jacket to reduce heat loss.
Q:Does anyone understand​ boilers?
First, if it's a hot water system, check the psi on the boiler. If you don't have an auto feed, you have to maintain 15 to 20 lb. in the system. You could be low on water psi and may have air in the system. Check the psi and bleed the air out of your radiators. If it's a steam system, you shouldn't have any water in the radiators, Unless you have a leak in the hot water coil inside the boiler. But if that was the case, would be getting water coming out your steam vents. Normal setting for temp. on the boiler is 160 for the low setting and 180 for the limit. This is the best answer I can give you without seeing the system. A lot of other things can come into play, but this is the most common problem.
Q:Understanding combi boiler terms?
Link below will help you understand 'bar'. It's a pressure PSI. The shower head uses the house water system pressure. Your boiler has a reduced operating pressure and gas supply pressure versus the house water pressure. Totally separate water systems. You will be fine installing any style shower head since it uses the house water system pressure and NOT the boiler water system pressure. Did I confuse you?
Q:furnace boiler overheating ? Please help !!!?
Is the relief blowing off water?,, What is it doing,, what do you mean by overheating? Since your not going to answer us,, start here. Check the pressure on the boiler at the gauge,,, it should be around 12 to 18 PSIG,, check the rating on the relief valve,, it should be rated to blow off at 30 PSIG.. watch gauge as you fire the boiler,, if the pressure rises then your expansion tank is water logged,, ( filled with water ). What you will need to do is to shut down the boiler,,, valve off the expansion tank from the boiler, and drain the tank. To do this you will also have to let air into the tank as you drain it. This is like removing your thumb from a straw that is full of liquid,,, when you do, air goes in and the liquid goes out. There should be some kind of air vent that you can open on the tank,, it could be on the drain valve located under the screw that holds on the handle.. if this is the case, it should have a tag telling you this. if none there there might be one at the other end of the tank. With a hose ran to a drain from the drain valve on the tank, start draining and open the air vent as soon as the water from the hose starts to slow down or stops. Keep draining till empty,, Once empty, remove hose,, close vent, and open valve between the boiler and the expansion tank. Start boiler again and check the pressure and make sure it does not rise.
Q:what are steam boiler?
Steam boilers are used in homes and commercial buildings for heating and hot water. It is a pressurized tank with a heating element that raises the temperature of water to generate steam. The steam is then used for heating purposes. It is a cost-effective, efficient way to heat buildings and water. Newer steam boilers have gotten a lot smaller and more efficient.

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