HUAYUAN Modular Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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Product Description:


China's first modular biomass boiler       Brand: HUAYUAN  

Longxiao Series biomass specification: 698KW    930KW   1046KW. Other larger specification could be modular assembled.

                                                                        (please refer to service consultant for specific parameters).

Technical Description:

1、Assemble several modules together according to users' requirements.

2、The outlook is similar to the integrated machine.

3、Operate different modules by central control system.

4、Transform industry from traditional energy-saving to intelligent energy-saving in the operation.

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Q:Installation for gas boiler cost?
Materials cost approx max £1200, scrap copper cylinder and copper pipe is worth about £50, £1250 for a days work not bad. I would get at least 3 quotes. Its a pity your not in Devon Id do it for £1600.
Q:How do you maintain proper psi on a hot water boiler system?
First your boiler is a GAIA 424/8 S or RS don't know the model off hand but most combes are very much alike. Don't know were you got Knightsbridge from. Your problem sounds like a diverter valve diaphragm at fault. With the central heating turned off, look at the valve unit (large brass block 3 large pipes and two small ) on one end is usually mounted a switch block (black in colour) that is actuated by a pin that is pushed out from the valve when the hot water tap is turned on, is this working if not then its the diaphragm. Using a small screwdriver gently operate the micro switch does the boiler fire up now. If yes then the electronics are OK.
Q:I have rented a house for 2 months, the boiler system reached about a quater tank of heat?
Although I'm a pretty good handywoman and enjoy tackling projects, I would say that your landlord should be the one to handle the boiler and fix whatever is going on. He/she should also go over the procedure with you in person, and step by step, so that you understand it and can possibly deal with it by yourself in the future. The landlord gave you a hefty set of instructions, and it wasn't nice (or appropriate) of him/her to not go over this in person, or take care of it themselves from the start - since I think that's supposed to be THEIR job. Once you show your landlord that you will attempt to fix everything yourself, deal with 'mickey mouse' solutions before demanding solid repairs, or that you will possibly accept the inadequate condition of something in your rental, they will likely take advantage of that fact in the future. So there are 2 problems here: your boiler, and your landlord. Your landlord can replace your boiler, but you can't replace your landlord! So be careful, and good luck. Winter has come with much might this year!!!
Q:I need the name of a steam boiler repair man in Indianapolis IN? A Comfortable Climate 5602 E. Elmwood Ave Suite 118 Indianapolis
Q:we have no hot water,the radiators are hot and the boiler is on what is wrong?
does the boiler make your hot water ? If so does the boiler make hot water with a coil ? or an indirect fired water heater ?
Q:In November the Bladder in my Halstead gold boiler exploded,?
By bladder do you mean hot water diaphragm. It is not true that Corgi do not want boiler manuals given out. It is part of the regulations that a boiler manual is left with the boiler on installation. You might be able to get hold of a copy from Halstead or whoever owns them now or download a copy off the internet. However what is true is that you shouldn't be repairing them yourself. I have a feeling that these boilers can go to lock-out because the venturi is dirty and also for lots of other reasons as well so don't waste your money havoing a go at different cures. To diagnose blocked heat exchanger you could put temperature sensors on flow and return. To diagnose venturi problem another method is used. You need an experienced combi boiler engineer really not Joe cowboy.
Q:HELP. my boiler is woking fine but i have no hot water and no heating. oil heating?
When the boiler is ON, what does your temp gauge read?? What is your PSI? I have an oil fired boiler with radiators. I don't recall offhand what my psi reads when working normally I'm at work so I can't check. I'm guessing your water level is low you have to either drain your expansion tank, fast fill the boiler or a little of both. It's hard to tell what the issue might be without knowing the readings you have on your valves.
Q:Can any body tell me the advantages of thermic oil boiler over steam boiler?
i think thermic oil boiler is better than steam lives more and has a better qauilty.and properties of oil are better than properties of water.we are studying this subject(boiler and heat exchanger) at school.we started studying this subject this month, so i don't have many information about it.i hope from God helps you at wishes to you.
Q:i have no hot water and there doesn't seem to be any water in the boiler?
BE SURE THE FIRE IN THE BOILER IS SHUT OFF! The water supply is not working, and the boiler can overheat, and explode. Check to see if someone turned off a valve upstream from the boiler. If not, you have a plugged supply line, and need a plumber to fix it. KrazyKyngeKorny (Krazy, not stupid)
Q:Why should I replace my 125000 BTU Boiler for a larger one?
the WG06 comes in both gas and oil, which do you have? this weights alot when it comes time to pay. oil runs more expensive because its WAY more work and more of a mess. ( remove the oil from a big oil truck which you're plumber probably has to pay for one to come, cut the old oil tank out which could be a pain, then run the gas pipe) my company would charge roundabout 6 or 7 grand so it sounds about right, alot factors into the price - and a good plumber always pays if it doesnt break down on you for 20 years isnt that a good inventment? PS go with the weil mcclain they make excellent boilers

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