HUAYUAN Modular Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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Product Description:


China's first modular biomass boiler       Brand: HUAYUAN  

Longxiao Series biomass specification: 698KW    930KW   1046KW. Other larger specification could be modular assembled.

                                                                        (please refer to service consultant for specific parameters).

Technical Description:

1、Assemble several modules together according to users' requirements.

2、The outlook is similar to the integrated machine.

3、Operate different modules by central control system.

4、Transform industry from traditional energy-saving to intelligent energy-saving in the operation.

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Q:Evaluate this potential purchase of condensing boiler?
I would go for it if that isn't the cost of the boiler but that of related hardware as well. I have an 1800 sq ft ranch and live in the northern part of michigan 70,000 btus are more than enough for heating. If you put the boiler on demand call for dhw and lock out theboiler for heat- your recovery will be greater, but , I don't think it is really necessary. This will work if your house is well insulated.
Q:Question about melting chocolate using a double boiler?
You can definitely create your own double's what I always do! I would melt the chocolate in batches, especially if you are using any white chocolate. It can be very temperamental and tends to get lumps in it easily. Good luck!
Q:why are boilers placed beneath hot water tanks in people's homes?
Water Tanks For Homes
Q:How to raise psi level on oil boiler?
your boiler should have an automatic fill contrll but if it fails you can fill it by opening the fast fill located on the water supply side of the boiler it looks like a brass top with a small handle on top of it lift the handle up you will here the water flowing in DO NOT GO ABOVE 20 PSI ONTHE PRESSURE GAUGE.
Q:What is the use of condensing waste heat recovery boiler technology?
Traditional boiler, the exhaust temperature is generally 160 ~ 250 ℃, flue gas in the water is still in a state of overheating, can not condense into liquid water and release latent heat of vaporization.
Q:My boiler tries to make hot water still after installing an electric water heater?
Q:Boiler check first or external inspection first
When the internal inspection and external inspection with a year, should first carry out internal testing, and then external inspection.
Q:Boiler Furnace?
Don't buy the house!!! My father owns a heating a cooling business and I helped replace a home such as the one you are considering to buy with a regular furnace. Major costs and house repairs!!!
Q:What is the compressed air of the boiler?
Pneumatic valves are only available for the control of air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media.
Q:Explain how to calculate the time taken to generate steam from an electric boiler?
First you have to heat the water and the boiler. Since you say nothing about the boiler you have to neglect the boiler part. You need to look up in a steam table the enthalpy of saturated liquid and vapor at 85 psi (99.7 psia, probably 100 psia is close enough) and figure out how much it changed. The part I don't know is how you know how much liquid you have and how much vapor you have without knowing the volume of the boiler. The two most plausible assumptions you can make here is that the boiler volume will only be large enough to hold the saturated liquid or that it will be so large as to require all the water to be vapor to be able to get to 85 psi. I would guess that you need to convert it all to steam so use that. So you compute the change in enthalpy from water to steam for the whole 180 kg and divide by the power input to get time to get there. Make sure to keep track of the unit conversions between metric and English units.

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