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Technical features

1.The design of traditional burner has strict requirements for fuels. If using the coked fuels, the boiler can't do continuous work, after 2 hours of work, the boiler has to be  stopped to do cleaning

   It is difficult for client to purchase non coking fuel. The coking fuel burner introduced by HUAYUAN can solve this problem. It can burn any kinds of coking fuel continuous, and the fuel can be

   drained out automatically after combustion.

2. It adopts multilevel mixed combustion. The combustible material such as tar in the flame can be burned completely, which will not reduce the effeciency in the burner.

3. It can use generation II of LCD touchscreen control system and can start with one-button operation system.

4. Equipped with China leading IV generation  LCD touchscreen, dynamic intelligent one-button  control system to set fire automatically. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperatures, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Adopting anti-back fire feeding structure. It can still burn even with the bunker open. It can forbid the safety problem of catching fire.

6. It meets the requirement of working overloaded all day and suits reformation of industrial and commercial boiler and other heat source demands.

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Q:Have you ever lived in a home with the old-fashion boiler/radiator heat? Is it less dry that gas furnace heat
My home has a boiler with radiant heat, my previous home had forced hot air with a gas furnace. I find that the boiler is a more even heat and doesn't dry the house out. We also don't have as much trouble with static electricity. Forced hot air dries out the air while heating it, that is why you need a humidifier.
Q:Next steps to troubleshoot hot water boiler?
kate?..I wish I had a good woman to work on my boiler system. don't add any more pressure to your exp. tank. and don't bleed it either. look at it this way...plain and simple. if you take a garden hose stretched out in your yard and poke a hundred holes in it, the water coming out at the faucet will be a lot greater than the water at the end. its a follow path of least resistance thing. your system needs only to be bleed properly and your problem is solved. plain and simple.
Q:Leaking boiler relief valve - temporary fix?
The leaking may be caused by a problem with something else Normal system pressures are about 12 psi and an expansion tank would be used maintain that pressure as water is being heated. If that tank loses it's air pocket or the diaphragm has ruptured it will have no place to expand and pressures will exceed the rating of the relief valve. Water will start leaking out and debris can stick in the seat not allowing it to seal even when pressures are below the relief setting. The expansion tank should be checked by a tech to be sure it's not waterlogged. This is the first thing to check when their is a relief valve leaking because normal system pressures would have to double before it is suppose to trip. The relief valve can be replaced at little expense as they can be purchased at your local hardware store for under $20. Keep in mind those boiler pressure gages notorious for sticking or getting plugged and no longer show the correct pressure. So common I keep a gage with a garden hose connection my tool box so I can connect to a drain valve to check it. Also make sure your reading the gage right, some will have two sets of numbers. Some show the pressure in feet of water column If you turned the fill line off it will eventually stop flowing but not until the pressure drops to 0 lbs.
Q:What is a steam boiler ?
A boiler that makes steam. Usually used for heating. Cities like New York have huge ones and actually sell steam like other utilities. ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq ₪
Q:I have a Crown Boiler. How do I replace the filter? Please give me step by step. Where is the filter located?
A boiler is a closed system filled with water. it is not like a forced air furnace with replaceable filters. what type of filter are you thinking of??
Q:What size emergency generator would I need to run my well pump and oil boiler?
You need to know the voltage and wattage of the units you plan to run plus, many electric motors require up to three times the power for start up, so you need to allow for that as well.
Q:What does a steamer/boiler do?
Sounds like you might be talking about a double boiler, or some form of one. A large pot on the bottom. Usually with a choice of either a colander (thing with holes in it) that fits on top, or a smaller pot that fits on it, both to be over the boiling water. Then a lid.
Q:Double Boiler? Are those the pots that you can melt chocolate in the bottom?
You dont' have to boil one of those things! Make your own! Put a heavy glass bowl over a pot of simmering water (where the water does not touch to bowl). Add chocoalte and melt slowly. Or you cna buy a double boiler. It looks like a steamer, how it fits onto a pot below, but has no holes in it. Same idea. The first one costs less.
Q:Propane boiler shuts down on a new fill, why?
Some systems will automatically shut off during refill to prevent pressure damage to the supply unit/line until the refill is complete. However, the regulators can be manually turned off also. Another common fault is condensation within the tank or lines.
Q:if i have a gas boiler which makes hot water and i have a float control?
If it will control the boiler temperature and provide priority hot water.

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