Coking Pellet Burner

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Technical features

1.The design of traditional burner has strict requirements for fuels. If using the coked fuels, the boiler can't do continuous work, after 2 hours of work, the boiler has to be  stopped to do cleaning

   It is difficult for client to purchase non coking fuel. The coking fuel burner introduced by HUAYUAN can solve this problem. It can burn any kinds of coking fuel continuous, and the fuel can be

   drained out automatically after combustion.

2. It adopts multilevel mixed combustion. The combustible material such as tar in the flame can be burned completely, which will not reduce the effeciency in the burner.

3. It can use generation II of LCD touchscreen control system and can start with one-button operation system.

4. Equipped with China leading IV generation  LCD touchscreen, dynamic intelligent one-button  control system to set fire automatically. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperatures, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Adopting anti-back fire feeding structure. It can still burn even with the bunker open. It can forbid the safety problem of catching fire.

6. It meets the requirement of working overloaded all day and suits reformation of industrial and commercial boiler and other heat source demands.

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Q:What would cause bumps/bubbles on the tubing coming off a furnace/boiler?
if you are refering to the metal vent pipe that carries the exhaust fumes outside or to the chimney,,it sounds like it is starting to rust out from the the pipe new with the boiler or re-used from the old boiler?...does the pipe increase in size much from the size it is where it connects to the boiler?...newer boilers are higher efficient than the ones they replace,,usually around 82% or so...the exhaust gases are cooler exiting the boiler than previously,and therefore closer to their dewpoint,,so single wall vent pipe doesnt last as long,,esp if for some reason the boiler cycles are short,,not alowing the vent pipe to heat up and evaporate the initial condensation....probably best to have an hvac check it and advise you if there is a problem........dan
Q:Should my combi boiler give me instant hot water?
To get hot water from a combi boiler you have to turn on the tap and then all the cold water already sitting in the pipe has to run out of the tap before the hot water comes through, you can alter the temperature of hot water that the boiler produces by setting it on the boiler itself
Q:steam release on boilers?
Have you bled air out of the system? Any steam heat system will make SOME noise from the expansion of the metal as the super heated steam rises up the cold pipes and into the cold radiators. However, if you are getting loud knocks and banging, you may be able to bleed the radiators and alleviate some of the noise. Also make sure you have just the right amount of water in your boiler...too much and when it heats up, some rusty water will be forced out ,damaging your floors and carpets. You can even ruin the ceilings below upper floor radiators.
Q:My Vaillent combi boiler is low on water. How do I fill it up?
Did it pop off, why is it low?
Q:What is a boiler pipe?
that could mean a few things, he replaced a pipe going to a boiler, he replaced a pipe in the boiler, he replaced a pipe on the boiler, the low water pressure is problem due to junk in the pipes, so with out more info its hard to tell
Q:UK Plummer's, I have another question about a boiler this time.?
you are thinking of a combi. dont get one, when it goes you have no heating or hotwater
Q:are there residential boiler heating systems that contains no water?
Almost any fluid can be used in a heating system, if it is designed for it. If you are looking for home heating systems, you will only find ones using cost-effective fluids, for obvious reasons. Glycols are not cost effective to use at 100% concentration because: 1. They are more viscous, and that makes them more difficult to pump, requiring a larger pump and piping. 2. They don't transfer heat as well as water, requiring a larger boiler and radiators. 3. They are expensive, and since they achieve the lowest freezing point in a solution of 40%-60%, you are defeating their purpose and wasting your money to use them at 100%. While ethylene glycol is still in use, it is very toxic to humans and animals, and the environment. Most systems now are using the nontoxic propylene glycol (it is also used in many food products). This is true for automobiles also. It is best to use a glycol for a hydronic system that contains the proper additives to prevent corrosion. Never use automotive antifreeze, as the silicon will damage the system. The two best hydronic glycol products on the market are DowTherm (ethylene) and DowFrost (propylene). They are also more expensive than the generic glycols sold for heating systems.
Q:Can i disconnect my thermostat from my vaillant ecotec boiler?
The thermostat works by connecting the wires together when there is demand for heat. Simply removing the thermostat from the wall and connecting the two wires together will fire the boiler. I am assuming here that the thermostat is a simply voltage free type in other words has no power to it as most of the combi boilers are these days.
Q:I have a boiler about 3 years old.?
If it has in no way labored exact then you definately ought to have have been given the plumber who put in it to describe why. If he could no longer then he ought to have given you one that did. Its somewhat late now after 3 years to whinge yet once you do get yet another do no longer use the comparable plumber as he sounds ineffective. I relatively have an Oil condensing boiler cautioned via our heating engineer who replaced our total gadget from LPG to grease various years in the past and we've had no issues. Its a grant that's given a intense score via the Which magazine. there are various diverse ones reckoning on the quantity or radiators you should warmth.
Q:Hot water boiler furnace?
Definitely worth getting a reputable heating tech to familiarize you with the system and check it out to see how old it is, how efficiently it is running, how clean. They can be expensive to replace, a few years ago I paid about $5,000, but it was an emergency installation when it died in the middle of the winter. If you do need to replace it you can shop around for a much more efficient system. My advice, don't ignore it, and be well aware of what is going on with it. It is money well spent to perform maintenance on a heating system. My furnace heats my hot water as well, but I hear it is more efficient to have an auxillary water tank. They are super insulated and do not call upon the furnace as much to keep the water up to temp.

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