The New Kind of Longxiao Bimass Boiler Introduced in 2015

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1. Based on the original version, HUAYUAN adopts II generation high temperature eddy-current combustion to realize the longer detention time of every burning point. As a result, hyper-         high temperature is created to satisfy biomass pyrolysis and gasification. The combustion will be more complete and clean.

2. Adopting horizontal heat transferring structure, high efficiency heat transferring tubes, all around cyclone technology. The fixed maintenance door is changed to removable door. We use the

work craft of one-time assemble and welding, which makes maintenance easier. The lifetime of boiler will be doubled.

3. Heat-resistant and heat-retaining material used inside help improve boiler's combustion stability. With the watt style dust catcher, there is no white smoke even at the beginning of setting fire, the boiler emission is much lower than that of natural gas, which makes a great proof to environmental protection.

4. Equipped with China's leading IV generation of the colorful liquid crystal touchscreen, dynamic intelligent onebutton control system to set fire automatically. HUAYUAN changes the era of

boiler from tradition to intelligence. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperature, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change

of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Applying anti back fire structure and backflow prevention device, so that biomass fuel can be put into hearth. The design of high temperatured airflow prevented flowing into bunker and

multilevel technology solves the potential safety problem of catching fire easily. At the same time, multilevel feeding technology decreases fuel feeding load, which makes transportation part

more durable and with longer life-time.

6. Our boiler raw material highly exceed the national standard. we use the workcraft like high-pressured welding and zincification-and-galvanize for appearance, which makes our boiler more exquisite and durable.

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Q:My boiler has a leaking pressure valve. HELP!!!?
They should last a long time unless there's a problem. But hard water can deteriorate the rubber seal. but changing it is easy, Shut of the power to the boiler. Shut off the water to the boiler, Crack open the T P valve (temperature and pressure valve). That's to relieve the pressure, but be careful, as it mat spit some very hot water momentarily. Unscrew the old one, asrew in the new one. Use some pipe joint sealanr of course, teflon tape or pipe dope. Another note: Code requires the outlet of the T P valve to be piped 6 inches from the floor, preferably to a drain. That's to prevent a scalding if you happen to be near it if it blew.
Q:when we use fan in stack of industerial boilers?
a fan inside of a steam system would only be a simple drier, or condenser? kinda removing some of the h2o parts by colliding them together or something? steam is moist, so it is wet even though its a gas, so where i went wrong in my thinking is that just because the compound changes form(l,g,s) it still remains in its complex form, just the state changes? so still yes, it would remove moisture from steam, but then it would cool quickly, causing it to be pointless to even run a boiler system. is the fan to stoke the burner or inside the system? inside, i dont even know of a fan that would move steam pressure. the fan wouldnt do any good in a system, unless hmmmmmm dont know much about it. now, you could use a fan to create your draft or chimney effect to keep the gasses from filling a low space or to increase btu, but inside it? unless,hmmmmmmm(steam turbine lmao)
Q:My Crown hot water boiler is about 9 years old and uses far too much propane than it should. Please help?
There's a few facts you left out that are critical to the equation here. Where do you live? and how many btu's is that boiler? The average hot water heater, which is 60,000btu's will use roughly 1-1/2 gallons of propane a day. But you are using a potable water loop in a boiler. So if that boiler is 120,000 btu's, then that's what your burning to heat your water! As far as your fuel consumption is concerned, if you were in southern Ontario Canada or the northern US I would say your consumption is pretty well right, again depending on the btu rating of that boiler. When was it serviced last? Are you sure there are no leaks in the system? Lastly...I wouldn't make too hasty a decision on changing to electricity from propane. There are not very many places I've seen where electricity is cheaper. Tell us what you pay for propane a gallon and how much your electricity is per KW hr and I can tell you which way is cheaper. I'm a salesman in the propane industry and I've got a calculator that compares oil, natural gas, propane and electricity pretty quickly...
Q:how do boilers use convection currents to get water around a house?
If you are speaking of boilers that heat the the older style radiators without using a pump I can try and explain. They were set up with large pipes that often sloped downward toward the boiler. The way water flowed was that the hot water would rise up toward the radiators and the colder water would just return by gravity back to the boiler to continue the cycle. The same way warm air rises and colder air falls only water is the vehicle.
Q:can you help me solve the problem with my POTTERTON NETAHEAT 80e BOILER? ?
ussaly when you light a pilot you have to hold the pilot button down keeping the pilot lit up to three minutes if it still goes out after that long you may have a bad heat sensor to the control thermostat or a bad control therm.
Q:14MW hot water boiler is how many tons
Hot water boilers and steam boilers are somewhat different.
Q:Does the Boiler control all the hot water in home?
Answer 1 is NO. they are 2 separate systems. The boiler gets its water from the same source, but it is in a closed system, never mixing with tap water. Second answer: the only thing that would explain that long a delay is distance from the hot water tank coupled with low pressure due to clogged pipes. The clog here is rust and scale on the insides of old galvanized steel pipe. I've removed pipe that had so much clog that light could not be seen from one end to the other. Only solution is to repipe, using copper.
Q:I need to replace a floor-standing boiler(heating only)is there a suitable condensing boiler for an old system
you make some good points. i myself dont think i would ever retro fit a boiler. if i were to put one in today, it would be in a new home, and designed accordingly. i am fearful of old piping starting to leak. i dont know how big your house is but have you considered just switching to a forced air system? efficiency is also a concern with old piping because of the massive size of it. to do it right , it sounds like it may cost you quite a bit , no matter what you choose. at least with forced air, you would benefit all the way around. just dont know how practical it would be for you...
Q:My boiler tries to make hot water still after installing an electric water heater?
I would suggest you get a professional in to see what you have done as your unsureness about some things frightens me.
Q:Boiler just broke during the week in england, any tips to keep the house warm?
if you have a bf or husband use the best tried and true and the most fun way to keep warm im sure you know what i mean body heating or ure gf of course if ure lez nothing wrong with that :P

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