The New Kind of Longxiao Bimass Boiler Introduced in 2015

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1. Based on the original version, HUAYUAN adopts II generation high temperature eddy-current combustion to realize the longer detention time of every burning point. As a result, hyper-         high temperature is created to satisfy biomass pyrolysis and gasification. The combustion will be more complete and clean.

2. Adopting horizontal heat transferring structure, high efficiency heat transferring tubes, all around cyclone technology. The fixed maintenance door is changed to removable door. We use the

work craft of one-time assemble and welding, which makes maintenance easier. The lifetime of boiler will be doubled.

3. Heat-resistant and heat-retaining material used inside help improve boiler's combustion stability. With the watt style dust catcher, there is no white smoke even at the beginning of setting fire, the boiler emission is much lower than that of natural gas, which makes a great proof to environmental protection.

4. Equipped with China's leading IV generation of the colorful liquid crystal touchscreen, dynamic intelligent onebutton control system to set fire automatically. HUAYUAN changes the era of

boiler from tradition to intelligence. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperature, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change

of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Applying anti back fire structure and backflow prevention device, so that biomass fuel can be put into hearth. The design of high temperatured airflow prevented flowing into bunker and

multilevel technology solves the potential safety problem of catching fire easily. At the same time, multilevel feeding technology decreases fuel feeding load, which makes transportation part

more durable and with longer life-time.

6. Our boiler raw material highly exceed the national standard. we use the workcraft like high-pressured welding and zincification-and-galvanize for appearance, which makes our boiler more exquisite and durable.

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Q:What is the modular gas boiler?
Widely used in home heating and hot water, residential heating and hot water, as well as industrial and commercial heating, hot water.
Q:What is the use of swirl combustion boiler technology
The use of pure smoke-free energy-saving swirl combustion boiler technology and traditional industrial boilers compared to an absolute advantage.
Q:What are the basic structure of the boiler? Boiler body which three parts constitute
The main parts of the boiler, such as the furnace, the drum, the burner, the water wall, the superheater, the economizer, the air preheater, the structure and the furnace wall, constitute the core part of the production steam, called the boiler body.
Q:What are the energy saving and environmental protection boilers?
Energy-saving environmental protection boilers are differentiated from the fuel, energy-saving environmental boilers are: gas boilers, oil boilers, biomass boilers, alcohol-based boilers, as well as electric boilers are environmentally friendly boilers, but not energy-saving boilers, the above types of boilers in function
Q:What are the boiler files?
Manufacturing units are: a full set of drawings, raw materials storage records and material books, process cards, inspection records, inspection reports and
Q:Sort by boiler capacity
Evaporation of less than 20t / h known as small boilers, evaporation is greater than 75t / h known as large-scale boilers, evaporation between the two known as the medium-sized boiler.
Q:What is the useful life of the boiler in the depreciation of fixed assets?
(B) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years;
Q:In the boiler, how to understand the "atmospheric pressure" and "pressure" these two concepts?
Another typical feature of the fuel gas pressure hot water boiler is: the heating system of the circulating water pump is generally selected water pump, it is pumping system engineering backwater to the boiler, it is necessary to overcome the system cycle resistance, but also to maintain a certain boiler
Q:The Difference between Coal - fired Boiler and Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler in Power Plant
The calorific value is greater than the heat required to heat the fuel itself and the air required for combustion to a stable temperature (850 to 950 ° C), which can be stably combusted in the fluidized bed, so that almost all kinds of coal
Q:Characteristics of biomass boilers
Boiler fuel is BMF fuel, the fuel from the feeder into the roof silo, and then by the screw feeder into the furnace, even scattered on the grate.

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