HUAYUAN High-end Biomass Burner--1046KW

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Product Description:

This burner is 1046KW one.


Innovative product in China--biomass burner. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 58~1395KW  Burner over 1395KW can be modularized.

The III generation biomass burner promoted in July 2014:

1. We use the casting modularized hearth. The boiler core is the only thing to be replaced in the post maintenance of burner. It is cheap and easy to change the modular fittings.

2. Generation III biomass burner adopts hyper heat-resistant casting material, replacing I and II generation material, which makes less cost and more stable performance.

3. The actual capacity of traditional burner is 70%, HUAYUAN marks authentic datas on the nameplates.

4.  HUAYUAN product has hyper-high temperature efficiency burnning tar and other harmful substance totally which will not be attached to the tubes to cause block.

5. The flame colour of HUAYUAN product combustion is white and blue, realizing clean combustion.  

6. Solve the problem that no coking fuel could be used in the traditional burner. More biomass fuel could be applied.

7. One-button control system to set fire, feed bunker, and control temperature automatically.

8. Equipped with dust blower system, which could be cleaned after long-time usage. Different size of reducer adapter could be made according to customers' requirement.

9. Widely applied to high temperature required conditions as coal-fired, natural gas-fired and oil burning boiler reconstruction, as well as industrial drying painting.

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Q:what is the role of economizer in a boiler?
The term economizer can be used to describe several devices that use the waste heat from the stack gases to either preheat the air, preheat the fuel or preheat the boiler feedwater. It all depends on where it will work best in a given boiler.
Q:How can I tell if a boiler is hot water or steam?
I'm here to tell you that if you have a water boiler you have a steam heat Water+heat (boil ) = steam
Q:Do all double boilers have holes in the top pot?
They certainly do.
Q:how much heating oil should an A rated domestic condensor boiler use..litre/hour small property?
purple diesel IS heating oil, dyed to coach the customs human beings it truly is untaxed oil for heating. it somewhat is nice to place taxed oil on your tank yet not distinctly intelligent given which you pay extra for it. yet once you employ purple diesel on your vehicle and you're caught you will get a heavy nice for tax evasion.
Q:In the boiler, how to understand the "atmospheric pressure" and "pressure" these two concepts?
Another typical feature of the fuel gas pressure hot water boiler is: the heating system of the circulating water pump is generally selected water pump, it is pumping system engineering backwater to the boiler, it is necessary to overcome the system cycle resistance, but also to maintain a certain boiler
Q:how do boilers use convection currents to get water around a house?
If you are speaking of boilers that heat the the older style radiators without using a pump I can try and explain. They were set up with large pipes that often sloped downward toward the boiler. The way water flowed was that the hot water would rise up toward the radiators and the colder water would just return by gravity back to the boiler to continue the cycle. The same way warm air rises and colder air falls only water is the vehicle.
Q:Does a UK boiler repair certification transfer to the United States?
Boiler Certification in The United States is handled through each State and the rules on the reciprocity of your U.K. License could vary from State to State. If you have an idea of what State you will be moving to, you may want to contact that State and find out if they will honor your past experiences/ Licenses and what steps you will have to take to transfer your credentials.
Q:what are the functions of the boiler in chemical plant?
In a chemical plant, boilers can be used as a heat source for the various processes, to drive steam turbines for pumps, compressors, blowers and generators. In some cases, the turbine's exhaust can be used as a heat source for some of the processes. in other cases the turbines exhaust to a steam condenser. The cooling water for the condenser would typically come from a cooling tower. A heat and electric energy balance for the plant would determine exactly how the steam usage would be set up. In some cases there would be no electric generation, in others no turbines driving pumps or other mechanical equipment other than the generators.
Q:My combi boiler keeps cutting out then lighting again straightaway. Does anybody know why? ?
Wish you would put make and model when asking these type of questions. Many boiler have there own little problems some more than others. If the system has a bypass on the heating side then the water can return to the boiler without the full system getting up to full working temp. Is the boiler a PUMA 80 /100 if so it could be the wax operated diverter valve this will make the rads sluggish to warm up and also affect the DHW. Next I would look at the water temp sensors, these make the boiler modulate the heat output some in a stepped fashion (High, Med. Low, Off ) they can go strait from high to off in one step . A low output on the pump will give a similar situation the water is heating up faster than it is passing through the boiler. One other thing to all that post questions of a technical nature would be the location UK USA etc. things are so different across the water. CORGI Reg. engineer
Q:does oil boilers need a chimney or can i vent it?
A chimney is a vent, do you mean a metal vent pipe?

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