China's Innovative Products --- Transformer Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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The Transformer series biomass boiler of best quality and technology to be introduced by HUAYUAN has following features:

1. It has the best combustion ability to burn any coked, low calorific briquette fuel.

2. In the commission, the boiler will be transformed in the site to satisfy more requirement.

3.  Brand-new production workcraft, revolved boiler structure, modularized construction.

4. Any parts can be replaced and repaired, getting maintenance easily.

5. Only one equipped with watt style dust catcher in biomass boiler industry. It can be cleaned by water, the emission concentration is lower than natural gas.  

6. It adopts IV generation of B style intelligent control system.

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Q:What is a life boiler?
③ According to the principle of circulation cycle classification: forced circulation: In addition to rely on the density of the working fluid is poor, mainly rely on the circulating pump to provide water cycle power DC cycle: cycle power and forced circulation as a layer of boiler (fire bed boiler)
Q:Are aluminum boilers in espresso machines bad for you? similar to those used in gaggia machines.?
The short time the water is in contact with the boiler doesn't allow that much time for aluminum to dissolve, but if any is too much for you, then you should find an alternative. I'm not convinced copper is any better. There is also copper toxicity, and if the copper is alloyed, it often contains other metals that may not be good for you either. Aluminum is prevalent in diets, and as far as I know, no corelation has been made between Alzheimer's occurrence and areas with naturally high aluminum in the soil. That to me would/should be easily demonstrated. I did read that if you use highly purified water, like distilled or reverse osmosis, that these purified waters are more mineral hungry and will tend to dissolve even copper pipes, so pure water may be more likely to dissolve nasties it comes in contact with. Sorry, I'm no real help.
Q:what is the difference between a boiler and water heater?? are they the same?
Water Heaters Are Steel Tanks That are Glass lined for Heating Potable water Usallly About 45,000 btu. Boilers are Made Of either castiron or copper for heating water or turning water into steam and are low pressure and have Higher btu values.
Q:Is low pressure on a gas boiler dangerous?
It's to protect the circulator pump and the boiler from damage. Why not just fill the system to the proper levels and not worry about it? 12psi + 6psi for each floor above the 1st floor.
Q:How do you clean a residential oil boiler?
Search oil boilers on internet, or get a Time-Life book on it or something. Too involved to explain step by step here. If you are not confident with it, call the furnace repair company.
Q:My gas boiler was made in 1965. Why should I get a new one and how do I choose?
A few points to make: A 45 year old boiler (with an expected life of around 50 years is about at the end of its useful life. Further to that, it will be very inefficient relative to new units. So, you are facing a new installation shortly in any case. If you can sweat large pipe, use large pipe wrenches and know how to measure fittings, installing a boiler, even one of the new high-efficiency units is not rocket-science. At the same time, many manufacturers will not honor their full warranties unless a unit is installed by an approved technician. So check that. I have installed several boilers, but I always had a plumber friend check my work and sign off for the warranty. Again, there is nothing special about it other than the size of the pipe and fittings and the weights. Maintenance requirements for boilers is fairly limited - make sure the water chemistry is OK - the burners and boiler sections are clean and the controls are working properly. Make sure your circulator pump(s) are lubricated if need be. Good luck with it.
Q:natrual gas boiler keeps turn off while baseboards are still cold?
It could be the aquastat, the ignition module if it has one or the gas valve. The humming noise is probably the circulator pump running because your thermostat is calling for heat. Check for 24v at the gas valve. If you have no power there, whatever component is supposed to send power to it is messed up. If the relief valve leaks at 15 psi the relief valve is bad. They shouldn't open until 30 psi.
Q:How does water get into a boiler if the pressure inside is greater than the water supply pressure?
1] Feedwater pumps, or 2] Jet ejectors can do the job, though it gets into some thermodynamics to explain why. Also, boilers do NOT all run at 12 - 14 psi !!! Power boilers run more like 1,000 psi, and home heating 'boilers' run at an inch of water column or so.
Q:How efficient (approx) is the Peerless Oil Boiler made in 1985?
Peerless Boilers Prices
Q:What should I do technician messed up our boiler and wont put it back in place?
Well if they refuse then sue.

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