China's Innovative Products --- Transformer Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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The Transformer series biomass boiler of best quality and technology to be introduced by HUAYUAN has following features:

1. It has the best combustion ability to burn any coked, low calorific briquette fuel.

2. In the commission, the boiler will be transformed in the site to satisfy more requirement.

3.  Brand-new production workcraft, revolved boiler structure, modularized construction.

4. Any parts can be replaced and repaired, getting maintenance easily.

5. Only one equipped with watt style dust catcher in biomass boiler industry. It can be cleaned by water, the emission concentration is lower than natural gas.  

6. It adopts IV generation of B style intelligent control system.

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Q:The role of the boiler
5, according to the installation method points: fast installed boilers, assembly boilers, bulk boilers
Q:Sort by boiler capacity
2.5MPa below the boiler called low-pressure boiler, 6.0MPa or more known as the high-pressure boiler, the pressure between the two known as the pressure boiler.
Q:What is the useful life of the boiler in the depreciation of fixed assets?
In addition to the provisions of the financial and taxation departments of the State Council, the minimum years for calculating depreciation of fixed assets are as follows:
Q:What is the modular gas boiler?
Modular combination of hot water boiler with efficient, durable, reliable, easy to install, flexible, low operating costs, maintenance and easy operation, environmental protection effect is good, no pollution, no noise and so on.
Q:Design of Boiler Furnace
The economy and reliability of the boiler operation may be reduced when the fuels with different characteristics are fueled.
Q:Boiler water volume calculation
The removal of Ca2 + and Mg2 + from resin was gradually reduced.
Q:What is the fouling corrosion of the boiler
Water side, resulting in smoke temperature rise, waste fuel, increase operating costs.
Q:The necessity of cleaning the boiler
It is difficult to achieve the rated amount of evaporation; and because of poor heat transfer, making the metal overheating, under the action of the boiler pressure, the furnace tube drums, and even explosion; heat deterioration, making the fuel consumption increased operating costs,
Q:Boiler stove 2 class G2.G3 what mean
Note 1: Class III boiler operators can work with Class II, Class I boiler operators, Class II boiler operators can work with Class I Boiler Operators.
Q:Notice of boiler precautions
After the construction of the construction unit to the Quality and Technical Supervision to test the special equipment to test the boiler water pressure test and installation of monitoring.

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