Chemical Process Pump CZ Series of High Anticorrosive Ability

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Introduction of Chemical Process Pump CZ Series of High Anticorrosive Ability

CZ series standard chemical pumps are horizontal, single stage, end suction type centrifugal pumps, in accordance with standards of DIN24256, ISO2858, GB5662, they are basic products of standard chemical pump, transferring liquids like low or high temperature, neutral or corrosive, clean or with solid, toxic and inflammable etc.

Working conditons of Chemical Process Pump CZ Series of High Anticorrosive Ability

Capacity: ~2000 m3/h 
Head: ~160 m 
Working pressure: ~2 .5 MPa 
Working temperature: -80ºC~+150 ºC 
Rotation direction: CW viewed from drive end

Application of Chemical Process Pump CZ Series of High Anticorrosive Ability

Mainly for chemical or petrol chemical area 
Refinery or steel plant 
Power plant 
Making of paper, pulp, pharmacy, food, sugar etc. 
Petrochemical industry 
Coal processing industry and low temperature projects 

Characterstics of Chemical Process Pump CZ Series of High Anticorrosive Ability

Hydraulic performance Spiral casing, single channel or double channel structure, to keep low NPSH, wide range of performance curve, stable operation, low noise, high pump efficiency, energy consu- mption saving.
Support Feet support can bear loads from outside and pass the load directly to the base. Thin oil lubrication for the bearings, constant bit oil cup control oil level, ensures bearing well lubricated to have better life span.
Impeller type and balance of axial force Closed impeller for CZ series pumps, most of the axial force was supported by back vanes or balance-hole, the other by bearing.
Shaft seal structure According to different purpose, seal can be packing seal and mechanical seal. Flush plan of the pump seal can be decided in accordance with API682, to ensure safe seal for different work conditions.
Serialization and universal property This series of pumps have 6 types of bearing support, 40 pump models. Except impeller and casing, all other parts can be interchangeable, especially pump cover and shaft seal, they are in high standardization and versatility.
Maintenance Back pull-out structure and extended coupling, ensure easy and convenient maintenance, the whole rotor part can be pulled out from back, no need dismantling inlet and outlet pipes and motor.

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tried to send pix of water pump. no paste function on answers. anyhow a pulley at the top and bottom w/ a paddle wheel ran by river current. gear it down small pulley on paddle to big rope pulley under water to soak rope. an adjustable wringer pulley at top squishes water from soft rope into a drum or tank. i will try to email picture.
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Why don't you take it to a pro?
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What i don't understand is how they could know that they needed to dig up the well BEFORE they got there to troubleshoot it. They need to know circuits aren't tripped which easily could have happened if the well was running when the power went out, or if the power came back on......and the well pump just ran and ran without prime ( Without water running through it) So I would check the breakers or fuses first.......and call a second opinion, it doesn't seem right for them to quote you over the phone like that. Could be as simple as the well lost its prime.
Q:what is the best water pump?
There are plenty of water pumps in the market , and the pump switch is connected to the water flow to operate the pump when the water flow and switch off when there is no flow

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