Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow

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Name: Cast iron centrifugal pump electric high flow Material: Cast iron Pressure: high Pressure
Power: electric Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Product Description:

Company Introduction

My company has more than 40 years history, is the China general machinery pump industry association member units.

The company has organized product research and development team, experienced high, intermediate technical staff.Complete production and processing, inspection, testing (pump performance test platform), and other equipment, to ensure that product quality is stable and reliable.Over the department, provincial, municipal and industry product quality supervision and inspection (smoke), only one is qualified to go through.Timely quality perfect after-sales service in place, favored by the majority of new and old customers rely on and praise.

The company has successfully passed the national industrial products production license, ISO9001 quality system review replacement work.Relevant product standards (enterprise), metrology, standardization management system, etc., have been acceptance by the superior department in charge of the inspection.Related to product development, production management, sales and after-sales service, are performed according to the system management standard.







Product specification


Structure: single stage                                   Material: cast steel

Flow: 1.1-1960 m3/h                                      Head: 8.5-74 m

NPSH: 2-5.5 m                                               Temperature: up to 80℃

Mainly apply to delivery sewage water ,waster water and rain water contains solids and
*municipal project
*building construction
*residential area
*industrial sewage treatment
*eviroment protect

1. Hydraulic design with wide flow-path non-clogged structure ,allowed fibres(3 times
length of inlet diameter),particles(30% size of inlet diameter )
2. Excellent design,high efficiency and energy saving .
3. Double mechnical seals in series,made of hard alloy corrosive proof silicon
carbide,which is durable and .wearable ,that enable pump safely operation for more
than 8000 hours continous.
4. Compact structure, small volume, easy moved and conveniently mounted , no need build
pump house, greatly reduct the cost.


pump superiority

High efficiency

Reasonable design

Reliable operation

Long in service time

Easy maintenance

Low running cost


 Pictures show


Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow


Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow





Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow



Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow










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Q:Submersible water pump in aquarium?
No it should be no problem , but run it in the water before you put in the aquarium ..To clean out the pump..
Q:01 Tacoma 3.4 V6, does anyone know the average life of the water pump?
Water pump life is a direct function of proper maintenance, therefore there is no real answer to your question. At 89k you could certainly elect to replace the WP as long as the T-Belt is also being done, but it is purely a preventive maintenance item. Might save you a lot of money later, or it might not. Impossible to say. It will give you more peace of mind though.
Q:1997 jeep wrangler water pump?
$70-$150 +cost of pump. Most shops have certain maintenance hours for certain jobs. Call around for exact pricing. Honestly, if you have a sockets (metric) and wrenches you can do it yourself in about an hour or two, maybe less. You don't have to mechanically inclind to replace the water pump on the 97 Wrangler. If you do it, I do recommend buying a Haynes/Chilton's book if you don't really have a clue. If you need to buy the tools, book, pump (gasket should come with it), water pump RTV, and coolant. That will still be a lot cheaper than paying somebody. Plus, you will get the joy of doing it yourself. Also, you could put the savings into a high-flow pump, vice original equipment.
Q:Could someone tell me the procedure for removing & installing a water pump on 97 buick skylark 3.1L 3100 SFI?
Get the Chilton manual.
Q:How many pumps does a 50 meter water head use?
Well pump head selection for pump + water depth height (water pressure) + head loss, head loss of water system is not complicated with 3-5 meters can, refers to the depth of pump well pump down into the well depth, generally shallow wells is down to the bottom, is based on deep well pumping well test data to determine the position of the pump.
Q:replaced water pump on lower unit .?
It shouldn't take long for the water to come out. Make sure the site tube isn't plugged up. If not, check your installation out.
Q:Labour involved in replacing a water pump?
well there is a manual for auto body and repair shops which will list the alotted time to replace things such as your water pump, i dont know how to get ahold of one without goign to a repair shop and asking, this book keeps them from charging 8 hours on somethign that woudl only take 2 hours, however if they run into a problem such as a broken bolt, thats where they can charge you for more time and labor but they should and i think have to tell you before fixing it . . .plus keep in mind that almost all the time, it takes more time jsut to reach the part than to replace it because you have to remove other thigns to get to it . . .sorry for the winded answer, but i woudl call some shops and ask them average times or try to get ahold of the estimate book
Q:What is the function of the pump?
Drainage or irrigation
Q:Can anyone tell me how to run an electric water pump from a solar panel?
Q:my toilets are flushing dirty water and pump sounds not normal?
Oh, groan ...up at 5:30 in the morning with water problems! Well. I guess it makes life 'interesting! Your well is running dry. - It is what I suspect. - Had the same problem, long ago. First of all don't have septic tank(s). - You have only (1) septic tank. You can't let your water pump run-on like that. - It will overheat and burn out. My water pump was $700.00 dollars! I'm suspecting your water recovery rate in your well is very slow. - Time of year 'possibly'. - Or your well was just not dug deep enough in the first place, to have much reserve water capacity. What looks like dirty water, is probably really actually only sand and silt, that your water pump is sucking up, when your well runs close to dry. There's a free remedy. Squeeze a clamp onto the rubber washing machine water hose. - To restrict the rapid flow of water into your washing machine. If you're watering your garden ...don't water for too long. - Or the well will run dry. I put a water timer on my garden hose, so it only watered my garden for 5 minutes, every half hour. Leaving it that way 'all night' and you'll wake up to a well watered garden in the morning! I'm sure this is your problem, - low water recovery rate in your well - because that would account for the water turning silty. Be ingenuitive ...and it won't cost a penny, or inconvenience. Trini ps. The water that is pumped into your toilet, is well water. The septic tank is where the well water flushes the poo poo to. pps. You're right in turning the water pump off while you wait for the well water to recover!

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