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Q:Who knows kaolin? Please, great God!
Kaolinite is a product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals and is an hydrous aluminosilicate. It also includes dickite, nacrite and halloysite and similar components but amorphous allophane, so they belong to a called clay mineral.
Q:The difference between kaolin and high white mud
Kaolin is widely used in the paper making industry. There are two main areas. One is used in papermaking (or paper making), and the other is the pigment used in the surface coating process.
Q:The building is kaolin. Does it have radiation? District 15 years ago is a kaolin processing plant, there will be residual radiation it?
The first thing to stress is that the world is full of radiation, whether it's land, sea, mountains, fields, rocks, soil...... We call it the background radiation intensity".
Q:How to remove iron impurities in kaolin and increase their whiteness
The two stage bio bleaching method refers to: firstly, Aspergillus niger in shake flask cultivation fermentation, 10 days or so, organic acids accumulated to a certain amount, then separate, the addition of kaolin can also achieve iron removal and whitening effect. The two stage biological bleaching method not only overcomes the above-mentioned shortcomings of in-situ biological bleaching, but also achieves the highest concentration of organic acids (especially oxalic acid) at suitable pH.
Q:Hard kaolin in the ceramic piece, which is used in which? What's the difference between washed kaolin and washed kaolin?
First of all, calcined kaolin is calcined, crystalline and raw soil has changed; and washed kaolin is only physical treatment, will not change the properties of raw soil.
Q:Kaolin with magnetic separator, how about iron?
Kaolin separator iron removal process is dry and wet dressing process method for magnetic separation of magnetite, in iron removal process, it can improve the reuse rate in the process of iron removal process, less water consumption, save water, reduce production costs, reduce pollution, dust and dust removal device with special magnetic separation, not air pollution is a kind of high production efficiency, good product quality, no environmental pollution process of creative.
Q:Method for separating kaolin
Calcination is a widely used method for producing special kaolin products. It has 4 calcination temperature ranges: 500~700, 925, 1000, 1400. Calcined at different temperatures, the application scope of the product is different, only the removal of hydroxyl groups of calcined kaolin used as cable plastic and rubber sealing ring filler; after 1000 calcined kaolin can be used as paper filler; Tio2, after 1300 ~ 1525 calcined kaolin used as refractory filler, optical glass crucible lining etc..
Q:What does wet sieving of kaolin vibrating screen mean?
Not all are suitable for kaolin slurry grade sieving shaker, vibration sieve is only suitable for the screening of kaolin kaolin slurry particle size is large, if the particle size of the ore pulp is small, the equipment used for Hydrocyclone or centrifuge.Specific, you can also go to Xinxiang, big use to understand.
Q:Heroes, help me see if this is quartz sand or kaolin? Is it valuable?
Whiteness is very high, belongs to quartz sand, sand surface may be attached to kaolin, if any, scrub, removing impurities can be purified to the silicon dioxide content of 99.9%, then it will crush value high, deep processing of quartz is mainly scrubbing, impurity removal and grinding.
Q:Does kaolin ore hazard do harm to human body?
Is the application of kaolin surface, different texture, can directly affect their voters to change the pottery and porcelain kiln relics, it can produce high-quality kaolin excellent, tend to be more in the surrounding building.

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