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Q:I have kaolin, which is grey. It burns red. Do you need it?
Your kaolin is grey and the burn is red. I guess your kaolin contains more three iron oxide
Q:Kaolin, calcination and washing what is the difference between the best, you can talk about it in detail,
The difference between the two is that the calcination can not be more sand out of raw ore, wash water can be
Q:What's the difference between Ye Lashi and kaolin?
The main components of both are Si and Al compounds. The main difference is that the content of the main components is different. The content of Si and Al of kaolin is close to that of kaolin, and the amount of burning of kaolin is relatively large;
Q:What is kaolin?
Kaolin whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspension has good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties and good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical quantity, exchange of good properties. The clay minerals and clay minerals, with many excellent technical characteristics. Such as: water absorption, plasticity, strong adhesion, high refractoriness, good insulation and chemical stability, but also has good sintering properties in 1365 DEG C to form white blank, no deformation.
Q:Does kaolin ore hazard do harm to human body?
Mainly used for ceramics, basically harmless to the human body.
Q:Can kaolin mask be made directly?
Replenishment mask can be used every day. A good moisturizing mask, adhere to the application will greatly enhance the moisture content of the skin.
Q:Hard kaolin in the ceramic piece, which is used in which? What's the difference between washed kaolin and washed kaolin?
First of all, calcined kaolin is calcined, crystalline and raw soil has changed; and washed kaolin is only physical treatment, will not change the properties of raw soil.
Q:The difference between calcined clay and calcined kaolin
Generally speaking, the strengthening effect of hard, clay on hardness, elongation strength, tensile strength or wear resistance is larger than that of soft clayBut the hard clay and soft clay (hard Claysoft clay) is mixed with rubber as raw material mixed hardness, tensile strength training plus sulfur product for compliance, which can not be a clear division, but hard clay particles were relatively small, at 2 below for more than 80%, soft clay is about 50%. The proportion of around 2.6. The general kaolin is acidity, pH value is about 4~5, but also the use of alkali or amine treatment, the pH value tends to alkaline. Kaolin better than calcium carbonate in the tensile strength and hardness increase and mechanical strength has good performance, but the degree of poor white, permanent compression deformation, and sulfur is slow (because of the pH value of 4.5.5, delay the sulfur addition tendency), glycerol, ethylene glycol, can amine (Glycol) as activating agent to improve the properties of sulfur. The clay at suitable temperature (600~800 DEG C) loses water of crystallization calcination (OH) the crystal structure collapse, in order to improve live Because the free ion (ion) is adsorbed and fixed, the insulation effect can be improved, and the treatment can decompose the organic matters and increase the whiteness, and because the size is neat, the dispersion is good
Q:Method for separating kaolin
Calcination is a widely used method for producing special kaolin products. It has 4 calcination temperature ranges: 500~700, 925, 1000, 1400. Calcined at different temperatures, the application scope of the product is different, only the removal of hydroxyl groups of calcined kaolin used as cable plastic and rubber sealing ring filler; after 1000 calcined kaolin can be used as paper filler; Tio2, after 1300 ~ 1525 calcined kaolin used as refractory filler, optical glass crucible lining etc..
Q:The building is kaolin. Does it have radiation? District 15 years ago is a kaolin processing plant, there will be residual radiation it?
The first thing to stress is that the world is full of radiation, whether it's land, sea, mountains, fields, rocks, soil...... We call it the background radiation intensity".

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