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Q:What's the difference between calcined kaolin and washed kaolin?
Secondly, the whiteness difference is relatively large, generally after light burning, kaolin whiteness will increase, and wash water will not significantly increase the whitenessThird, the use of different. According to different calcination temperature, kaolin can be used as papermaking additives and refractory aggregate, and washed kaolin is generally used as papermaking filler
Q:How to improve the viscosity of kaolin
Medium stone Hengda teaches you how to improve the viscosity of the product: adding plastic clay to improve fineness, so as to improve the viscosity and thixotropy of the product.
Q:What are the characteristics of kaolin in ceramic materials?
China glaze more. The porcelain is roasted at high temperature, the carcass is firm and compact, and the section does not absorb water, knocking it out with a crisp metallic sound. To make porcelain, select the soil, especially the kaolin found by the people of Jingdezhen. Kaolin plays a key role in improving the smoothness, compactness, whiteness and hardness of porcelain.
Q:How do porcelain mud distinguish good or bad?
The difference between the mines leads to uneven composition and leads to inconsistent quality. The loss of many mud and glazes in China is very important for this reason.
Q:The cosmetic effect of kaolin?
Cosmetics kaolin is generally used as foundation material, requiring high fineness of more than 5000 mesh, non-toxic, non stimulating.
Q:Is activated clay kaolin?
No, it isn't。 Activated clay is a kind of adsorbent made of clay as raw material, treated by inorganic acidification, and then rinsed and dried by water.
Q:I only know that is a kind of raw material, and sell them where to sell, and I can have to contact the white mud!
There are two main areas. One is used in papermaking (or paper making), and the other is the pigment used in the surface coating process. For general cultural paper, the amount of filling accounts for 10-20% of the weight of the paper. For coated paper and paperboard (kaolin ore mainly includes light weight coated paper, coated paper and paperboard), in addition to the packing, also need to fill, pigment, pigment with kaolin accounted for paper weight 20-35%. Kaolin used in paper making, the paper can give good coverage performance and good gloss coating performance, but also increase the paper whiteness, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improve the quality of the paper. The main production of ceramic white mud to local sales.
Q:What is the porcelain glaze porcelain
Porcelain clay is mainly used for the production of porcelain, porcelain clay or kaolin, is the main raw material for ceramics.
Q:How to use washed kaolinWashed kaolin in the paper-making process how to use, where China's kaolin more suitable point? Which home is the biggest?
In the paper, according to their actual situation to kaolin pre dispersed or other materials together in a mixing tank. When in the pre dispersion in dispersion process just add a little dispersant (sodium polyacrylate or other organic dispersant) can achieve the desired results.
Q:What are the surface modification technologies of calcined kaolin and the matters needing attention?
At present, the modified calcined kaolin is mainly applied to the organic products industry, with the industry of organic raw material, processing technology and technical performance requirements are different, so the surface modification of calcined kaolin to put forward an important problem that how to adapt and meet the requirements, and can display the function of modified kaolin.The modified kaolin can play a functional role, first of all technical aspects should pay attention to all kinds of organic polymer products raw materials and production process, is not able to complement each other, in the process of phase cancellation, careful analysis of raw material quality, specifications and design of process parameters and process conditions, these factors can affect the application effect of modified kaolin.In order to improve the surface modification of kaolin, it is necessary to understand the main technical requirements, main raw materials and processing technology of organic polymer products. Should be based on this, targeted to select good modifier, adjust the formula of modified agents, determine the reasonable processing technology.

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