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Q:How to distinguish the good or bad of kaolin?
Kaolin is based ceramic preform molding, has good plasticity and binding, can effectively reduce the deformation and cracking of the embryo, with high fire resistance and burning degree, can enhance the mechanical strength, can improve the thermal stability and chemical stability and sintering properties, good suspension property and adsorption in ceramics in the process of color glaze. The product also has three oxidation, two aluminum content, high iron, manganese, titanium and other harmful impurities, low ore, ore and concentrate quality stability, etc., is a high quality kaolin.
Q:How can kaolin be removed from iron?
In addition to iron, the high gradient iron removal machine can remove most of the weak magnetic iron, which is very effective for some kaolin, and is also the most environmentally friendly and ideal process at present
Q:Kaolin 200 mesh powder what does that mean? Is the eye powder the higher the better?
The higher the number of the finer particles. Fineness theory should be the finer the better, but the more fine processing costs, so we should consider procurement costs, enough on the line.
Q:The difference between kaolin and calcium carbonate
Then the carbonation of lime milk to produce calcium carbonate carbon dioxide precipitation, finally by dehydration, drying and crushing the system, or first with sodium carbonate and calcium chloride to precipitate calcium carbonate metathesis reaction, followed by dehydration, drying and crushing the system.
Q:What's the difference between kaolin and kaolin?
Clay resources are mainly distributed in the Hengshan area. The main ore bearing horizon is the upper Cretaceous silty clay, the third century, eluvial slope area, Pleistocene Qi mouth group silty clay. The Quaternary deposits (points) sampling analysis: silica containing 65.18-71.86%, three 15.02-17.99% 3.27-6.61% two aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, calcium oxide 0.75-1.68%, Magnesium Oxide 0.89-2.07%, LOI 4.19-6.20%.
Q:How to use washed kaolinWashed kaolin in the paper-making process how to use, where China's kaolin more suitable point? Which home is the biggest?
In the paper, according to their actual situation to kaolin pre dispersed or other materials together in a mixing tank. When in the pre dispersion in dispersion process just add a little dispersant (sodium polyacrylate or other organic dispersant) can achieve the desired results.
Q:High silica can be converted into kaolin? Add or remove some of the substances, specific operations! Thank you
In the 50% general and kaolin silica, and alumina was the main component, Magnesium Oxide, iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and other small, therefore, the two components have significant differences, its essence is far different. Rely on laboratory reagents to add remove some substances is almost impossible to get into high silica kaolin
Q:What are the colors of kaolin ore?
The color of kaolin is mainly related to its metal oxides or organic matter.
Q:What's the use of kaolin mask powder? How about hot water or cold water?
Powder dissolution method1. Apply proper amount of powder to the container;2 add cold water or warm water equal to 2 times the powder weight, stir until the paste (cream);3, if the time is enough, you can not stir, put it for 3 minutes, you can get a more slippery feel
Q:Can kaolin be used for cosmetics?
We usually use 325 eye kaolin + milk to wash your face. The whitening effect is very good, safe and inexpensive. It is much safer than the high-grade cosmetics called lead (heavy metal). Do not believe, you can try, and if there is a bad feeling after use, please stop immediately, indicating that your skin on three oxidation two aluminum allergic reaction.

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