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Q:Who knows kaolin? Please, great God!
Kaolinite is a product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals and is an hydrous aluminosilicate. It also includes dickite, nacrite and halloysite and similar components but amorphous allophane, so they belong to a called clay mineral.
Q:What is the difference between porcelain stone and kaolinite?
Belong to the kaolinite clay mineral, its chemical composition is Al4[Si4O10] (OH) 8, layered silicate mineral crystal belongs to triclinic. Three were dispersed cryptocrystalline, powder, loose bulk collection of white or light gray, light green, yellow, red and other colors, white streak, earthy luster, Mohs hardness of 2-2.5, the proportion of 2.6-2.63. absorbent, and water has plasticity, sticky tongue, dry clods with rough feeling.
Q:What's the difference between nano kaolin, washed kaolin and calcined kaolin? Where is the difference?
The purity of calcined kaolin is enough kaolin, after high temperature firing out after grinding of kaolin, in order to improve the whiteness and purification, the firing temperature according to customer's product requirements vary from 900 degrees to 1300 degrees are
Q:Is kaolin soluble in water?The dispersion of kaolin in water is very unstable,At least stable 5-6 hours
Pure kaolin with high whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspended in plasticity and good adhesion, high excellent electrical insulation properties; has good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical and chemical properties, better exchange. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense. There are reports that Japan has also used kaolin instead of steel, cutting tools, lathes, drills, and internal combustion engines. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of modern science and technology, the application of kaolin is more extensive, began extensive use of kaolin as new materials in some high-tech fields, and even nuclear reactor space aircraft and spacecraft components with high temperature porcelain, made of kaolin.
Q:How to distinguish bone porcelain and kaolin porcelain?
Color: China for porcelain powder containing the reason itself has a natural milk white, in other words, with a little yellow, this is a feature of any other kinds are unable to copy out. Kaolin porcelain is pure white.
Q:What kind of soil can be used as a ceramic?
Clay is used mainly for firing exterior walls, floor tiles, pottery, etc.. The pottery is made of pottery clay ware, with porcelain clay fire ware called porcelain, ceramic is pottery, stoneware and porcelain. Those who use clay and clay the two kinds of clay as raw material, after ingredients, molding, drying, roasting process made of ceramic artifacts can be called.
Q:What are the surface modification technologies of calcined kaolin and the matters needing attention?
At present, the modified calcined kaolin is mainly applied to the organic products industry, with the industry of organic raw material, processing technology and technical performance requirements are different, so the surface modification of calcined kaolin to put forward an important problem that how to adapt and meet the requirements, and can display the function of modified kaolin.The modified kaolin can play a functional role, first of all technical aspects should pay attention to all kinds of organic polymer products raw materials and production process, is not able to complement each other, in the process of phase cancellation, careful analysis of raw material quality, specifications and design of process parameters and process conditions, these factors can affect the application effect of modified kaolin.In order to improve the surface modification of kaolin, it is necessary to understand the main technical requirements, main raw materials and processing technology of organic polymer products. Should be based on this, targeted to select good modifier, adjust the formula of modified agents, determine the reasonable processing technology.
Q:Where are the main differences between kaolin and kaolinite?
The English name for kaolinite is kaolinite and the oxide form is 2Al2O3.4SiO2.4H2O. A product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals; an hydrous silicate. Kaolinite is a dense or loose mass, usually white. If it contains impurities, it is beige.
Q:Is activated clay kaolin?
No, it isn't。 Activated clay is a kind of adsorbent made of clay as raw material, treated by inorganic acidification, and then rinsed and dried by water.
Q:Should kaolin be used in polyester production?
Some studies show that under certain conditions, adding kaolin inorganic particles of polyester fiber still has good spinnability and hygroscopicity, dyeability are improved, and has certain anti UV properties. However, the mechanical properties of modified polyester fiber declined due to the decrease of crystallinity.

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