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1. Descriptions for Aluminum window and door


  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles

  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles

  3. PVC/UPVC profiles

  1. Double toughened glazing:5+12A+5,6+12A+6...

  2. Single toughened glazing:6,8,10,12...

  3. Laminated glazing:6.38,10.76,10.38...

  1. German brand

  2. Australian brand

  3. Chinese brand

  1. Stainless steel security mesh

  2. Aluminium security mesh

  3. Fiberglass flyscreen

  4. Retractable flyscreen

  1. Powder coating

  2. Anodized

  3. Electrophoresis

  4. Wood grain

Top quality As2047 standard aluminum window louver



Aluminum sliding window

-Thermal break aluminum with powder coated white color, available in any color in RAL color chart. 
-Show with optional grids. 
-Spring lock made in Hongkong. 
-Double 5/9/5mm tempered glass, low-e, coated and laminated glass for your option.


Company Information

  1. We are the member of Australian Window Association and guarantee you 6 years warranty

  2. We febricate aluminium windows & doors according to AS2047 standards

  3. We are the member of Window Energy Rating Scheme

  4. We have Australian standards workshop and audited by Australian Window Association every year

  5. We purchase high quality of materials to produce qualified products

  6. We have more than 10 years of industry experience and 10 years of exporting experience

  7. We have showroom in Sydney and believe both our products and service will make you happy



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Q:Granite marble windowsill radiation big? How to deal with?
Granite (Granite), the main component of the continental crust, is a kind of magma formed in the surface below the formation of igneous rocks, belonging to the deep intrusive rocks. The main ingredients are feldspar, mica and quartz.
Q:The general design width of stone window sill board
General decoration when the windowsill marble to square pricing mostly, some very narrow windowsill also by the meter price.
Q:What is the difference between a windowsill window and a window window?
Such as the windows on the metal hulls, have become windows without windowsill. Such as windows used in the formal residential housing, it becomes a window window, the corresponding wall thicker, which part of the window extension, when the window and the wall in two planes, it produced a windowsill, The bottom of the window small platform, there are narrow and narrow, some people like to put something like decorations or some small things in life, by the external walls of the windowsill now most people will do more wide, put some bonsai or sun The But also beautify the housing environment and facilitate life.
Q:Home improvement in the installation of marble windowsill in the end with what material paste better, with styrofoam can it?
Marble rubber based on unsaturated polyester resin, suitable for all kinds of stone between the bonding or repair stone surface cracks and scratches, commonly used in various types of paving stone works and various types of stone repair, bonding positioning and filling.
Q:The windowsill to the house leaking, there is no fear of sun drying waterproof material
The water seepage points are at both ends of the window - generally by the sides of the window and the edges of the wall or the aluminum alloy window.        Solution: clean the window and the wall with the site, with 995 structural adhesive closed; clean the side seal and the decline of the binding site, with silicone glass adhesive closure point;
Q:The windowsill marble countertops are thicker
You say it is the original thickness of the plate or that thick side ah. Plate thickness, then I know that is 16.5mm thick side of the words according to its different thickness of the different styles.
Q:How to pick the windowsill stone ah
Not an expert, casually talk about, then initiate Quartz stone, granite has radiation, that is, natural stone has radioactive (non-toxic) Artificial stone is not really stone, almost no radiation But for radioactive this problem, I can only say that, but the windowsill plate can not be in your safety considerations
Q:What is the general thickness of the windowsill of the bathroom and the kitchen windowsill?
Upstairs that half, the bathroom can not windowsill stone, but the kitchen depends on the level of the window, with the same height as the ordinary window, you can shop window stone, the same thickness, the internal 2 cm, surface 4 cm, looking beautiful, In other words, the profile is at right angles, the decoration master will generally.
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Plus box Vice box is also called box, frame. The window frame is fixed on the wall and the frame for the installation of the doors and windows is generally used for the 70 series and the following profiles. If the windows need to be covered with windows (windows), the windows need to be tiled around the windows, and the tops of the windows need the ceiling. Need to increase the box, because the 70 series and the following profiles are relatively narrow, open doors and windows will be obstacles.
Q:What are the differences between windows and curtains in architectural design?
Curtain wall relative to the main structure can be displaced, that is, in-plane deformation performance, the window is not.

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