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1. Descriptions for Aluminum window and door


  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles

  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles

  3. PVC/UPVC profiles

  1. Double toughened glazing:5+12A+5,6+12A+6...

  2. Single toughened glazing:6,8,10,12...

  3. Laminated glazing:6.38,10.76,10.38...

  1. German brand

  2. Australian brand

  3. Chinese brand

  1. Stainless steel security mesh

  2. Aluminium security mesh

  3. Fiberglass flyscreen

  4. Retractable flyscreen

  1. Powder coating

  2. Anodized

  3. Electrophoresis

  4. Wood grain

Top quality As2047 standard aluminum window louver



Aluminum sliding window

-Thermal break aluminum with powder coated white color, available in any color in RAL color chart. 
-Show with optional grids. 
-Spring lock made in Hongkong. 
-Double 5/9/5mm tempered glass, low-e, coated and laminated glass for your option.


Company Information

  1. We are the member of Australian Window Association and guarantee you 6 years warranty

  2. We febricate aluminium windows & doors according to AS2047 standards

  3. We are the member of Window Energy Rating Scheme

  4. We have Australian standards workshop and audited by Australian Window Association every year

  5. We purchase high quality of materials to produce qualified products

  6. We have more than 10 years of industry experience and 10 years of exporting experience

  7. We have showroom in Sydney and believe both our products and service will make you happy



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Q:Sliding window is not a fixed window?
This is not strict rules, generally do not need to install this fixed window, if any, will usually be installed in the kitchen
Q:How to choose marble? Shop windowsill
Thickness should be uniform, four corners to be accurate, trimming should be neat, each right to correspond to each other;     The surface should be bright and bright, bright at 80 degrees or more, and do not have pits;     Pattern to be uniform, clear pattern, no variegated, color should be consistent;     The internal structure is tight, no cracks;     Load-bearing thickness can not be less than 9 ~ 10mm. Marble windowsill is divided into natural marble windowsill and artificial marble windowsill. Natural marble windowsill is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and because of the natural lines and pores to make stains and oil in depth, and not easy to clean. Artificial marble windowsill high density, oil is not easy to penetrate, easy cleaning.
Q:What is the general thickness of the windowsill of the bathroom and the kitchen windowsill?
Kitchen and bathroom windowsill generally do not have access to marble. With marble, there are natural and man-made. Natural 1 cm with 1.5 cm 2 cm artificial stone is not 1 cm thick. Posted the general decoration master will see you Site situation posted
Q:Building drawings, C2415, is the size of the window or window hole size, how much difference
Generally the window hole size, the building error is very large, generally about 2cm, so the actual window, often need to check the actual size of the window hole, and then with the construction side to check the construction method to determine the actual size of the windows made. Such as general plaster, generally unilateral gap 15mm; paste tiles, unilateral gap 20--25mm; paste marble tiles, unilateral gap 30 - 35mm.
Q:What are the materials for the windowsill table?
Woodworking board      With the woodworking board to do the main table is not cold winter feel cold, looks more simple, the shortcomings of a long time is easy to be sun sun deformation, in case of windows hit the rain is also vulnerable to moisture, to the winter bay window there will be a lot of Condensate dripping into the table, will also make the wood board surface moisture deformation.      Advantages: the main solution to the cold winter feeling cold; Disadvantages: easy to be sun deformation, easy to tide insects, rotten, sauna board moisture resistance is better, but the color is single, decorative effect is not beautiful.      Composite flooring      With the composite floor must be coordinated with the overall design. With the composite floor will not be afraid of tide, sitting on the top and not very cold, but not expensive, but must pay attention to the design before the decoration must be the design of the bay window, and the floor has a good convergence , When the edge can be used solid wood, so the effect is excellent      Advantages: compared to woodworking board, not afraid of tide, will not feel cold, the price is not expensive; Disadvantages: to Road better decorative effect, need to decorate before the design
Q:What steps are the decoration to start installing the windowsill
It is best to handle the wall after the wall, paint the wall before the paint, so you can seamlessly fit; paint can also be required after the higher technology, easy to scratch the wall.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows style which
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows according to the application site is divided into: doors and windows, outside doors and windows Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows by brand classification: De Lance doors and windows, car-level sealed windows
Q:Is it possible to use the floor leather on the windowsill?
With the floor leather is certainly not work. Not waterproof nor sunscreen. You can send a map to see under, so no concept is not good to say.
Q:How to install a wooden windowsill board
The wooden windows can be installed on either side of the window or on both sides of the wall. The length of the wooden window plate should be 60mm larger than the width of the window hole; the width of the window plate depends on the width of the window, so that the edge of the window plate protruding more than 20mm. The thickness of the sill plate is 25mm.
Q:What kind of protective measures should be taken when designing windowsill below 0.8 m?
Plus railings, ah, as to how to add the various periods of the provisions of the period do not think, some windowsill 500 or more, you can add railings on the windowsill, the total height of not less than 1000; window height below 500 is the railing must land.

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