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1. Descriptions for Aluminum window and door


  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles

  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles

  3. PVC/UPVC profiles

  1. Double toughened glazing:5+12A+5,6+12A+6...

  2. Single toughened glazing:6,8,10,12...

  3. Laminated glazing:6.38,10.76,10.38...

  1. German brand

  2. Australian brand

  3. Chinese brand

  1. Stainless steel security mesh

  2. Aluminium security mesh

  3. Fiberglass flyscreen

  4. Retractable flyscreen

  1. Powder coating

  2. Anodized

  3. Electrophoresis

  4. Wood grain

Top quality As2047 standard aluminum window louver



Aluminum sliding window

-Thermal break aluminum with powder coated white color, available in any color in RAL color chart. 
-Show with optional grids. 
-Spring lock made in Hongkong. 
-Double 5/9/5mm tempered glass, low-e, coated and laminated glass for your option.


Company Information

  1. We are the member of Australian Window Association and guarantee you 6 years warranty

  2. We febricate aluminium windows & doors according to AS2047 standards

  3. We are the member of Window Energy Rating Scheme

  4. We have Australian standards workshop and audited by Australian Window Association every year

  5. We purchase high quality of materials to produce qualified products

  6. We have more than 10 years of industry experience and 10 years of exporting experience

  7. We have showroom in Sydney and believe both our products and service will make you happy



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Q:How can the marble of the windowsill reduce the radiation?
Ground tiles of radiation is often worse than the marble, marble had little radiation, no need to worry about.
Q:Marble windowsill board works how to calculate
Calculation of the amount of external wall decoration plastering. ① the external walls of various decorative plaster according to the size of the figure to real cast area calculation. Should be deducted doors and windows hole empty area, the sidewall area does not increase. ② eaves, gutter, waistline, railings, fences, doors and windows sets, window line, pressure top, etc. according to the size of the figure to expand the area in square meters, into the corresponding external wall area.
Q:Home improvement in the installation of marble windowsill in the end with what material paste better, with styrofoam can it?
Marble rubber based on unsaturated polyester resin, suitable for all kinds of stone between the bonding or repair stone surface cracks and scratches, commonly used in various types of paving stone works and various types of stone repair, bonding positioning and filling.
Q:How many windowsill should be tilted outward?
The pressure on the windowsill should be tilted outward. This is not regulated by the relevant specifications, mainly based on the safety and aesthetics of the building.
Q:The windowsill board is a few centimeters
If there is a texture of marble, 2cm thick, if the force, then the width of the probe can not be greater than 5cm, more than 5cm outside the exploration site can not force Granite strength is much better, Combined with the actual situation of the actual decision it
Q:How to install artificial marble windowsill plate
Artificial marble windowsill board installation is divided into grass-roots clean-up, wiping ash, positioning the ball and paste the four main decorative process
Q:How to choose marble? Shop windowsill
Thickness should be uniform, four corners to be accurate, trimming should be neat, each right to correspond to each other;     The surface should be bright and bright, bright at 80 degrees or more, and do not have pits;     Pattern to be uniform, clear pattern, no variegated, color should be consistent;     The internal structure is tight, no cracks;     Load-bearing thickness can not be less than 9 ~ 10mm. Marble windowsill is divided into natural marble windowsill and artificial marble windowsill. Natural marble windowsill is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and because of the natural lines and pores to make stains and oil in depth, and not easy to clean. Artificial marble windowsill high density, oil is not easy to penetrate, easy cleaning.
Q:What is the effect of the roof pressure?
As a common quality control, reduce or avoid the stress caused by the phenomenon of wall cracks (In the two sides of the wall and the windows of the junction position was zigzag cracks).
Q:Whether the windowsill is made of natural marble or artificial marble
At present, home improvement in the kitchen countertops, windowsill table with mostly artificial stone. With natural marble is relatively small. The main difference is that natural marble is generally cheaper than artificial stone, but imports are also expensive. Although the natural marble color, but not more artificial stone. Natural marble due to natural characteristics, high hardness but relatively brittle, easy to break. Artificial stone is not easy to break, but the hardness is not as good as it. A lot of color, especially imitation crystal is very beautiful.
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Yes! But the construction requirements are high. Because the water absorption of quartz stone is very low only 0.03%, the moisture in the cement sand is difficult to volatilize for a long time will lead to quartz stone stone rocker. At present, only the laying of clay to solve this problem. Only individual manufacturers can do it! If you just shop the windowsill, I suggest that you have a little slit side of the stone slate to facilitate the evaporation of water, the problem should be small. Do not know if my answer has helped you. If there are questions on the quartz stone can also ask. I am the production of quartz stone, I can answer the best!

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