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Introduction of DIY Magnetic Window Screen System

Magnetic window screen we made to adapted tocustomers' demand. The best advantage is easy to fix and disassemble, easy toclean. And also easy to cut and fixed as different sizes by customer their self.That is very well for trading company and factories to find more customers intheir market.
The Magnetic window screen now we have three type:Type B, type C, type D.
Type B is make of Aluminum perforated mesh. This kindof mesh is very strong and stiff to anti insect and sharp things broken. Thisaluminum perforated mesh is rust protection, fire proof. It suits muchdifferent kind of place, office, living room, kitchen etc.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

Type C is made of PVC coated fiberglass insectmesh.

Fiberglass insectscreen is made of glass fiber by the means of single filament plastic coatingprocess, plain weaving and thermal finalizing. It is the best protective productto keep out a wide range of pests and insects. It is widely used for airexchange and insects proof in high-grade office building and living room.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

And Type D is our new products. It is completedDIY products with PVC coated fiberglass insect mesh. We will cut all theaccessories for you and then you only need to finish the products by yourself,it is much easy, only need an knife no any other instrument. It is clean andsafe for each customer.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

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Q:Windowsill leaking, and choose what kind of sealant the best it, have experience to teach about the experience!
Aluminum alloy window frame in the installation, the window frame around the gap with the wall did not use the software material to fill, and directly with ordinary cement mortar filling, the form of wind load is too large, the form is easy to deformation, Mortar produces a gap, causing rain to penetrate into the room. Treatment: Seepage is not serious, can be used to re-fill the weathering glue, if serious, it is necessary to cut around the window frame, with three Tu two cloth way to do waterproof, completely dry, and then paint the plastic.
Q:Building drawings, C2415, is the size of the window or window hole size, how much difference
Generally the window hole size, the building error is very large, generally about 2cm, so the actual window, often need to check the actual size of the window hole, and then with the construction side to check the construction method to determine the actual size of the windows made. Such as general plaster, generally unilateral gap 15mm; paste tiles, unilateral gap 20--25mm; paste marble tiles, unilateral gap 30 - 35mm.
Q:What does the window mean?
On the high window did not give a clear definition of the height, it is because a height is not applicable to all building types, architectural design involves such a few high windows: 1. Privacy and facade needs. 2. Security needs, including prevention of climbing, theft and fire prevention. 3. Lighting ventilation function required.
Q:Ask what tools to hit the windowsill ah?
The windowsill are cemented and of great strength. If you want to drop a few centimeters better to use a manuscript or hammer. If there is no power tools, then only with chisel and hand hammer slowly smashed. The chisel is best to use the pointed.
Q:Shutters or shutters?
Shutters use blinds is a kind of new home decoration, new buildings, decoration will basically use. Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood in all the decoration materials with unparalleled natural beauty. A simple piece of wood, so that the city of the cement in the jungle of the river think of the trees and trees and trees, as if there are strands of green leaves from the elegant out of the fresh oxygen slips into the heart. For the natural beauty of wood, people want to have, especially in green and healthy today. Home, as the most secret and relaxed place, people want to decorate the comfort of some more. There is wood to help, elegant expression is also very easy to naturally show. Stylish handsome hardwood doors and windows are often impressive and impressive. Whether in the visual and tactile, the wood is superior material. It is clear and profound lines will immediately attract people's attention, people can not help but want to touch the texture of wood. Solid wood blinds is to make the room look elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to the present changes in the design of the American interior, the wood has always played a very important role in it. Which is called the classic beveled glass and lanterns and comfortable natural hard wood window grilles, has let the number of home people full of nostalgia. Different from the soft texture of the curtains, louver leaves like wood, glass and aluminum alloy and other materials, it can resist the sun, wind and rain, dust erosion, and easy to clean. The blinds on the market, or slender gorgeous, or rough gods. The overall arrangement of the horizontal lines to show the style and warm beauty of the plane. Through the adjustment of light, shutters can also bring modern and simple space to change the pleasing feeling; a variety of colors to make the choice of blinds and home decoration style integration.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows price is how much money a square meter?
Generally down a square meter total in 600 ~ 700 yuan a flat
Q:Whether the windowsill is made of natural marble or artificial marble
At present, home improvement in the kitchen countertops, windowsill table with mostly artificial stone. With natural marble is relatively small. The main difference is that natural marble is generally cheaper than artificial stone, but imports are also expensive. Although the natural marble color, but not more artificial stone. Natural marble due to natural characteristics, high hardness but relatively brittle, easy to break. Artificial stone is not easy to break, but the hardness is not as good as it. A lot of color, especially imitation crystal is very beautiful.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows 60 or 70 good
70 series (wall thickness: 1.8mm; sealing structure: 10 seals); the simplest of the material wall thickness and sealing structure of the difference: 60 series (profile wall thickness: 1.4mm; sealing structure: 6 seals) Choice: home is not next to the roadside or square, warm winter is also very warm, then choose 60 series Zhongwang broken bridge aluminum windows, if the surrounding environment is very noisy, need a good seal, sound insulation, warmth, Then choose the 70 series of Zhong Wang broken bridge aluminum windows.
Q:Is it possible to use the floor leather on the windowsill?
With the floor leather is certainly not work. Not waterproof nor sunscreen. You can send a map to see under, so no concept is not good to say.
Q:Building drawings above the marked height of the altar 950, the conventional not all 900? This extra 50mm, how to understand?
If the windowsill is still designed from the floor 900, do a good job after the decoration, the net height of the window just about 850.

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