DIY Magnetic Screen Mesh System for Supermarket

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Introduction of DIY Magnetic Insect Screen System

Magnetic window screen we made to adapted tocustomers' demand. The best advantage is easy to fix and disassemble, easy toclean. And also easy to cut and fixed as different sizes by customer their self.That is very well for trading company and factories to find more customers intheir market.
The Magnetic window screen now we have three type:Type B, type C, type D.
Type B is make of Aluminum perforated mesh. This kindof mesh is very strong and stiff to anti insect and sharp things broken. Thisaluminum perforated mesh is rust protection, fire proof. It suits muchdifferent kind of place, office, living room, kitchen etc.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

Type C is made of PVC coated fiberglass insectmesh.

Fiberglass insectscreen is made of glass fiber by the means of single filament plastic coatingprocess, plain weaving and thermal finalizing. It is the best protective productto keep out a wide range of pests and insects. It is widely used for airexchange and insects proof in high-grade office building and living room.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

And Type D is our new products. It is completed DIY products with PVC coated fiberglass insect mesh. We will cut all theaccessories for you and then you only need to finish the products by yourself,it is much easy, only need an knife no any other instrument. It is clean andsafe for each customer.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

DIY Magnetic Screen Mesh System for Supermarket

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Q:What steps are the decoration to start installing the windowsill
Oil workers can be before and after, because the windowsill board finished by a layer of protective film, to the last down a tear on the OK
Q:Which German broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good?
Aluminum plastic composite profiles in the plastic thermal conductivity is low, good insulation effect, coupled with a good air tightness, in the cold area despite the outdoor tens of degrees below zero, the interior is another world.
Q:Aluminum alloy window below the gap 2 cm high first with fine sand cement filled outside after playing glass glue or must use a blowing agent?
How your window is fixed, if the lower part of the strength requirements, then the best use of blowing agent + glue, window windowsill than the interior windowsill slightly lower, to avoid water leakage. Mortar is easy to crack, leaking rain.
Q:Housing design · master bedroom has two windows, how should the design? To a · understand the point of the answer
Master bedroom has two windows, how old is it? In what position? Two words can think of lighting a bit too adequate, summer by the it? It is recommended to choose lighting and location are more reasonable one to stay, another seal off good. The The There is also a way is if the two windows can be, then, may wish to be a soft cut, that is good-looking and solve the problem, the winter two large windows can also enjoy the sun
Q:Outside the high-level windowsill board air conditioning board calculation of the building area?
Not count According to the "construction project construction area calculation specification" 3.0.24 The following items should not be calculated Area: 1 building access (arcade, the ground floor of the street). 2 equipment within the building pipe sandwich. 3 Building separated by a single room, the stage and the background hanging curtains, set the flyover, pick Taiwan and so on. 4 roof water tank, flower rack, arbor, terrace, open air swimming pool.
Q:Bedroom skylight windowsill special narrow on a small side of about 3 cm decoration should be how to deal with
Can be decorated with marble, or solid wood lines can be. These two materials is 30mm is also better cut. With latex paint dust will not clean up.
Q:Is it first fitted with marble windowsill or first fitted with aluminum windows?
Installation process: 1, positioning and crossed: according to the design requirements of the window under the box elevation, location, draw window plate elevation, position line. 2, check the embedded parts: find and crossed, check the installation of the sill plate installation of the embedded parts, whether to meet the design and installation of the connection structure requirements, if errors should be amended. 3, the installation of the bracket: the need to set up a sill plate bracket, the installation should be checked before the fixed bracket embedded parts, to confirm the elevation, the correct position, according to the design structure of the bracket installation. 4, marble sill board installation: according to the design requirements to find a good location, pre-installed, elevation, location, wall size to meet the requirements, seams smooth tight, fixed pieces, according to their fixed fixed fixed installation.
Q:What can the windowsill use in addition to the marble countertops? The windowsill is relatively low, with a stone out of the side, can be made and wide as the windowsill?
Marble is the most commonly used general sill plate material, the reason to use it, mainly the price is relatively low. The other can be made of windowsill with artificial stone (many types, there are composite acrylic, pure acrylic, crystal, jade, fine pattern stone, translucent stone and many other), quartz stone, granite, stone, microcrystalline stone and so on. But the general cost of expensive than marble Width is generally 3CM wide than the windowsill, and both sides should be added 6CM, and window sets were flat. If made and wide as the windowsill, mainly to take into account the mouth can not be closed, that is, the wall and stone interface, paint can not, a long time will crack. Moreover, do not forget the main role of the bay window is anti-rain, and if the windowsill as wide, if there is rain, it will flow along the wall. So, or do it according to normal practice, it does not affect the beauty.
Q:Floating window with artificial stone or marble
It is recommended to use marble, but also the use of dark marble, because the windowsill position is often easy to exposure, so light-colored stone is not obvious, but will not turn black. Because it is in the windowsill, not the kitchen, the bathroom where these stains exist, so you can not consider how much stains to penetrate, if there is no longer as long as there is a long time, basically infiltration of this kind of thing is rare, as long as early Clean up. Specifically to see their own level of consumption decisions. If the economy allows you to consider marble, if it is not allowed to consider artificial stone. But the two stones are also part of the expensive part of the cheap, in general, artificial stone price cheaper than natural marble, natural marble on the price a little expensive, but the feeling will look a lot of natural, according to their own consumption level to decide, but that Natural marble has a certain degree of radiation, this is also to be considered.
Q:Home improvement in the installation of marble windowsill in the end with what material paste better, with styrofoam can it?
Styrofoam is the name of a bubble with a special characteristics and bonding characteristics of the glue, which is mainly used for building doors and windows side joints, structural expansion joints and holes at the filling, sealing, bonding. It is a polyurethane elastomeric foamed material that relies on moisture curing. Styrofoam is the polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent filled into high pressure cans, and filled with propane and other gas composition. It is gun-style and tube-type two, gun type is the need for special polyurethane foam guns can be used, tube with a one-time hose.

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