DIY Magnetic Screen Mesh System for Supermarket

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Introduction of DIY Magnetic Insect Screen System

Magnetic window screen we made to adapted tocustomers' demand. The best advantage is easy to fix and disassemble, easy toclean. And also easy to cut and fixed as different sizes by customer their self.That is very well for trading company and factories to find more customers intheir market.
The Magnetic window screen now we have three type:Type B, type C, type D.
Type B is make of Aluminum perforated mesh. This kindof mesh is very strong and stiff to anti insect and sharp things broken. Thisaluminum perforated mesh is rust protection, fire proof. It suits muchdifferent kind of place, office, living room, kitchen etc.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

Type C is made of PVC coated fiberglass insectmesh.

Fiberglass insectscreen is made of glass fiber by the means of single filament plastic coatingprocess, plain weaving and thermal finalizing. It is the best protective productto keep out a wide range of pests and insects. It is widely used for airexchange and insects proof in high-grade office building and living room.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

And Type D is our new products. It is completed DIY products with PVC coated fiberglass insect mesh. We will cut all theaccessories for you and then you only need to finish the products by yourself,it is much easy, only need an knife no any other instrument. It is clean andsafe for each customer.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

DIY Magnetic Screen Mesh System for Supermarket

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Q:The windowsill to the house leaking, there is no fear of sun drying waterproof material
Good weather resistance of the waterproof material, polyurethane sealant, SBS809 waterproof plastic, Dow Corning that what Oh, you can,
Q:Which brand is good?
My neighbor next door is equipped with Odick doors and windows, listen to him that the quality is good, the price is moderate, I also intend to change this brand.
Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
The lower part of the window should be set up windowsill. The windowsill forms an inner sill and an outer sill according to the installation location of the window. The outer sill is to prevent water in the bottom of the window hole and flow to the room. The inner sill is to exclude condensate from the window to protect the interior wall. Differences between flue and duct structure: (1) role: flue gas used to discharge the gas stove, ventilation duct is mainly used to exclude indoor dirty air; (2) Location: Flue is located in the kitchen, crossing the wall by the lower part of the ground from the ground 600 ~ 1 000 mm ventilation duct is located in the dark toilet, crossing the wall above the wall, from the bottom of the roof about 300 mm.
Q:How should the aluminum windows of the bridge be measured
Size measurement services 1, the detection of conventional geometric dimensions (such as: length, width, height, thickness, diameter, diameter, angle, etc.) 2, the product surface roughness detection 3, shape and position tolerance detection (including straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindrical degree, parallelism, verticality, inclination, coaxiality, position, symmetry) 4,3D reverse engineering testing (according to product physical scan into 3D point cloud data, and then into stp format) 5,3D digital-analog ratio detection (product rapid detection) Analysis of Chromatographic Deviation 7, contour parameters measurement (line contour, surface contour and other parameters measurement) 8, the rule of the design and production
Q:Aluminum doors and windows are good or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is good, which is more market?
Aluminum clad wooden doors and windows in the preservation of solid wood doors and windows under the premise of the characteristics and functions, is the insulation (broken bridge) aluminum alloy and solid wood by mechanical method of composite frame. The two materials are connected by polymer nylon and take full account of the different properties of wood and metal shrinkage factors. Is the outside of the wood, which is aluminum, the combination of the two, this window is generally used for villas antique doors and windows in the more, it is more upscale atmosphere, aluminum package doors and windows is the biggest feature of insulation, energy saving, anti-sand. Aluminum package wooden window is in addition to solid wood and a layer of aluminum alloy, so that doors and windows of the more tightly sealed, can effectively block the invasion of sand. When the heat is hard, it can stop the outdoor heat, reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning; in the cold winter will not freeze, condensation, but also the noise to the window.
Q:Marble on the windowsill j water spray when the white water stains how to get rid of. Urgent demand
You can completely remove the online purchase of 100 grams of powder wiping a dozen after the removal of the clean.
Q:Windowsill board with marble, acrylic man-made stone and quartz stone which is good
Or quartz stone is good, scratch does not easily easy to clean, do not buy defective just fine, and not easy to bleed, marble easy to bleed, artificial stone easy to scratch bleeding.
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Yes! But the construction requirements are high. Because the water absorption of quartz stone is very low only 0.03%, the moisture in the cement sand is difficult to volatilize for a long time will lead to quartz stone stone rocker. At present, only the laying of clay to solve this problem. Only individual manufacturers can do it! If you just shop the windowsill, I suggest that you have a little slit side of the stone slate to facilitate the evaporation of water, the problem should be small. Do not know if my answer has helped you. If there are questions on the quartz stone can also ask. I am the production of quartz stone, I can answer the best!
Q:Brick and concrete structure in the top and bottom of the set of long-term cast-in-place reinforced concrete window sill in the length of what is the meaning, how to set up?
Is the arrangement along the brick wall long meaning. Itself, under the windowsill to set pressure top, it is the purpose of this is to improve the overall shock resistance.
Q:Which kind of material is the best choice for doors and windows?
Restricted is the aluminum alloy doors and windows is always the mainstream of the building, but the choice is different. Now the pillars, Kennedy is a good brand. Of course, the so-called ecological doors and windows are also good, but mostly aluminum.

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