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1.Structure of Alumiunm Window and Door 

Aluminum Window and door can be used for many buildings ,have many types : aluminum sliding , hung window , casement window ect ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low-e glass .it's very beautiful , durable and new design .

2.Main features of Aluminum Window and Door 

1)Door material:0.8 or 1.0mm aluminium 
3)Glass:Double glass Aluminum Window and door Specification 
4)Service:2 years after service

5)Beautiful , durable and best design ,sound prooof .


 3. Aluminum Window nad Door Images 

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net

Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net                                4 Aluminunm Window and Door specification 


Sliding Door TypeCloset Doors
GlassDouble glass
CertificateISO9001 & CE
AccessoriesLock and Handle
MaterialAluminum Alloy
SizeAll size available
Packaging and DeliverySafety and Quickly


Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design 











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Q:Home to install quartz stone windowsill plate, two sheets of the whole sheet, each 800 dollars. Want to know that they have not been slaughtered, seeking quartz stone material information.
Quartz stone has a die-casting and casting of the points, if the price if it is die-casting plate, calculate the processing fee is reasonable. Directly to find "artificial stone processing plant" to do it, look at the size of the plate, 2440 * 760 is generally cast, but the 3050 * 1450 must be die-cast
Q:What is the cantilevered windowsill and the unopened windowsill
Cantilever windows are commonly used in residential windows, that is, the window parts with reinforced concrete as a component (cantilever plate), so that the windowsill cantilevered out of the wall a certain scale; no hanging windowsill is usually common, the width of the outer wall is the windowsill (Sometimes slightly protruding walls).
Q:How to do after the windowsill presses the windowsill?
One is: the window removed to the aluminum alloy correction, in the window with a rubber powder with a piece of cement, with glue in the surrounding cast a. The two is for the change, then the words have a new brush, if necessary, but also do a layer of waterproof
Q:What is the height of the windows in the window?
Industry is involved in the "high window" of the concept of dangerous goods warehouse doors and windows design issues, "dangerous chemicals business enterprises operating conditions and technical requirements" mentioned in the "high window", corresponding to the "petrochemical factory The corresponding height in the Code of Practice for Warehouse and Yard "is 1.8m
Q:What is the length of the wall at both ends of the wall? Is there a prescriptive or illustration?
No, the first to see 05 Masonry norms, which is pressed into the 3 6 tendons, once into the 500mm, individual places that in-depth 120mm. Specific look at the drawings requirements. Drawings do not ask the words, personally think that the combination of structural requirements of the beam, while 240mm should be able to.
Q:General room window size how much
Standard window is 1.5 m * 1.5 m, is 2.25 square
Q:Is this window suitable for how high curtains? The following windowsill than the above curtain box wide, curtain length is lower than the windowsill or higher than the windowsill it
If the table below with the window wide, it is done on the table, from the 1 cm on it
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Profile wall thickness Broken bridge aluminum is usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and broken steel doors and windows of the quality of good or bad is not to see what series of profiles, mainly depends on the broken aluminum doors and windows of the material, wall thickness , The insulation section, processing technology; district is relatively quiet, the window is not great, choose 60 series of profiles is enough, if the district street, floor windows, sealing insulation requirements, you can choose 70 series profiles.+D82
Q:Will the windowsill be made with artificial stone?
Times the calcium carbonate filled with artificial stone will have you said above is easy to deformation, cracking and fading problems. But the quality of high-grade artificial stone (aluminum filled) do not have to worry about the occurrence of these problems.
Q:What are the materials of the window?
Wood - Relatively speaking, the wood should be the most perfect form frame material, both from the insulation, noise and other aspects have obvious advantages, and the inherent texture and natural patterns more exciting. Although it is wood, but in fact some of the solid wood used to do window frames have been through layers of special treatment, not only without the water, requiring a higher or even sucked fat, so that the so-called wood actually Has been the same as the fossil, after the treatment of solid wood, only to retain the appearance of wood, the quality is completely different, and will not crack deformation, not to worry about insect bites, corrosion, and intensity is also greatly increased. In addition, there is a frame structure known as the aluminum package wood, wooden frame outdoor part of a layer of aluminum alloy structure, in fact, this is a combination of wood frame insulation and aluminum alloy high strength, combined For one, avoid weaknesses. The only drawback of wooden windows is that the cost is too high.

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