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1.Structure of Alumiunm Window and Door 

Aluminum Window and door can be used for many buildings ,have many types : aluminum sliding , hung window , casement window ect ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low-e glass .it's very beautiful , durable and new design .

2.Main features of Aluminum Window and Door 

1)Door material:0.8 or 1.0mm aluminium 
3)Glass:Double glass Aluminum Window and door Specification 
4)Service:2 years after service

5)Beautiful , durable and best design ,sound prooof .


 3. Aluminum Window nad Door Images 

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net

Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net                                4 Aluminunm Window and Door specification 


Sliding Door TypeCloset Doors
GlassDouble glass
CertificateISO9001 & CE
AccessoriesLock and Handle
MaterialAluminum Alloy
SizeAll size available
Packaging and DeliverySafety and Quickly


Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design 











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Q:Broken bridge aluminum terrace on the edge of the window a little ventilation, how to solve ah? How can I seal better performance?
Processing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are generally large machines, large machine processing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows firmness, interface splicing Ye Hao, and small workshops in the processing of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows as big machine processing is good, so Processing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows must choose the big manufacturers, well-equipped, workers professional, so as to work out a good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, my home is [St. sea doors and windows] processing is good, than when I last time windows and doors much better.
Q:How to determine the size of the marble window window board
Not necessarily, the shorter the better, there are 10 cm to do, but also do 2 to 3 cm, but a beautiful problem
Q:What is the height of the window windowsill height?
Small goods from the height of more than 100CM display. Refrigerators, washing machines, bicycles and other large items can be displayed in the ground from the ground 5CM high parts. Retail planners can choose the specific window display advertising form according to the size of retail store scale, window structure, commodity characteristics, consumer demand and other factors
Q:Home to install quartz stone windowsill plate, two sheets of the whole sheet, each 800 dollars. Want to know that they have not been slaughtered, seeking quartz stone material information.
Quartz stone is currently the general monochrome plate about 350 or so about 600 yuan like China News such as some of the famous also about 100 yuan
Q:The windowsill marble countertops are thicker
Are generally 2 cm, the special table useful thick but not more than 4 cm, because too thick also can not get any effect, but referred to the cost.
Q:Aluminum alloy airtight window price
The airtight window is provided with two glass sliding window guide rails and two window guide rails, and the sliding window frame and the screen window are embedded in the upper and lower frame of the outer frame. Which is characterized in that the elastic window is fixed between the middle of the outer rail of the outer frame and the middle of the frame, and the two screens are located on the outside of the sliding window. The outer and upper right and upper sides of the outer frame are provided with left and right corresponding tenon and groove, The inside of the left and right frame are divided into inner and outer grooves, and the left and right frame are inserted into the left and right frame, The groove is fitted with a resilient sealing strip projecting outwardly and folded toward the inner side wall of the outer frame and fixed on the inner side wall, forming an arcuate slope on its outer surface, the left and right frame of the sliding window The corresponding side is provided with a slope. Its advantages are anti-dust, mosquitoes and other significant role, anti-theft performance, good air tightness, easy assembly, low supplies.
Q:How to count the windowsill board
The style of the windowsill is mainly classified from the material, the common materials are marble, granite, artificial stone, decorative panels and decorative wood lines.
Q:How to install artificial marble windowsill plate
1. Grassroots cleanup The base should have sufficient rigidity and stability. Base surface should be clean and smooth, smooth surface of the grass to be chiseled to facilitate the base layer and decorative panels of the bonding, the concrete protruding parts of the surface to be flattened, and then watering wet. 2. wipe the bottom ash Wipe the thickness of 12mm 1: 3 cement mortar, looking for rules, with a short woodworking scratched, and cut hair. 3. Locate the elastic line According to the design drawings and the actual paste of the site, as well as the windows used to decorate the panel specifications, the size of the pop-up horizontal and vertical lines. To ensure that the slit seam is tight, no water seepage, the need to consider the panel when the width of the joints, generally not more than 1mm. 4. Paste the trim panel First in the wipe the bottom of the ash sprinkler wetting, and will be pasted on the surface of a thin scraping a slurry of water, and then will be selected after a good moist, dry sandstone sill on the back of the cast plate 2-3mm thick Of the water slurry, paste, paste with a wooden hammer gently tap, so that fixed, paste should always use the ruler to find straight, and the use of stent stability by the foot, then the outflow of mortar wipe, so as not to Contaminated adjacent to the finishes. For smaller parts of the area, can also be used epoxy adhesive and other adhesive directly inlay. After the marble sill plate is bonded, carry out the necessary cleaning and maintenance.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors cost-effective
As the aluminum prices are changing every day, so a ton of white broken bridge aluminum purchase price is 26,000 yuan, for example, can process 100 square meters flat window, the distribution is 260 yuan / square meter, double glass prices 90 yuan / square meter calculation, plus leather, glass glue 20 yuan / square meter, as well as production production 25 yuan / square meter, so down the basic cost is 395 yuan / square meter, if coupled with the company staff wages, installation Costs, transportation costs, depreciation fees and other daily operating costs of enterprises, all brands of broken bridge aluminum windows have the lowest sales price of 400 yuan / square meters in order to maintain normal operation.
Q:Marble windowsill after the installation of the house is very strong, how do?
The appropriate open do not directly dry the wall of the side of the window, for ventilation;

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