Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

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Product Description:

  1. Structure of Alumiunm Window and Door 

Aluminum Window and door can be used for many buildings ,have many types : aluminum sliding , hung window , casement window ect ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low-e glass .it's very beautiful , durable and new design .

2.Main features of Aluminum Window and Door 

1)Door material:0.8 or 1.0mm aluminium 
3)Glass:Double glass Aluminum Window and door Specification 
4)Service:2 years after service

5)Beautiful , durable and best design ,sound prooof .


 3. Aluminum Window nad Door Images 

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer


4 Aluminunm Window and Door specification 


Sliding Door TypeCloset Doors
GlassDouble glass
CertificateISO9001 & CE
AccessoriesLock and Handle
MaterialAluminum Alloy
SizeAll size available
Packaging and DeliverySafety and Quickly

 5 FAQ



  1. What's main window types ?

Pvc sliding window, pvc hung window , pvc casement window, pvc sliding door  etc .

2. What kind of company ?

State-owned corp , fortune 500 in the world an dmanufacturer for pvc window and doors for more than ten years .

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Q:What is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?
The product on both sides of the aluminum, the middle of the plastic cavity to do with the heat material. This innovative design, taking into account the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy materials, while meeting the decorative effect and the strength of doors and windows and anti-aging performance of a variety of requirements. Not only the appearance of beautiful use of long life durable rugged insulation of its three sealed strips of the windows of the sealing and noise effects to achieve the best
Q:The gap between the windowsill and the window
If you did not press before you said Now can only use glass glue seal or marble glue this is only a remedy
Q:General kindergarten window height and width, the size of the door is how much,
The height of the kindergarten window and the size of the door are not specified in detail Kindergarten doors and windows design basic requirements: First, at a distance of 0.60 ~ 1.20m height, should not be equipped with broken glass. Second, at a distance of 0.70m, should be set for children with special handle. Third, the door should be smooth both sides, no edges and corners. Four, should not set the door and spring door. Fifth, the door should be outside the door.
Q:What is the height of the windows in the window?
Industry is involved in the "high window" of the concept of dangerous goods warehouse doors and windows design issues, "dangerous chemicals business enterprises operating conditions and technical requirements" mentioned in the "high window", corresponding to the "petrochemical factory The corresponding height in the Code of Practice for Warehouse and Yard "is 1.8m
Q:What steps are the decoration to start installing the windowsill
It is best to handle the wall after the wall, paint the wall before the paint, so you can seamlessly fit; paint can also be required after the higher technology, easy to scratch the wall.
Q:What are the good materials for the windowsill?
(Marble) or marble, marble or granite, marble material is easy to scratch but more upscale and gives a warm feeling; granite material is hard but the color of the stone More bulky and inactive), wood veneer (the economy but the use of a shorter age easy to aging fade) I suggest you: selection of lime beige imported stone or gold beige imported stone, luxurious warm colors with other decoration and windows for indoor lighting Do not choose the dark color of the sill plate. Choose 1.5 or 2cm thick stone edge of the other side of the round effect is very good.
Q:How to install a bridge window with aluminum windows and doors
Masonry joints, such as dry after the installation of the fan Are now installed with a box, if you are interested in understanding the box
Q:Bedroom bay window under the window wall leakage, how to find the leak to thoroughly handle?
Gap water leakage, that is, the external walls of water leakage or water, floating platform is part of the external walls, so all need to do a good wall waterproof, first from the building to see whether the location of the floating window is hollow or air conditioning outside the plane , And then from the indoor view of the location of leakage and leakage of specific circumstances, if it is a lot of water leakage, it may be the wall cracking or waterproof did not do , So it is very troublesome, you need to blow the wall below the wall to see the specific water leakage, the need for external repair from the outside, because the inside no matter how to do, are only a temporary solution, all the water leakage must be from the source Began to remedy, from the inside how to engage or will always leak. So from the outside if it is not empty or air conditioning outside the plane, it is recommended to blow the windows, re-repair the wall and waterproof, and then re-do the window. If the following is empty or outside the plane, it is recommended to call property management to rectification.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profiles generally how large 50 series, or 60 series, 80 series?
General sliding window is 70,80,90 series. Sliding window two fans overlap, wide width. Flat window 50/60 can be.
Q:What is the window wall?
First in the original structure of the wall around the walls of the wall along the vertical paste carbon fiber, and then in the original structure of the window wall near the top and bottom are along the 45 ° and 135 ° direction were paste, and then in the original structure of the window wall to paste, and finally In the original structure of the wall at the top and bottom of the wall along the horizontal paste carbon fiber cloth, attached to the structural column, thereby enhancing the window wall of the bending, compression, torsion, shear capacity and force with the surrounding components, The generation of cracks. Compared with the traditional anti-seismic method, the seismic strength is not affected by the appearance and function of the building, the construction is convenient, the structure is safe and reliable.

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