Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

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Product Description:

  1. Structure of Alumiunm Window and Door 

Aluminum Window and door can be used for many buildings ,have many types : aluminum sliding , hung window , casement window ect ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low-e glass .it's very beautiful , durable and new design .

2.Main features of Aluminum Window and Door 

1)Door material:0.8 or 1.0mm aluminium 
3)Glass:Double glass Aluminum Window and door Specification 
4)Service:2 years after service

5)Beautiful , durable and best design ,sound prooof .


 3. Aluminum Window nad Door Images 

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer

Aluminum Doors with New style and Double glaze Manufacturer


4 Aluminunm Window and Door specification 


Sliding Door TypeCloset Doors
GlassDouble glass
CertificateISO9001 & CE
AccessoriesLock and Handle
MaterialAluminum Alloy
SizeAll size available
Packaging and DeliverySafety and Quickly

 5 FAQ



  1. What's main window types ?

Pvc sliding window, pvc hung window , pvc casement window, pvc sliding door  etc .

2. What kind of company ?

State-owned corp , fortune 500 in the world an dmanufacturer for pvc window and doors for more than ten years .

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Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
Building, inside and outside the windowsill, first of all because the windows and if done as thick as the wall, the cost will be much higher. In order to save the windows only a thin layer, so that the objective also allows the indoor space increases, the outdoor high-altitude objects are not easy to damage the windows, rain and rain water flow is not easy to directly act on the window, The role of leakage. I can think so much, hope to help you.
Q:The balcony of the windowsill generally high from the ground? Floating window
"Civil building design general rules GB50352-2005" 6.10.3 Article 4 - the window should be set to meet the following requirements: Immediate windowsill below 0.80m, should take protective measures, the height of the building from the ground floor should not be calculated below 0.80m; Note: 1 residential windowsill below 0.90m, should take protective measures;      2 low windowsill, bay windows and other lower can have standing on the wide window table, the window guardrail or fixed window protection height should be calculated from the windowsill. On the basis of this, you should be in the case of 550 mm high windows do 0.9 meters (residential) or 0.8 meters (other buildings) high railings. The reason for this is that it may be related to the terms of the book below.
Q:How to clean the windows will be more clean?
First find a few pieces of small soap head (to use soap to wash clothes Oh), and then hit a pot of hot water, the small soap head into the water to dissolve, until the water temperature can be wiped with a cloth wiped with soap and water , But also after the rub with the waste paper and then rub the effect again ah. So that the glass is particularly polished.
Q:Building windowsill beam long
Both ends extend into the construction column
Q:Decoration first installed windowsill stone or the first installed Yamaguchi decoration
Is sure to install windowsill stone ah! And then install the windows Pass, this will be more neat some!
Q:How to do after the windowsill presses the windowsill?
Water seepage is caused by the window, the window frame around the clean up, the gap hit the bubble after the plastic seal can be a good.
Q:What is the height of the kitchen windowsill?
The height of the windowsill is not specified.
Q:What can the windowsill use in addition to the marble countertops? The windowsill is relatively low, with a stone out of the side, can be made and wide as the windowsill?
The windowsill can be made of wood finishes, tiles and so on. Multiple sides are normal, will not affect the beautiful.
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Profile wall thickness Broken bridge aluminum is usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and broken steel doors and windows of the quality of good or bad is not to see what series of profiles, mainly depends on the broken aluminum doors and windows of the material, wall thickness , The insulation section, processing technology; district is relatively quiet, the window is not great, choose 60 series of profiles is enough, if the district street, floor windows, sealing insulation requirements, you can choose 70 series profiles.+D82
Q:What are the materials of the window?
First, the plastic - because it is plastic material, so the weight is small, good insulation performance, and the price is relatively low. Because often have to face the wind and rain to the sun, so the most concern is the plastic window of the anti-aging problem. In fact, the use of high-quality plastic window for up to a hundred years. Second, aluminum alloy - because it is a metal material, so there is no aging problem, and strong, impact resistance, strength. But the aluminum alloy window is most vulnerable to attack a weakness is the insulation performance, because the metal is a good heat conductor, the outside world and the indoor temperature will be transmitted with the window frame. Third, some aluminum windows on the use of a new "broken bridge" technology, that is, in the aluminum alloy window frame with a layer of resin material, completely cut off the way heat conduction. Broken bridge aluminum alloy window features are: 1. Application of insulated aluminum alloy profiles, the use of rolling to the inside and outside the aluminum alloy and insulation strips together. 2. The use of insulating glass, improve the insulation performance and sound insulation effect. 3. With independent sealing structure, sliding window with double-strait double top four sealed structure; flat window using the principle of isobaric, using a hard seal and two soft seal three sealed structure, with excellent air tightness and watertight The 4. Selection of high-grade accessories, beautiful shape, flexible operation, safe and reliable, is conducive to the window of the insulation effect.

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