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Introduction of DIY Magnetic Insect Screen System

Magnetic window screen we made to adapted tocustomers' demand. The best advantage is easy to fix and disassemble, easy toclean. And also easy to cut and fixed as different sizes by customer their self.That is very well for trading company and factories to find more customers intheir market.
The Magnetic window screen now we have three type:Type B, type C, type D.
Type B is make of Aluminum perforated mesh. This kindof mesh is very strong and stiff to anti insect and sharp things broken. Thisaluminum perforated mesh is rust protection, fire proof. It suits muchdifferent kind of place, office, living room, kitchen etc.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

Type C is made of PVC coated fiberglass insectmesh.

Fiberglass insectscreen is made of glass fiber by the means of single filament plastic coatingprocess, plain weaving and thermal finalizing. It is the best protective productto keep out a wide range of pests and insects. It is widely used for airexchange and insects proof in high-grade office building and living room.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

And Type D is our new products. It is completedDIY products with PVC coated fiberglass insect mesh. We will cut all theaccessories for you and then you only need to finish the products by yourself,it is much easy, only need an knife no any other instrument. It is clean andsafe for each customer.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

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Q:How to install artificial marble windowsill plate
Artificial marble windowsill board installation is divided into grass-roots clean-up, wiping ash, positioning the ball and paste the four main decorative process
Q:What is the height of the window windowsill height?
Indoor net height of not less than two meters or else feel depressed, windowsill height often take one meter to one meter a look so feel comfortable
Q:The roof of the roof
Windowsill pressure bars do not have to stretch into the inside of the pillars to the inside, but the roof pressure roof generally 50 ~ ~ 100 thickness around, but also the modulus of the brick and the number of external tile. The length of the roof pressure roof generally than the window hole length 200 ~ ~ 300mm, anchored to the brick wall on the line. If the window is not the wall is the concrete column, the windows of the top of the steel bar to reach the concrete column and to achieve the requirements of steel anchor.
Q:Windowsill board with marble, acrylic man-made stone and quartz stone which is good
With artificial stone on the line, if not the best money with quartz stone. Marble has radiation, material hard, single color. Quartz stone is characterized by high temperature but high cost, windowsill no high temperature things.
Q:What kind of material is the best of the countertops?
Quartz Quartz stone is actually a material on the artificial stone of the difference, it is also a species of artificial stone. But because of its unique high performance cost to make it higher than the average price of artificial stone, is a new artificial stone products. It is the natural quartz crystal ore as the main raw material, through the introduction of imported fully automated control of production technology and equipment, made in high temperature and high pressure state of the decorative panel. Advantages: to ensure high hardness, high temperature, Naisuan Jian, impact resistance, easy to clean on the basis of any harm to the human body radioactive elements. Using the world's most advanced technology to produce ultra-hard green composite quartz plate, which contains up to 93% of natural quartz, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives components, selected materials by the color and vacuum high pressure to form extremely Close complex, and then by the complex cutting and surface polishing process to become quartz stone, the surface of this plate as hard as granite, color, like a rich marble, the structure of the same as the anti-corrosion anti-fouling glass, after finishing the shape Like artificial stone as perfect. Because of her excellent performance in many ways, making her the world's best used in the kitchen and countertop and boutique wall of the ideal material. Disadvantages: higher prices Special reminder: the quartz stone on the processing technology requirements are higher, the quality is also divided into three six nine, so in the choice of certain credibility will be better, the service is guaranteed brand. The industry suggested that, according to cost, it is best not to consider less than 1,000 yuan of quartz stone.
Q:What is the right of the window top? Is the template quota or the ring plate template quota?
The windowsill is pressed at the top of the wall of the wall at the top of the windows on the top of the wall. (Note: there is no specific specification for the roof pressure, and as a quality control measures or local standards).
Q:The windowsill marble countertops are thicker
The thickness of the different. Artificial stone has 1 cm 4 and 1 cm 7. Natural stone has 1 centimeter 2 and 1 centimeter 8.
Q:How to decorate the windowsill at home?
the balcony can do some flower rack, both planting flowers, but also placed bonsai, or birds, fish. Generally install a water bucket for watering and cleaning.
Q:The difference between the top of the window and the windowsill
The sill plate generally refers to the pontoon plate, the windowsill pressure top general refers to the window below the concrete or mortar to do the brick pressure top.
Q:How to choose home furnishings stone, windowsill stone door stone precautions.
(Including faucets and pots); incision (including faucets and pots); incision; the cost of the installation; the cost of the installation; The cost of transportation; the cost of transportation; Note that some of the big windowsill business is based on area billing, small windowsill by meter, which requires a comparison of what.

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