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Introduction of DIY Magnetic Insect Screen System

Magnetic window screen we made to adapted tocustomers' demand. The best advantage is easy to fix and disassemble, easy toclean. And also easy to cut and fixed as different sizes by customer their self.That is very well for trading company and factories to find more customers intheir market.
The Magnetic window screen now we have three type:Type B, type C, type D.
Type B is make of Aluminum perforated mesh. This kindof mesh is very strong and stiff to anti insect and sharp things broken. Thisaluminum perforated mesh is rust protection, fire proof. It suits muchdifferent kind of place, office, living room, kitchen etc.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

Type C is made of PVC coated fiberglass insectmesh.

Fiberglass insectscreen is made of glass fiber by the means of single filament plastic coatingprocess, plain weaving and thermal finalizing. It is the best protective productto keep out a wide range of pests and insects. It is widely used for airexchange and insects proof in high-grade office building and living room.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

And Type D is our new products. It is completedDIY products with PVC coated fiberglass insect mesh. We will cut all theaccessories for you and then you only need to finish the products by yourself,it is much easy, only need an knife no any other instrument. It is clean andsafe for each customer.

Easy Operation Magnetic Screen Window

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Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are generally how much?
The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are basically in accordance with the needs to carry out, according to your decoration when the doors and windows tailored,
Q:The balcony of the windowsill generally high from the ground? Floating window
"Civil building design general rules GB50352-2005" 6.10.3 Article 4 - the window should be set to meet the following requirements: Immediate windowsill below 0.80m, should take protective measures, the height of the building from the ground floor should not be calculated below 0.80m; Note: 1 residential windowsill below 0.90m, should take protective measures;      2 low windowsill, bay windows and other lower can have standing on the wide window table, the window guardrail or fixed window protection height should be calculated from the windowsill. On the basis of this, you should be in the case of 550 mm high windows do 0.9 meters (residential) or 0.8 meters (other buildings) high railings. The reason for this is that it may be related to the terms of the book below.
Q:The general design width of stone window sill board
General decoration when the windowsill marble to square pricing mostly, some very narrow windowsill also by the meter price.
Q:Granite marble windowsill radiation big? How to deal with?
Dali (English: Marble) The original rock is produced in Yunnan Dali white with a black pattern of limestone, the profile can form a natural ink landscape painting, the ancient often selected with a pattern of marble used to make the painting screen or mosaic, and later The name of marble gradually developed into the name of all kinds of color patterns, used to do the decorative materials of the limestone.
Q:How do the upper and lower windowsill plates of the bay windows work?
The window windows of the bay window can be poured out with the main body in the main body, and the lower windows need to be poured later. The lower windows need to be made of beams, steel need to anchor into the shear wall or frame column, our current project is to do so
Q:Helping the home of the newly installed broken bridge aluminum windows leak causes
1, due to the adjacent windows and doors of the building wall itself is flawed, resulting in the rain under the action of wind load through the wall directly into the room, especially in the external wall for the paste when the phenomenon is more common, because the gap between the brick often Fine cracks exist. This phenomenon due to seepage parts close to the doors and windows are often mistaken for doors and windows leaking. 2, the filling material is not filled with the gap between the door frame and the wall, forming a gap phenomenon or cracks. 3, fixed door frame adjustment pad left in the door and window frame, or no longer after the second filling. 4, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the gap between the wall, failed to fill the required qualified materials, such as waterproof cement mortar label is not right or match failed. 5, the size of the wall hole does not meet the design requirements, resulting in the size of the doors and windows and the gap between the wall more than the required range, too small gaps can not fill the material, too large gap to make the doors and windows difficult to fix and filling is not easy to produce cracks The 6, doors and windows and the hole of the fixed connection is not strong, so that the doors and windows under the action of the wind load to make the sealing material cracks. 7, after the installation of doors and windows are not in the doors and windows outside the connection with the wall parts of the seal, or seal failure.
Q:What is the window bag material?
If you must use wooden materials made of window cover, you can first use woodworking board to do grass-roots, and then decorated with veneer, and then brush wood paint. The color of the paint can be modulated, and the finished color is available for purchase.
Q:What is the material for the door stone and the windowsill?
windowsill: The windowsill can be made of quartz stone, marble, artificial stone. 1, marble: the advantages of hard, natural texture, very natural and beautiful. Shortcomings, such as stitching a seam, easy to penetrate, easy to produce natural cleft and a different degree of radiation and so on. 2, artificial stone: is characterized by seamless splicing, dense structure is not infiltible bacteria, not fade, health and environmental protection. The disadvantage is that the hardness is slightly worse, more poor quality artificial stone will have discoloration, deformation and even easy to crack and other issues. So if the Friends of the Friends of the Friends of the best stone to choose a well-known brand of artificial stone. 3, quartz stone is also generally used for interior decoration, and now has begun and quickly replace the former two, because it has a very superior performance: scraping, quartz stone quartz content of up to 94%, quartz crystal is natural hardness Second only to the natural minerals of diamonds, the surface hardness can be up to Mohs hardness of 7.5, much larger than the kitchen used in the blade and other tools, will not be scratched. Pollution is not stained, quartz stone is made in the vacuum under the conditions of the same, a dense non-porous composite material, the British surface of the kitchen acid and alkali, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance, the daily use of liquid substances will not penetrate its internal, Long time on the surface of the liquid only with water or clean and bright cleaning agent can be wiped with a rag, if necessary, the blade can be used to scratch the surface of the retentive.
Q:What are the national standards for broken aluminum doors and windows?
Broken aluminum doors and windows of the specifications: strip to use imported EPDM products, its service life of 30 years, poor quality product life is only about 5 years. Sealant to use silicone weathering adhesive Natural color, the smell should be not pungent, not strong. Pull. Stretch: Rally strong, flexible, not easy to fold. High-quality aluminum doors and windows used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards, wall thickness should be more than 1.2 mm, tensile strength of 157 Newton per square millimeter, yield strength to reach per square millimeter 108 Newton, the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. If you can not meet the above criteria, indicating that this is a poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, can not be used.
Q:A lot of how to do ants on the windowsill
The fir charcoal into powder, scattered in the foot of the foot or bowl, the ants did not dare to climb the table or cupboard.

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