Beautiful Aluminum Window and Door and Profile

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1. Descriptions for Aluminum window and door



Packaging Details:Aluminum Window 
Step 1.Protective tape protects frames from scratches; 
Step 2.Keep windows fixed on iron pallets; 
Step 3.Tie up windows on the iron pallets with plastic belts; 
Step 4.PE films keep windows away from sea water; 
Step 5.Fill in the space between each two iron pallets by air bags; 
Step 6.Tie up iron pallets in container with plastic belts. 
Our packages will ensure the windows arrive at project jobsite in good conditions.
Delivery Detail:30-38 days




1. Material

Aluminium ingot; 6063, 6061, 6082, 6005, T5, T6, 
2. Section ShapesI, U, T, C, Z, L, H, square, round, flat, hollow, t-slot and other complicated shapes by custom design.
3. Surface treatingMill/Anodized(oxidation)/Sand blast/Powder coating/Electrophoresis/Wood grain.
4. Application1) - for Window and door frames
2) - for Wardrobe cabinet sliding doors, kitchen.
3) - for Building curtain glass walls
4) - for Solar panel frames, Solar mounting / roofing brackets
5) - for Industry assembly lines equipment.
6) - for Heatsinks
7) - for LED lighting
8)- other by custom design size and dimension
5. Production lines1) 5 melting and casting production lines
2) 25 extruding production lines
3) 6 anodizing and electrophresis production lines
4) 2 powder coating production lines
5) 4 wooden grain production lines
6) 2 heat insulation broken bridge production lines
7) 2 wiredrawing and polishing production lines
6. Characteristic Services1). OEM Service.
2). Design according to the customers' requirements.
3). more years' professional experience in research, manufacturing
4). Our modern deep processing center can provide machining such as Cutting, punching, drilling, etc.
7. Quality ControlWe operate the most strict quality control system, the detection is from the material, production process,
 to final product, and ensure the product quality and traceability.
8.ProcessDie designDie makingSmelting&alloyingQCExtrudingCuttingHeat Treatment
QCSurface treatmentQCWeldingPackingQCShippingAfter Sale Service
9.StandardGB5237-2008 equal to EN12020-1.2(2001)
10.PaymentT/T: 30% for deposit, the balance will be paid before delivery
11.Delivery Time1. 15-35 days production.
2. If making a mould, plus 7~10 days.
12.Packaging Detail:Inside : packed with plastic film to protect each piece
Outside: Wrap to be bundles by waterproof craft paper or EPE film. Customized request available
13.Lead TimeDie Developing and Sample testing: 12-18 days .
Mass Production: 20-30days.


2. Photo for Aluminum and Door



Beautiful Aluminum Window and Door and Profile





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Q:Housing design · master bedroom has two windows, how should the design? To a · understand the point of the answer
Master bedroom has two windows, how old is it? In what position? Two words can think of lighting a bit too adequate, summer by the it? It is recommended to choose lighting and location are more reasonable one to stay, another seal off good. The The There is also a way is if the two windows can be, then, may wish to be a soft cut, that is good-looking and solve the problem, the winter two large windows can also enjoy the sun
Q:Why open the window to the public walkway, the ground height should not be less than 2m?
If less than 2 meters, when the sash open to the outside, the people walking outside the tall people will meet.
Q:How are the bedroom windows designed?
The design of the window can determine the flow of gas. The window is best able to fully open; open or inward open, not up or down oblique. Outside the window to the best, can make a lot of gas into the room, but also make indoor air outflow. When the window is open, it is best not to have any obstructions to obstruct the flow of gas. A healthy house, the air must be sufficient light, if the four closed no window, the air is not in circulation, dark light, indoor humidity, even if the position no matter how good, is not an ideal house.
Q:Bedroom bay window under the window wall leakage, how to find the leak to thoroughly handle?
First of all clear that the wall is called the external walls, the method of judgment can be based on the level of water stains, in general, the higher point for the leak, the leakage range will form an irregular arc! Do not know the age of the house and the specific construction process, on the separate say, the general bay window are concrete pouring, since it is the case of leakage that housing construction process in the construction process is imperfect situation, the concrete surface should have a gap; Then the waterproof insulation layer, three to five years ago, the housing insulation layer should be benzene board, if the construction process is not in place, then the board may be sand; if it is nearly two years of housing, using insulation mortar process, then insulation mortar The construction of the original plaster is not dense situation. And then said that the outermost layer, if the surface of the surface of the brick, it is clear that the gap between the brick and waterproof insulation layer lax, resulting in water leakage; paint layer to the general real stone paint is in the construction process is dry or inner Clean up directly painted, the other brushing paint is estimated that has been cracked! The way to solve the general property are directly on the surface of the brush point of waterproof paint trouble, but this basic tube six months a year to continue to leak, completely solve the way is to open all the layers, the concrete gap into the expansion of mortar, Surface coated with anti-cracking mortar protection, and then restore the repair layer!
Q:Calculation formula of aluminum windows and doors
The frame is nothing more than in the line and the need to calculate the line, the light frame is the actual to produce wide and high size, the width of the inner fan are for the frame of the internal space size plus 14mm, The amount of overlap of the frame is 7 mm on each side, and the glass size is the inner space of the inner fan minus 7 mm
Q:What material is used for the windowsill
Marble: the advantages of hard, natural texture, very natural and beautiful. Shortcomings, such as stitching a seam, easy to penetrate, easy to produce natural cleft and a different degree of radiation and so on.
Q:What is the height of the bathroom window?
At the same time to note that the size of the door and window frame and the size of doors and windows are different, the size of the hole is the size of the civil painting and the size of the frame is made of doors and windows of the finished product size. Hole size up and down about 2cm is about the outer frame size, which is used to install the door and window 2cm. Hole gap should not exceed 3cm less than 1.5cm.
Q:Is this window suitable for how high curtains? The following windowsill than the above curtain box wide, curtain length is lower than the windowsill or higher than the windowsill it
If the table below with the window wide, it is done on the table, from the 1 cm on it
Q:Aluminum doors and windows installed and how to do their own waterproof
Analysis on Water Seepage of Aluminum Alloy 1. doors and windows themselves seepage 1.1 their own closed lax; 1.2 own drainage system drainage is poor; 2. doors and windows installed improperly produce gaps, resulting in water seepage 2.1 doors and windows frame deformation caused by the gap between the wall and the wall; 2.2 doors and windows frame material and the filling between the wall of the material is not uniform, and the resulting gap; 2.3 installation, different materials, hot and cold shrinkage coefficient is different, and the resulting gap;
Q:What is the height of the kitchen windowsill?
In accordance with the provisions of the national requirements of the windowsill height of less than 0.9 meters, should have protective measures, such as railings, etc., windowsill height greater than or equal to 0.9 meters, no protective measures, the general combination of economic and practical kitchen, are 0.9 meters , But also with the height of the cabinet, try not to exceed the height of the cabinet, or not convenient switch windows.

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