Aluminum Door and Window with Beautiful Style

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Product Description for Beautiful Style Aluminum Door and Window


ProfileAluminum :6063-T5, thermal-break and non-thermal-break can be choice
Thickness :1.4mm-4.0mm profile thickness.
Can be customized
Surface Treatment :Powder coated / Electrophoresis / Anodizing / PVDF etc)
Color :white,gray,black,silver etc 
any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND
Can be customized
GlassType :Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / LOW-E Glass / Tint Glass etc
 Thickness :Single: 5/6/8/10mm..., Double: 5+6+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc…
Color :Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Green, Gray, Blue etc…
HardwareBrand :China Brand, German Brand, Australia Brand ,Italy brand etc
Color :White, Black, Silver etc…
Sealant :EPDM, USA glass silicon etc…
Other Parts Can Be AddedMosquito net, stainless steel screen, rolling louver, etc…
Inside shutter
Grid, Decorative design
PackingAir bubble film+wood crates / carton+plywood / can be customized

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Q:Can window tiles be tiled? How to deal with the side?
You can choose to shop tiles, affordable, you can choose according to individual preferences; in the side of the putty, brush on the latex paint can be.
Q:What is the window bag material?
Now the window is not a lot of cases with wooden materials, because the windows will be exposed to the sun's rays, as well as the impact of rain, wood materials, window sets of time is not long will be a problem, so many direct brush Latex paint, only on the windowsill with a piece of stone tile.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the installation of what is the difference
Non-finished window: Their assembly methods are different, plastic window is high temperature welding molding, and aluminum doors and windows are formed by the angle of the angle of the horn, the windows of the hardware installation method is similar.
Q:Windowsill leaking, and choose what kind of sealant the best it, have experience to teach about the experience!
Aluminum alloy window frame in the assembly process, there is no installation of waterproof gasket, rain through the aluminum alloy splicing gap into the water seepage. Treatment: to find the location of water seepage, water seepage in the source with a waterproof sealant.
Q:Indoor windows do not want to install glass windows, seeking design
In the size of the general window, the window width is generally 0.6m, wide to form a "window", but pay attention to the size of the general window with a wide width of the window, the partition next to the room and the sliding window slick sliding range Problems, but also pay attention to the size of the general window of the wide window width will cause the cross-wall glare, the classroom, the exhibition room are inappropriate.
Q:Bathroom tiles or marble is good
In the actual decoration 99% of the bathroom is tiles! Is not a water problem, nor is it money! But the beauty of the problem! Marble countertops and window matching more coordination! Your bathroom windows do not mouth but get a table straight a little bald!
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Supporting accessories In the consultation when the price of aluminum doors and windows when the bridge must be clear whether to include beams, columns, flat metal, locator, screens, waterproof glue, styrofoam and other ancillary materials costs, because many broken bridge aluminum business offer trap, they In order to attract customers, the first unit price reported low, and then businesses through the addition of various ancillary materials to make up for the difference, and these ancillary materials costs usually have several thousand dollars, the final total price is not cheap.
Q:What kind of high-rise anti-theft window
Can open a small window, this anti-theft window is divided into a window with a window and window, the advantage is to open, do not always feel is a prison. Generally this is a small lock, or the middle hollow tube to open down the door.
Q:What are the materials of the window?
Wood - Relatively speaking, the wood should be the most perfect form frame material, both from the insulation, noise and other aspects have obvious advantages, and the inherent texture and natural patterns more exciting. Although it is wood, but in fact some of the solid wood used to do window frames have been through layers of special treatment, not only without the water, requiring a higher or even sucked fat, so that the so-called wood actually Has been the same as the fossil, after the treatment of solid wood, only to retain the appearance of wood, the quality is completely different, and will not crack deformation, not to worry about insect bites, corrosion, and intensity is also greatly increased. In addition, there is a frame structure known as the aluminum package wood, wooden frame outdoor part of a layer of aluminum alloy structure, in fact, this is a combination of wood frame insulation and aluminum alloy high strength, combined For one, avoid weaknesses. The only drawback of wooden windows is that the cost is too high.
Q:Windowsill is not high enough to do protection should be done high?
This according to your actual situation, ah, you can consult more windows under the consultation.

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