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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packing Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.
Delivery Detail:15-35days after confirming the order



Product Name

Aluminum Sliding doors

Item NO.


Main material

aluminum profile ,glass,hardware


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, customized according to the client’s specific requirements



  • Series: 80/90/110/126/180 etc.

  • Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break

  • Aluminum Alloy: 6063 T5

  • Thickness: 1.4-2.0mm

  • SurfaceTreatment:Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

  • Color:Gray/ Silver/Bronze/Champagne/White/Black/wooden/, etc.

Glass option

Thickness: single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing.

  • Double: 5/6+9/12/24A+5/6mm


High quantity made in China(kinlong,Chugn)/ Germany(ROTO,G-U,HOPO,)/our standard hardware are good quality. Customers' stipulated brands are available.

Reinforcement steel

Rubber sealing strip, black color, good quality

Opening type



Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


Built in blind doors by romote controlled

Applicable place

Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings












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Q:What is the right of the window top? Is the template quota or the ring plate template quota?
If the width of the sill is greater than the width of the wall, the pressure should be set top, and the width of the wall should be equal to the ring beam.
Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
Building, inside and outside the windowsill, first of all because the windows and if done as thick as the wall, the cost will be much higher. In order to save the windows only a thin layer, so that the objective also allows the indoor space increases, the outdoor high-altitude objects are not easy to damage the windows, rain and rain water flow is not easy to directly act on the window, The role of leakage. I can think so much, hope to help you.
Q:What is the height of the window windowsill height?
Indoor net height of not less than two meters or else feel depressed, windowsill height often take one meter to one meter a look so feel comfortable
Q:What are the types of windowsill
According to open the form of points: push and pull, within the flat open, inside the open down, outside the flat open,
Q:What are the general use of the blinds in the building?
There are aluminum louvers, solid wood louvers, there are PVC lobes, etc. ,, PVC price is relatively cheap. Solid wood louvers relative cost is relatively high. 1: high density, from outside interference. 2: adjust the light, anti-ultraviolet, create a comfortable, romantic home environment. 3: heat insulation, wind and dry, shading and ventilation function synchronization, enjoy nature. 4: Made according to actual size, no invalid area is generated. 5: selection of high-grade wood materials, care, easy maintenance, long life. 6: classic fashion, taste reflected. Io's solid wood shutters are of good quality.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors cost-effective
Insulation broken aluminum alloy is the principle of aluminum in the middle of the insulation through the bar, the aluminum cut off the formation of broken bridge, effectively prevent the heat conduction. This made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, stealth Shachuang, glass glue, styrofoam, seal, etc., so that the production made of portal windows, called broken aluminum doors and windows.
Q:Window stone and cupboard countertops, what material is better stone
Artificial quartz stone Advantages: No radioactive elements harmful to the human body, selected materials by the color and vacuum high pressure to form a very close complex, high temperature, the surface of this plate as hard as granite, color, like a rich marble: High hardness, so that she became the world's best used in the kitchen countertops and boutique wall of the ideal material, impact resistance, acid and alkali, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives, easy to clean on the basis of the structure like glass The same anti-corrosion, which contains up to 93% of natural quartz, and then by the complex cutting and surface polishing process to become quartz stone.
Q:What is the height of the bay window to the ground?
500-550mm high, do not be too high, do not be too short!
Q:What kind of plants are there on the windowsill?
According to scientific experiments, a pot of flowers at night due to respiratory effects of consumption of carbon in the body is only 0.1 grams, then the ten pots of flowers released by the total amount of carbon dioxide, but also tantamount to smoke a cigarette produced by carbon dioxide, Poor ventilation in the bedroom, air turbidity and other phenomena caused by the unhappy people and mind, and aquaculture is completely irrelevant. Say, some flowers, such as jasmine, rose, night incense and so on, day and night can release volatile essential oils and negative ions, there is the role of fresh air, so that the bedroom often keep the air clean, contains aromatic Qinren heart, can be excited Spirit, eliminate fatigue. Some flowers can also treat such as mental depression, neurasthenia and other chronic diseases. And the incense of the flowers, and the role of mosquitoes. In addition to absorbing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and other harmful gases, but also secrete the bacteria to kill bacteria, reduce colds, typhoid, throat inflammation and other infectious diseases, the occurrence of infectious diseases, The health of the human body is great.   Of course, in the bedroom to raise flowers, should keep the basin of soil clean, fertilizer to deep practice, not without the decomposition of organic fertilizer, timely removal of dead flowers. In this way, the bedroom is not good for the flowers, people do not have to worry about, in addition to the plant bath mist and other reasons, the night do not have to move the pots outdoors, obviously this reason, you can rest assured that in the bedroom Breeding flowers. Water bamboo, geranium, chlorophytum, pocket coconut, green radish, white crane taro (smooth sailing), Clivia and other plants can absorb toxic chemicals
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Can ah, quartz stone without radiation, hardness is higher than artificial stone, it is easy to do health, it seems the overall effect. Now many people are using quartz stone to do the windowsill.

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