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Product Description for Aluminum Window and Door


ProfileAluminum :6063-T5, thermal-break and non-thermal-break can be choice
Thickness :1.4mm-4.0mm profile thickness.
Can be customized
Surface Treatment :Powder coated / Electrophoresis / Anodizing / PVDF etc)
Color :white,gray,black,silver etc 
any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND
Can be customized
GlassType :Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / LOW-E Glass / Tint Glass etc
 Thickness :Single: 5/6/8/10mm..., Double: 5+6+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc…
Color :Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Green, Gray, Blue etc…
HardwareBrand :China Brand, German Brand, Australia Brand ,Italy brand etc
Color :White, Black, Silver etc…
Sealant :EPDM, USA glass silicon etc…
Other Parts Can Be AddedMosquito net, stainless steel screen, rolling louver, etc…
Inside shutter
Grid, Decorative design
PackingAir bubble film+wood crates / carton+plywood / can be customized



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Q:Which German broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good?
Because the broken bridge aluminum sound insulation, the two years has become the new darling of the doors and windows industry, especially marked the "German" brand products, in all channels are particularly hot, but the market is really so much Of the German-made broken bridge aluminum windows? In fact, a little understanding of some people know, whether it is the introduction of technology, or Sino-foreign joint ventures, the real import only German product design only, its quality and domestic brands is the same, for example, their profiles are Guangdong and Anhui Workers, the rubber is Jiangyin OEM, hardware is Taiwan OEM. Let alone those who just to cater to the consumer's fake "German" brand, the quality is not even good for domestic brands. Those who are really pure German manufacturing German imports of broken aluminum windows, because of their full set of systems, making the brand price is high, equivalent down, almost no less than 2000 / flat unit price, those high-tech concept, such as fire Bulletproof friends, twists and turns control the general family also use less, although he is high-end, but not close to life.
Q:How can the marble of the windowsill reduce the radiation?
Ground tiles of radiation is often worse than the marble, marble had little radiation, no need to worry about.
Q:What is the concept of building side windows?
The side window is usually made into a square, the experiment shows that the amount of light, the lighting port area is equal, and the window low elevation, the square window the highest amount of light, vertical rectangle followed by horizontal rectangle at least, but from the illumination uniformity , Vertical rectangle in the room into the deep direction of the best uniformity, horizontal rectangle in the room width direction is better. In summary, the side window lighting is characterized by the illumination along the depth of the room down quickly, the distribution is very uneven.
Q:How to use and clean the broken aluminum doors and windows?
1, clean off the bridge aluminum doors and windows, people must not step on the aluminum frame, can not pull the frame for support. 2, sealed tops and glass glue is to ensure that the bridge aluminum doors and windows sealed, heat and waterproof the key, if the fall to timely repair, replacement. 3, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be used soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent to wipe, can not use ordinary soap and detergent, but can not use decontamination powder, toilet and other strong acid cleaning agent. 4, after the rain, should be timely glass and window frames of the rain beads, with particular attention to the chute water. Chute with a long time, increased friction, can add a little oil or coated with a layer of wax oil.
Q:What is the height of the windows in the window?
More than the normal height of the window can be called high windows, the specific high is not required.
Q:Building in the MLC3835 in the size of the window or the door, the solution?
MLC3835 is said that the door of the overall width of the wall 3800, 3500. But the doors of the window windows regardless of the height of the windowsill to see a small sample. Beam plate column bars through the reinforcement map to see the size of steel bars, quantity, length, and then converted into weight
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows what tricky
Do not listen to the manufacturers blind flicker, this is good, that good, everything to add money, in fact, no difference, I was doing this line, and sometimes see the price of others reported too outrageous
Q:What is the unit of the window?
General works on the number of windows per unit Terminology: Tang, fan
Q:Artificial stone windowsill plate with a good glue, or cement sticky good, with that effect good?
Generally by the installation of stone windows are cemented with cement. Because the sill is exposed when the rough wipe the cement surface with glue bonding leveling difficult, both trouble and cost money. Cement bonding is also very easy to use, and can better adapt to external environmental factors.
Q:How to do windowsill waterproof
Form waterproofing method: (1) clean up the window frame around, looking for leakage cracks, analysis of leakage reasons; (2) for the existence of holes within the wall of the site, according to the specific circumstances to consider the chemical grouting or filling other flexible waterproof material; (3) clean up the gap surface, the surface should not have oil, dust and other isolates; (4) embedded in the window frame around the gap filled with elastic sealing material; (5) test water test waterproof effect.

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