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Greetings from Bansal Group…..!


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as among the largest manufacturers of Wires in India, having large production capacity of more than 0.18 Million MT per annum. We have seven manufacturing units situated in and around Delhi, capital of India and got diversified into various products mix.


At present, our product range consists of:


1.        Aluminium Alloy Wire 

2.        High & Low Carbon Steel Wires

3.        Cable Armouring Wires & Formed Wires

4.        Galvanized Steel Core Wire for ACSR Conductors

5.        Electro & Hot Dip Galvanized Wires

6.        Stainless Steel Wires & Bars

7.        Profile / Shaped Wires etc.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:For Fine /Thin size : SPOOLS : DIN 125 , DIN 160, DIN 200 ,DIN 250  or any Spool as per customer requirement .   For Thicker size :  Coils on carriers , Loose coils , wooden pallets .  Any customized packing as per customer requirement or as per international standard.

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Q:EVGA 8800gs Power Cable Confusion?
You can plug the standard 6 pin from your PSU the way it is and play a game and if the pc freezes or shuts off during game play then you know wehre the problem is. Do not worry about the exact specifics it wants. If you put the two 4 pin molex connections in so you can use one 6 pin then that might be more reliable as far as power flow but only do that after you try the standard 6 pin because of your limit on availible 4 pin molexs
Q:Is there any difference between power and ground cable for sub. Amplifier? ?
yes you could use the power cable for the ground because the power cable and ground cable are the same material, as long as both the same guage size is good to connect. For the ground should be as short as possible to the chassis of the car. ground cable just as important as power to get the circuit DC power circulation.
Q:TVRS Glasgow question ?
All TV repair people have all the power cables they could need. BUT... if they think that your fault could simply be a fault in your cable, then they may take it with them, though they would be more likely to try swapping it on your premises before removing the set.
Q:Can the power lines in your house interfere with a LAN cable if placed together?
If you are using UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) cable, then electrical interference will interfere with the cable. To avoid this, you should use STP (shielded twisted pair) cable.
Q:what happens when A power cable of copper is stretched straight between two fixed towers.?
Change in length=(coefficient of expansion)(original length)(change T)= (.0017)(chose your favoret length, I chose 100)( -128 because T is decreeing)=-21.76 Strain = (change in length)/(original length)= 21.76/100= .2176Pa (for simplicity's sake I dropped the negative, rember the wire is in tension) Stress = (youngs modulus)(strain)= (11•10^10)(.2176)= 2.3936•10^10 Pa The UTS (2.4•10^8)<(2.39•10^10) so there is definitely necking and because of the difference most likely there was failure long ago.
Q:What to do if a power cable fell in my driveway?
Leave 911 for emergency calls. You should call the power company. Do not approach the cable, and if it is in water, do not step into it !
Q:Where to buy a 12V 4.0A DC power cable?
Q:What power cable do i need for this?
web page is not available
Q:Help Running Power, Phone, Network, and Cable Line to my Shed!?
Run the conduit all the way to the house, put the LV cables in it, Run the power in a separate metal conduit. If you do not wish to do it this way, dig a second ditch at least 3 feet deep and at least 4 feet away to separate the cable types. If they are close to each other, the power will induce a signal on the LV cables that will be a nuisance at least. If they must be close, have them cross at right angles.
Q:My pc don´t start, power cable and all other cables are connected correctly. Any body help me and guide me?
If you are not getting any power, then the power supply is shot. You need to replace the power supply unit. If there is power then check the video card and the monitor. If that is fine then your motherboard could be dead.

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