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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:What is the oil in the cylinder in the pneumatic original?
Pneumatic components, oil mist is the use of flowing compressed air and lubricating oil mixture, spray into a fog like gas into the cylinder, air motor, air valve and other pneumatic components
Q:What are the components of a cylinder in a pneumatic system?
The act or function of performing pneumatic system designs.
Q:What are the three conjoined fingers in pneumatic components?
1, filter, used to filter the air2. The pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the air pressure
Q:What is the working principle of the five position valve of pneumatic components?
Five position valve is usually a combination control valve, such as five position six way valve, control two actuators, such as pneumatic motor or cylinder. When the handle is in the 1 and 2 positions, an actuating mechanism is operated, and the other executing mechanism is operated at the 3 and the 4 positions. When the handle is loosened, the spring automatically turns the handle back to the middle stop position so as to realize the self-locking requirement.
Q:What are the special advantages of the pneumatic device of a vibrating screen?
4 、 high reliability and long service life. Electrical components of the effective action of about a million times, while the general electromagnetic valve life of more than 30 million times, and some good quality valve more than 200 million times.
Q:How do pneumatic components sell well?
Brothers, customers slowly run, in professional terms is to sweep the street
Q:Which is good between pneumatic tools and power tools?
The utility model relates to an electric tool, which is a hand-held or movable mechanical tool, which is driven by an electric motor or an electromagnet, and is driven by a transmission mechanism to operate the working head. Electric tool has the characteristics of portability, simple operation, multiple functions, can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, realize the mechanization of manual operation, which is widely used in building, housing decoration, automobile, machinery, electric power, bridges, gardening and other fields, and poured into the family.The utility model has the advantages of light structure, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, convenient control and operation, convenient carrying and use, firmness and durability. Compared with hand tools, the utility model can increase labor productivity by several to several times; the utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and easy control.
Q:Graphical symbols for pneumatic componentsThis is a manual valve on the Oh!
The median functions -1, 2, 3 and 4 are closed and are not communicated with each other;The bit function -1 through 2,4 through 3 (marked on the 3 pass 4 is obvious error)The actual professional mark is to use P, T, A, B, instead of the top 1, 3, 4, 2.
Q:Pneumatic components of SMC pneumatic components
An element of a pneumatic element that does work by the pressure of the gas or by the force of its expansion is the component of the elastic energy of the compressed air that is converted to kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, pneumatic motors, steam engines, etc.. Pneumatic component is a kind of power transmission method. It is also an energy conversion device and uses gas pressure to transfer energy. 1. The layout of pneumatic equipment is simple and convenient, and the equipment protection is simple. Medium for air, compared to the hydraulic medium is not easy to burn, so the use of safety.2, the operating medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust disposal is simple, without polluting the environment and low cost.3, the output power and operation speed adjustment is very simple. The speed of the cylinder is usually less than 1M/S, faster than the hydraulic and electrical methods of action.4, high reliability, long using life expectancy. The number of useful measures of electrical components is about a million times, and usually the solenoid valve life is greater than 30 million times, some good quality valves beyond 200 million times.
Q:How to use the pneumatic components to control the automatic reciprocating movement of the cylinder?
A crank motor connecting rod slider mechanism is driven by a pneumatic motor (a rotating cylinder). Or with a two-way pilot air control valve to design a loop to control the cylinder cycle. The two position five way two-way control valve and the cylinder block are connected into a whole, and the double headed cylinder rod is fixed and fixed, and the trigger positions of both sides of the valve are adjusted, and after the ventilation, the cylinder drives the reversing valve to move back and forth.

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