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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:What's the function of the oil sprayer in the pneumatic component?
For example, solenoid valve, cylinder to provide oil mist play a role in lubrication.
Q:What are the pneumatic components used in the industry?
The garbage door opening and closing, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic picks and so on, too much.
Q:Pneumatic components can be divided into several categories?
Use the attached elements together auxiliary element and a driving element, such as vacuum components, such as connectors, hose, muffler, speed controller, check valve, pressure gauge, manifold.
Q:Air compressor pneumatic three element
The air compressor is to provide power source, pneumatic system is the core equipment of electromechanical drainage main source device, it is the prime mover (usually motor) devices that convert mechanical energy into pressure energy, is the pressure of compressed air generator.
Q:What is the working principle of the five position valve of pneumatic components?
The working principle of pneumatic holding valve:When the air source signal enters the air chamber B, the force acting on the comparing member 2 is compared with the force of the spring 1. In normal condition, the thrust of the diaphragm comparing component 2 is greater than the given spring force. At this time, the flat plate valve 3 is lifted, the nozzle 4 is opened, and the channel is in a normal working state.
Q:A brief description of pneumatic three element and its function
The pneumatic three element is composed of a water separator, an air filter, a pressure regulating valve and an oil sprayer.The function of the utility model is that a water filter is used for filtering water, impurities, particles, etc. in compressed air
Q:How does the ACE call pneumatic components?
Relay contacts or auxiliary contacts must be directly connected to the circuit to function, of course, by the number and location of the restrictions.
Q:The difference between pneumatic components ASC-10 and KLA-10
The appearance is entirely different. The front square block is provided with an adjusting screw. The latter is like a small coffin
Q:Graphical symbols for pneumatic componentsThis is a manual valve on the Oh!
This valve works as follows:Manually switch the three control bits, and then switch the valve to locate the valve by the circlip inside the valve bodyLeft function, -1 through 4,2, 3 (marked on the 3 pass 2 is obvious error);
Q:Development of pneumatic components,The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the development of pneumatic industry
The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the sign of pneumatic industry development. The application of pneumatic components mainly includes two aspects: maintenance and matching. In the past, the sales of domestic pneumatic components were used for maintenance, and in recent years, the sales share directly as the main supporting parts increased year by year. The use of domestic pneumatic components, from tens of thousands of dollars worth of metallurgical equipment to only 1~2 hundred yuan chair. Railway switches, locomotive wheel rail lubrication, train brake, street cleaning, hoisting equipment in special workshops, military command vehicles, etc., have been specially developed domestic pneumatic components. This shows that pneumatic technology has penetrated into all walks of life and is expanding.Although China's pneumatic industry has reached a certain scale and technical level, but compared with the international advanced level, the gap is great. China's output value of pneumatic products accounted for only 1.3% of the world's total output value, only the United States 1/21, Japan's 1/15, Germany's 1/8. This is out of proportion with the big country of about 1000000000 people. From a variety point of view, a Japanese company has 6500 varieties, China has only its 1/5. Product performance and quality level gap is also great.The pneumatic technology is increasingly applied in the automatic assembly of various industries and automatic processing of small, special items of equipment, the original traditional pneumatic components is increasing, and continue to develop new products to meet market demand, the variety of pneumatic components is increasing, the trend of its development are mainly in the following aspects:

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