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free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air .oil and water seperator .

                      best solution for automation . strict quality and cost control system !

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000
feature :1.simple assemble,instructure simple ,use to all kinds of automatic equipment .
              2.sugest oil : VG32
     attention to the temperation range and pressure range .
advantage: oil cap to ensure the oil will not come out .
            adjust pressure cap   ( when pressure high will not come out)
                     3. bigger flow rate and less noise .
production ability : 1. one month 10000pcs
                                    2. 150 workers
                                   3 .advanced machine ,professional technician team  
                                   4. date :normally 15-20days .

best solution for automation most professional manufacture for pneumatic !

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Q:Pneumatic components, characters, symbolsMuffler, throttle valve, cylinder, pneumatic valve, etc.
Cylinder: single acting cylinder / single acting cylinder, spring reset / double acting cylinder / multiposition cylinder / mechanical coupling type rodless cylinder, without terminal buffer / magnetic coupling type rodless cylinder / mechanical coupling type rodless cylinder, with terminal buffer / double end double cylinder double piston rod / piston rod cylinder
Q:How much is the dynamic pressure gas picks
Pneumatic instrument lathe is changed from manual pneumatic, the size of each plate and a cylinder with PLC or relay to control the on-off of the electromagnetic valve, and solenoid valve control cylinder work instead of manual operation, accessories to sell pneumatic components are, as for the effect depends on what you want to do is what kind of a workpiece.
Q:Pneumatic oil filter oil in what
If the filter is followed by a pressure reducing valve, and then there are 1 transparent cups, that is called oil mist. Oil mist using compressed air to oil mist lubricating oil cup (pot) from mixed in, sent to the pneumatic pipeline system for pneumatic components for lubrication. It's time to refuel here.
Q:Introduction of SMC pneumatic components
SMC pneumatic components over 11000 basic series, more than 610000 different specifications,
Q:What are the classifications of cylinders in pneumatic components?
Classification of according to the structure characteristics of the cylinder1. piston cylinder. Including: ordinary single acting cylinder, double acting cylinder, double piston rod cylinder, cylinder, cylinder, differential number of tandem cylinder, an impact cylinder, Rodless cylinder, piston cylinder, magnetic stepping cylinder, supercharging cylinder, gas-liquid pressurized cylinder, oil damping cylinder, gear rack cylinder, cylinder, cylinder special cable.2. film type cylinder. It includes single acting film cylinder and double acting film cylinder.3. swing cylinder (or vane). There is a single leaf oscillating cylinder and two blade oscillating cylinder.
Q:It is a standard pneumatic drive element. What functions does it have on the cylinder?
I. cylinder wear failureThe cold start was pounding percussion sound, temperature, noise reduced or disappeared.Cylinder depression.Sometimes the exhaust pipe exhaust smoke, add oil at the mouth of blue smoke.
Q:What are the main parameters of pneumatic components?
The parameters of each pneumatic component are different. Let me tell you something.1, filter: interface, flow2, solenoid valve: voltage, bit through3, the cylinder bore and stroke.Pneumatic components are basically the 3 blocks, the above are the main requirements, of course, there is one of the most basic requirements, that is, size
Q:Development of pneumatic components,The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the development of pneumatic industry
The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the sign of pneumatic industry development. The application of pneumatic components mainly includes two aspects: maintenance and matching. In the past, the sales of domestic pneumatic components were used for maintenance, and in recent years, the sales share directly as the main supporting parts increased year by year. The use of domestic pneumatic components, from tens of thousands of dollars worth of metallurgical equipment to only 1~2 hundred yuan chair. Railway switches, locomotive wheel rail lubrication, train brake, street cleaning, hoisting equipment in special workshops, military command vehicles, etc., have been specially developed domestic pneumatic components. This shows that pneumatic technology has penetrated into all walks of life and is expanding.Although China's pneumatic industry has reached a certain scale and technical level, but compared with the international advanced level, the gap is great. China's output value of pneumatic products accounted for only 1.3% of the world's total output value, only the United States 1/21, Japan's 1/15, Germany's 1/8. This is out of proportion with the big country of about 1000000000 people. From a variety point of view, a Japanese company has 6500 varieties, China has only its 1/5. Product performance and quality level gap is also great.The pneumatic technology is increasingly applied in the automatic assembly of various industries and automatic processing of small, special items of equipment, the original traditional pneumatic components is increasing, and continue to develop new products to meet market demand, the variety of pneumatic components is increasing, the trend of its development are mainly in the following aspects:
Q:What does pneumatic component mean?
Commonly used are cylinders, solenoid valves, pressure regulating valves, pneumatic motors, filters, couplings, oil and water separators, and so on, each component contains a very wide range of categories
Q:How to use the pneumatic components to control the automatic reciprocating movement of the cylinder?
Usually through the circuit board /PLC control solenoid valve channel switch to achieve reciprocating movement of the cylinder, or with stroke switch to control; if you want to achieve reciprocating movement,

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