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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:What are the specific parts of pneumatic components?
Pressure sensors, flow sensors, solenoid valves, pressure regulating valves, relief valves, check valves, etc.. The classification methods are different and the names are not the same.
Q:What is pneumatic element, what is the function?
A component that works by force of pressure or expansion of a gas
Q:What is the difference between the pneumatic directional control valve and the hydraulic directional control valve?
Similarities and differences:(I) the energy used is differentPneumatic components and devices can use the air compressor station centralized gas supply method, according to the use requirements and control points to adjust the working pressure of each reducing valve. The hydraulic valve is provided with a return line to facilitate the collection of the hydraulic oil used by the tank. The pneumatic control valve can direct the compressed air to the atmosphere through the exhaust port.
Q:What are the main parameters of pneumatic components?
There are many kinds of pneumatic components. In general, they can be divided into auxiliary components, control elements and actuating elements:Auxiliary components: filters, pressure reducing valves, oil mist, etc., the main parameters are the pipe diameter, flow size, filtering accuracyControl components: mainly electromagnetic valve, the main parameters are voltage, nozzle diameter, bit through function, installation method, flow, single coil or double coil, etc.Pneumatic actuator: the main parameters is the cylinder stroke, installation, installation size, positive reaction, etc.Basic parameters on these, special occasions special treatment
Q:Pneumatic components, three bit, five - way, can you explain?
This refers to: solenoid valve function.Three: solenoid valve spool has three working position (A coil energized 1 positions, B coil energized 1 positions.
Q:I've never touched this piece of pneumatic components. How do I get started?
1, first find the book entry materials gas technology at recommended SMC practical modern pneumatic technology is a book, more user-friendly and comprehensive, clear main pneumatic components, such as filter, solenoid valve, cylinder, understand the use, shape, broadly divided into categories, do not need to look at theory and calculation.2, check the object, in the dealer or factory to see what pneumatic components, focusing on the use of the original, and gradually form the concept of pneumatic systems.
Q:How to open the pneumatic component store?
The light assembly is not enough, but also know its working principle, if you have time to go to the assembly shop of pneumatic machine practice, various pieces of mastery is impossible, as long as the common thing to do that on the line, almost a year
Q:How to use the pneumatic components to control the automatic reciprocating movement of the cylinder?
Usually through the circuit board /PLC control solenoid valve channel switch to achieve reciprocating movement of the cylinder, or with stroke switch to control; if you want to achieve reciprocating movement,
Q:What grease should be used in the pneumatic three element?
The oil mist pump is a lubrication element for the solenoid valve that is connected to the cylinder and needs to be filled with lubricating oil,
Q:What are pneumatic components?Pneumatic components include:
Pneumatic components include: air treatment system components, pneumatic components (such as cylinder, pneumatic motor), pneumatic control components (such as pressure control valve, directional control valve, flow control valve, pneumatic logic element, pneumatic sensor), pneumatic auxiliary components (such as filter, oil mist for pipes, pipe joints, pipe etc.).

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