air source treatment percolator leachair filter,pressure regulator,pneumatic BFC-4000 1“

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free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air .oil and water seperator .


                      best solution for automation . strict quality and cost control system !

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

feature :1.simple assemble,instructure simple ,use to all kinds of automatic equipment .
              2.sugest oil : VG32
     attention to the temperation range and pressure range .
advantage: oil cap to ensure the oil will not come out .
            adjust pressure cap   ( when pressure high will not come out)
                     3. bigger flow rate and less noise .
production ability : 1. one month 10000pcs
                                    2. 150 workers
                                   3 .advanced machine ,professional technician team  
                                   4. date :normally 15-20days .

best solution for automation most professional manufacture for pneumatic !

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Q:Will the gas in the gas path corrode the pneumatic components after passing through the oil sprayer?
The oil in the fog is usually added with turbine No. 1, which is a special oil for pneumatic system.
Q:What are the requirements of the pneumatic system for compressed air?
It is important to note that..:Can not directly use the air compressor of the compressed air, compressed to contain a certain amount of moisture in the air, oil and dust, compressed air temperature as high as 140 to 170 degrees Celsius, water and oil gas can become.You must use the compressed air purification: general machinery and general pneumatic loop filter precision <40 m; logic components, components, gas jet motor filter precision <10 m; food, medicine, electronics, air bearings and other precision <5 m filter.
Q:What are the three conjoined fingers in pneumatic components?
1, filter, used to filter the air2. The pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the air pressure
Q:It is a standard pneumatic drive element. What functions does it have on the cylinder?
(2) the cause of cylinder wearUnder normal conditions, the wear of the cylinder along the working surface in the piston ring moving region is an irregular cone with an upper, lower and lower height. The location of the maximum wear is the piston stop position on the wall, the first piston ring corresponding to the. The upper piston ring and the cylinder wall does not contact the almost no wear formed obvious cylinder shoulder.
Q:What are the special advantages of the pneumatic device of a vibrating screen?
5, the use of compressed air, storage energy, to achieve centralized gas supply. It can release energy in short time to obtain high speed response in intermittent motion. Buffer can be realized. Strong adaptability to impact load and over load. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device has the ability of self preservation.6 、 all pneumatic control, with fire prevention, explosion proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with hydraulic method, pneumatic mode can be used in high temperature situation. 7, because the air flow loss is small, compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transmission.
Q:How much is the dynamic pressure gas picks
Pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic instrument, air pressure in the 0.5Mpa~0.63Mpa (ie: 5~6.3kg/cm2) range is appropriate
Q:Which is good between pneumatic tools and power tools?
The use of pneumatic tools:1., the air is easy to obtain, and the work pressure is low, the used air can be discharged locally, without the need to recover the pipeline2. gas viscosity is small, flow resistance loss is small, easy to central gas supply and long-distance transportation3. pneumatic actuator, high movement speed
Q:The difference between pneumatic components ASC-10 and KLA-10
The appearance is entirely different. The front square block is provided with an adjusting screw. The latter is like a small coffin
Q:Graphical symbols for pneumatic componentsThis is a manual valve on the Oh!
The median functions -1, 2, 3 and 4 are closed and are not communicated with each other;The bit function -1 through 2,4 through 3 (marked on the 3 pass 4 is obvious error)The actual professional mark is to use P, T, A, B, instead of the top 1, 3, 4, 2.
Q:Pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic instrument work, air pressure in what range is appropriate?
Pneumatic instrument lathe is changed from manual pneumatic, the size of each plate and a cylinder with PLC or relay to control the on-off of the electromagnetic valve, and solenoid valve control cylinder work instead of manual operation, accessories to sell pneumatic components are, as for the effect depends on what you want to do is what kind of a workpiece.

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