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free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air .oil and water seperator .


                      best solution for automation . strict quality and cost control system !

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

feature :1.simple assemble,instructure simple ,use to all kinds of automatic equipment .
              2.sugest oil : VG32
     attention to the temperation range and pressure range .
advantage: oil cap to ensure the oil will not come out .
            adjust pressure cap   ( when pressure high will not come out)
                     3. bigger flow rate and less noise .
production ability : 1. one month 10000pcs
                                    2. 150 workers
                                   3 .advanced machine ,professional technician team  
                                   4. date :normally 15-20days .

best solution for automation most professional manufacture for pneumatic !

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Q:Why is there any white thing on the outer thread of the pneumatic element PC?
It is a raw material belt used to seal and prevent leakage.
Q:How much is the dynamic pressure gas picks
Most of the work pressure on the use of pneumatic equipment in the industry is about 0.55Mpa. (i.e.: 5.5kg/cm2 or so).
Q:Why does the pneumatic element contain no copper and does not contain polytetrafluoroethylene?
So, most of them are using aluminum alloy more; as for PTFE, not very understanding, is afraid of the pneumatic seal interference, more than, please refer to;
Q:Pneumatic oil filter oil in what
Pneumatic filter (also known as oil-water separator), the role is to filter out from the compressed air source of water, oil, gas, dust impurities, so that air purification of pneumatic components. Transparent cup on the device (you can refer to, is not) inside the gas, impurities is filtered by the temporary storage. There are too many filters that need to be removed.
Q:What is the difference between the pneumatic directional control valve and the hydraulic directional control valve?
(five) the use of different characteristics;General pneumatic valve than hydraulic valve structure compact, light weight, easy to integrated installation, valve work frequency, long service life. Pneumatic valve is in the direction of low power and miniaturization. Low power solenoid valve with 0.5W power has appeared. With computer and PLC programmable controller connected directly, can also be installed on a printed circuit board with electronic devices connected through standard gas electric circuit board, save a lot of wiring, suitable for pneumatic manufacturing assembly line of industrial manipulator, complex etc..2 pneumatic control valve refers to the pneumatic system to control the flow of air pressure, flow and flow direction, and to ensure that pneumatic actuators or institutions work properly all kinds of pneumatic components. Pneumatic control valve structure can be broken down into the valve body (including the valve seat and valve hole, etc.) and valve heart two parts, according to the relative location of the two, there are normally closed and normally open two. Valve from the structure can be divided into: cut-off type, slide column and slide valve type three valves.
Q:Air compressor pneumatic three element
Compression method:1) isothermal compression: a method of compressing a gas when it is compressed to maintain constant temperature.2) adiabatic compression: an adiabatic method that neither heats nor takes heat away from the outside.3) the compression of the multilateral curve (the actual compression method): it is a method of compressing a part of the heat produced by the heat exchange, which is different from that of the isothermal and adiabatic compression.
Q:What hydraulic and pneumatic components are used in the printing machinery industry now?
Regular hydraulic and pneumatic components will be used! Pump, reversing valve, regulating valve
Q:Pneumatic three jaw chuck control principle, pneumatic components how to control the chuck?
The 3 claws move synchronously to the center, clamping the target workpiece, and when the electromagnetic valve is powered off, the 3 claws will be released simultaneously and reset. In order to solve the gas claw used in rotating occasions, you can use the "rotary joint", is 2 in 2 out of that, one end of the rotary joint is connected with the gas claw, the other end is connected with the fixed end, that can achieve the rotation function of gas claw.
Q:Which three pneumatic components are three?
Finally, the oil mist is used to transfer the air containing the oil to the actuating element and to lubricate the actuating element.
Q:What are the advantages of pneumatic components?
5, the use of compressed air, storage energy, to achieve centralized gas supply. It can release energy in short time to obtain high speed response in intermittent motion. Buffer can be realized. Strong adaptability to impact load and over load. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device has the ability of self preservation.6 、 all pneumatic control, with fire prevention, explosion proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with hydraulic method, pneumatic mode can be used in high temperature situation. 7, because the air flow loss is small, compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transmission.

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