adjustable choke valve

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API 6A Choke valve

     Choke valves are available in flanged ends threaded ends; both feature standard bore sizes from 1-3/16” thru 3-1/16”, in working pressures of 2,000 psi through 2,0000psi.

1.specifications of choke valve


Adjustable Choke Valve



1.Wear-resistance, scourresistance

2.Reliable performance

3.The needle stucture is easy for the controlling and adjusting the flow.

End Connection



2 1/16”- 4 1/16”


K. L .P. R .S. T. U. V








2000-20000 PSI


Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless


Choke Head

Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless


Stainless Steel+QBQ

Choke Threaded


Stainless Steel


Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel+HF

Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel+QBQ


Oil, Chemical industry,etc.



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Q:24 valve V-6 vs. 12 valve V-6?
The 24 valve is a dual cam engine and has more power than the 12 valve engine. The 12 valve engine is a very reliable engine and is by far the most common engine in the Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable line. The 24 valve engine is the Duratec engine, I believe, and would be considered the 'performance' model. As far as fuel efficiency goes you probably wouldn't notice a big difference on the highway.
Q:Natural Gas Vs Propane Valve?
the reason for the difference in orifice size is pressure, not btu! propane is highly pressurized and uses a smaller jet. they use the same burners, so change the jets,, it is usually easy unless you have one of those that require a special tool,,
Q:Changed water inlet valve, now no hot water.?
I suspect the leaking valve that was replaced was your washer's solenoid valve. Did you remember to turn the hot water supply valve on after you finished? That is the valve, next to the cold water supply valve, on/at the wall behind the washer. There are rubber hoses coming from those valves to the solenoid valves on your washer. If you forgot to turn it back on after replacing the leaking valve you'll get no water. If you turn off both the hot and cold supply valves on the wall you should be able to remove the rubber hoses right where they connect to the machine and check the water flow by directing them into a bucket or pan while you open the supply vales. If you have good pressure and flow make sure there is no debris clogging the screen, just inside there the hose connects to your machine. These can get blocked where the water won't pass or runs very slow. Sometimes it pays to check the simplest causes first. Good Luck. SS.
Q:What are these valves on top of my compressor?
The valves are probably one way check valves and the line is called the discharge line. The valves could also be un-loader valves that release the head pressure when the compressor shuts off. For parts just google your compressor brand and model for parts dealers.
Q:Where can I buy a trigger valve?
Q:what is a triple angle valve job?
It will seal off better when valves close, but unless your going to increase compresion ratio with different pistons it really will not do that much good.
Q:Where is the mixer valve on a '94 Dodge Caravan with a 3.0 V6 engine?
if it is a fuel injected vehicle and i'm pretty sure it is. It is a computer controled system you have to take it in to get adjusted.
Q:Name the arteries and valves?
Main arteries: Aorta (oxygenated blood from heart to body), Pulmonary Artery (DEoxygenated blood from heart to lungs). Main Valves: Tricuspid valve (separated right atrium and ventricle to ensure correct flow of blood), Bicuspid Valve( separates left atrium and ventricle), Aortic Valve( ensures blood flow from left ventricle into aorta). hey sorry only saw ur question today:P hope it helps!
Q:how can multi valve prolapse affect me? (13 year old female)?
Do you mean Mitral valve prolapse? The mitral valve helps blood on the left side of the heart flow in one direction. It closes to keep blood from moving backwards when the heart beats (contracts). Mitral valve prolapse is the term used when the valve does not close properly. It can be caused by many different things. Most people have no symptoms, but some people have chest pain, a rapid pulse, awareness of heartbeats, migraine headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. In a small number of cases, the prolapse can cause blood to leak backwards. This is called mitral regurgitation. Mitral valves that are structurally abnormal can raise the risk for bacterial infection. Some forms of mitral valve prolapse seem to be passed down through families (inherited). Mitral valve prolapse has been associated with other genetic disorders.
Q:I plan on buy a BLOWOFF VALVE and woundering where does the BLOWOFF VALVE goes in my car?
A blowoff valve is used in high-powered turbocharged engines. It allows for compressed intake air to be vented out to the atmosphere to reduce turbo lag that occurs due to excessive pressure buildup. It's not necessary for factory turbocharged engines, but if you have designed your own system you may want to add one. If you are unfamiliar with how turbocharging works - other than it makes your car go vrooom - then I highly suggest you take the car to a speed shop and have them analyse the car to determine whether you even need a BOV.

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