72.5~550KV GIS Current Transformer

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Product Description:

Product model: 72.5 ~ 550 kvgis using current transformer
Product features: the product is 72.5 ~ 550 kv metal as a 

current transformer in a closed combination electric appliance 

components.I company of current transformer winding executive standard:
GB1208-1997 "current transformer" (China standard)
Mutual - 1:2003 "Current transformers (the international 

electrotechnical commission standard)
British Standard BS 3938-3938 in X (British Standard)
IEC44-6-1992 Requirement for protective cruuent transformers
For transient performance (the international electrotechnical commission standard)
GB16847-1997 "protective current transformer transient 

characteristic technical requirements" (China standard)
ANSI/IEEE C57.13 transformer technical requirements (American standard)
Technical parameters:
Rated primary current: 100 ~ 100

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Q:Do you have a degree in electrical engineering?
I am currently studying to be an electrical engineer. It takes on average 5 years to get a Bachelor's degree. However some schools offer yu the chance to also obtain your masters in 5 years (requires alot of extra work). Electrical engineers have a wide gambit of job options. Often they involve jobs with heavy analytical problem solving, you also will be very fluent in mathematics as you will probably be required to maintain an astute understanding of calculus and physics. My father was is/was and electrical engineer who fixed medical equipment at hospitals, a field engineer. You may also be hired for you ability to solve problems rather than technical skills. It all depends what ou want to do though. My major electrical engineering with a robotics focus, so there are alot of jobs for electrical engineers.
Q:What are the usual electrical equipment used in plants?
motors transformers switchgear motor control centers large breakers molded case circuit breakers disconnect switches load carrying cables signal and control wiring relays terminations etc.
Q:Can you be electrocuted in mid air when you touch a live wire only?
No. Your comment about a complete circuit is correct. Under the conditions you state you will not be electrocuted. One exception would be if the line frequency and voltage was high and you had substantial capacitance to ground you might be electrocuted.
Q:Vehicle issues when idling in traffic.?
if u have the ac on or other electrical equipment it will effect ur idle speed mainly when the ac cuts in adjust the idle speed slightly this is normal for it to do this when the electrical system is under load but u don't wont it to cut out so by adjusting the idle should compensate for this all so check ur plugs and leads replace if necessary
Q:Van or Truck for DJ business?
Van. Better security and if you get caught in the rain, better protection of the electrical equipment.
Q:What is the job outlook for Electrical Engineers?
I agree with Bimmer, if you decide to stay in school, go for the MS in EE But MS can be quite different from BS. more pure math. and mainly RD, papers , thesis if you like sort of work go for it. Otherwise, go find a job There is a lot of job that are not advertisedespecially in EE.
Q:Does electrical engineer involve with cs?
Q:what is the average salary for an entry level electrical engineer?
The range is typically in between $45,000 and $60,000. The salary depends on the industry and location you are applying at. Government vs Private or Public companies also make a big difference in salaries and benefits offered. I think it is safest to ask for $55,000.
Q:hi i live in Dubai- UAE and i am going to move to springfield virginia very soon?
You shouldn't ship them, better to sell them and buy new ones, in the US they use 110, not like Dubai and some appliances like the fridge will not function well since its manufactured for Dubai were its hot and humid, as for your lap top no harm taking it, you can get an adapter for it.
Q:Electrical question ?
Bathroom receptacles should be on a seperate 20 amp circuit to permit devices like hair dryers. Same rules as a kitchen counter by a sink.

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