3 Core RVV Copper Domestic Electric Cable and Wire

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Flat electric wire cable 
2 core + earth wire 
Conductor: pure copper 
Low price



Applicationelectric wire

The electrical wire flat cable is suitable for power installation fixed wiring or flexible connection for electrical appliances with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V respectively.

We can supply this electrical wire flat cable according to different recognized standards, such as BS, IEC, ASTM, DIN, AS/NZS, and customers' special specification also can be satisfied.

Technical data

BVCopper Core PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable
BLVAluminum Core PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVRCopper Core PVC insulation flexible house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVVCopper Core PVC insulation PVC sheath round house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVVBCopper Core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat house wring electrical wire flat cable
BLVVBAluminum Core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat house wring electrical wire flat cable
BV-90Copper Core heat-resistance 105°C PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable

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Q:What is the difference between ZR-RVV and ZR-KVV cables?
YZ is a medium-sized rubber sheathed flexible cable for a variety of mobile appliances and tools, voltage level 300 / 500V; YZ rubber flexible cable models are: 0.75mm1mm1.5mm2.5mm4mm6mm core number: 2 core 3 core 4 core 5 core 3 +1 core 3 + 2 core 7 * 1.5mm8 * 1.5mm10 * 1.5mmYC is a heavy rubber flexible cable for a variety of mobile electrical equipment, can withstand greater mechanical external force, the voltage level of 450 / 750V, in the conductor In the case of equal cross sections, YC is larger than the thickness of the YZ sheath. YC rubber flexible cable models are: 10mm15mm25mm35mm50mm70mm95mm120mm150mm185mm240mm core number: 2 core 3 core 4 core 5 core 3 +1 core 3 +2 core
Q:75 square meters of cable diameter is the number (GB)
75 square meters of cable diameter should be about 5mm. Cable (electriccable; powercable): usually consists of several or several groups of wires. Safety requirements: When the cables cross each other, the high voltage cable should be under the low voltage cable. If one of the cables is in the range of 1 m before and after the cross-pipe protection or partitioning, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25 m. When the cable is close to or intersecting the heat pipe, the minimum distance between parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.25m, respectively. When the cable is crossed with the railway or road, the pipe should be protected from the rail or the road 2m. The distance between the cable and the foundation of the building shall be such that the cable is buried outside the building; the cable shall be pipe-protected and the protective pipe shall be outside the building. Directly buried in the ground between the cable and the grounding of the grounding device should be separated between 0.25 ~ 0.5m; buried directly in the underground cable buried depth, generally should not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried in the frozen soil layer.
Q:380V power cable and 220V control cable (control motor start and stop) can be placed in a bridge?
The former can, the latter can not use! Coaxial cable transmission is the RF signal, video signals and audio signals can not be directly connected together, otherwise the front of the TV can not watch!
Q:UL certification of the switching power supply can increase it
There is a relationship, the aging of the wire will increase the resistance, so the voltage loss in the wire becomes larger, so the voltage will be reduced. Cable aging reasons: external damage. In recent years, the operation of the analysis point of view, especially in the rapid economic development of Haipu East, and now a considerable number of cable failures are due to mechanical damage caused. For example: cable laying installation is not standardized construction, likely to cause mechanical damage; in the buried cable to engage in civil construction is also very easy to run the cable damage. L sometimes if the damage is not serious, to a few months or even years will lead to complete breakdown of the damaged parts of the formation of failure, and sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit failure, a direct impact on electricity and electricity units of safe production. Insulation damp: This is also very common, generally occurs in the direct or barrel of the cable connector. For example: the cable connector production failure and in the wet weather conditions do joints, will make the joints into the water or mixed with water vapor, a long time r in the electric field under the action of the formation of water branches, and gradually damage the cable insulation strength caused by failure. Chemical corrosion. Cables are buried directly in the area of ​​acid and alkali, often lead to cable armor, lead skin or outer sheath is corroded, protective layer due to long-term chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in protective layer failure, insulation reduction, Cable failure. The corrosion of the unit is quite serious.
Q:TC line and SC line tube What is the difference
The rated voltage of the power cable is generally 06 / 1kV and above, the control cable is mainly 450 / 750V The same specifications of the power cable and control cable in the production, the power cable insulation and sheath thickness than the control cable thick First, the control cable belongs to the electrical equipment cable, and the power cable is the cable five categories in the two The standard for the control cable is the standard of the power cable is the color of the insulated wire core of the GB control cable is generally black and white, and the low voltage of the power cable is generally separated Control cable cross-section is generally not more than 10 square feet, the power cable is mainly the transmission of electricity, are generally large cross-section As mentioned above, the specifications of the power cable in general can be larger, as large as 500 square feet (conventional manufacturers can produce the range), and then a large cross-section can do the manufacturers to be relatively less, and control the cable cross-section in general Smaller, maximum no more than 10 square feet From the cable core number, the power cable according to the power grid requirements, up to the general 5 core, and control cable transmission control signal, the core number is more, according to the standard more than 61 core, but also can be produced according to user requirements The
Q:1007 wire and 1015 wire What is the difference
after the line to finish, then just put the module up, forced to beat, so that it is close to the patch panel
Q:How to fix the spacing of the fixed pitch of the plastic trunking
Mobile EVD and set-top boxes are the same as the output device, is connected to the TV
Q:Will my TV light be on, but the screen does not show up. Will the general is that there is a problem? The
The general line is green and yellow flower line red or blue or black and white with the line This situation can not be determined to observe the line number of the thickness of the general socket fine for the ground if you want to be a single case can only look at the wiring
Q:What is the patch panel and cable management, in the integrated wiring in what role
If only two lines and is a single-phase power is so red and green if the three-phase four-line yellow-green red fire. Blue or black or two-color line connected to a simple point from the color to distinguish between bright and bright for the fire line bleak for the zero line
Q:What is the difference between the main patch panel and the middle patch panel?
Home improvement are generally used BV copper wire, rarely used multi-stranded.

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