3 Core RVV Copper Domestic Electric Cable and Wire

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Flat electric wire cable 
2 core + earth wire 
Conductor: pure copper 
Low price



Applicationelectric wire

The electrical wire flat cable is suitable for power installation fixed wiring or flexible connection for electrical appliances with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V respectively.

We can supply this electrical wire flat cable according to different recognized standards, such as BS, IEC, ASTM, DIN, AS/NZS, and customers' special specification also can be satisfied.

Technical data

BVCopper Core PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable
BLVAluminum Core PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVRCopper Core PVC insulation flexible house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVVCopper Core PVC insulation PVC sheath round house wring electrical wire flat cable
BVVBCopper Core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat house wring electrical wire flat cable
BLVVBAluminum Core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat house wring electrical wire flat cable
BV-90Copper Core heat-resistance 105°C PVC insulation house wring electrical wire flat cable

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