2014 Newest Best Design Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Hands Free Function

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Packaging Details:bluetooth speaker: opp bag
Delivery Detail:1-3 working day



2014 good quality bluetooth speaker

 Mic and Volume Control 

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2014 Newest Best Design Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Hands Free Function



*Support Bluetooth and MIC function; *Support TF card reader; *Support play MP3 format music from MP3/Mobile/Computer/Iphone etc. *With super bass sound quality; *Bluetooth distance about 10M; *With built-in rechargeable battery; *Bluetooth 4.0+EDR; *Signal and noise ratio:≥75dB *output power: 3W*1 *product size: 10.8*3.6*5.4CM



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Q:changing my plasma speakers?
Speakers with higher power ratings (more than 7 Watts) will work fine, but try to stick with 4 ohm impedance for the new speakers.
Q:The Ways of Speakers?
Component speakers. the brands are nearly endless. It's more of a question of how much $$ you want to spend. Focal, mb quart, diamond, jl, cdt
Q:Compiling Speakers and Receiver from Thrift Stores?
Pretty much any standard 4 to 8 ohm speaker will work with any home theater receiver. It is a good idea to test the speakers there at the store if you can. Maybe bring along a short piece of speaker wire already stripped for testing each speaker and each speaker output on the receiver. Blown speakers will not work at all or they may just sound raspy. Don't worry about the watts too much. As long as it is a name brand speaker, it will work fine as long as you are not blasting the receiver at full volume.
Q:I have big speakers and I need help?
Pioneer and Onkyo are the top brand for receivers. You will also need an ipod dock. Stand alone power amplifier are mainly left to the higher end of the audio are are very expensive. Most consumers go with receivers as the main source. You can look for a stereo receiver or one that can support 5.1 to 7.1 audio for the home theater. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Should I upgrade to type r speakers?
stick with your kicker speakers - if anything then upgrade the ones you already have with a better set within the Kicker brand.
Q:In a surround sound system, what does satellite speaker mean?
Satellite okorder
Q:What exactly are watts in speakers for?
A watt is how power is expressed when working. It does not equal loudness, but there are some basic formula's that will help you with this expression. A speaker will gain 3 db's when a watt is doubled. 85 db's at 1 watt, 88 db's at 2 watts, 91db's at 4 watts, ect If two speaker are different db's at 1 watt, #1 is 85 and #2 is 94 db's, it will take 9 db for speaker #1 to match speaker # 2. *** speaker #1 85db at 1 watt 88db at 2 91db at 4 94db at 8 97db at 16 ***speaker # 2 94 db at 1 watt 97 db at 2 100 db at 4 103 db at 8 To answer your original question, the watt of power that a speaker will hold is what power the driver will take before the voice coil is overheated and might fail or damage the speaker.
Q:what means ohm in speakers?
Well, I've never heard of 6 ohm speakers, so I'll stick to the traditional speakers of 16ohm, 8ohm, and 4 ohm. Ohm is the the speaker's resistance to power. The lower the ohm, the more power it will let through. This isn't exact, but a rule of thumb is half the ohms double the power. That has more to do with the amp. The speaker doesn't change what ohms it is. The amp will change it's output to match the ohms. So in real terms, an amp that runs 50 watts at 8 ohms will be 100 watts at 4 ohms. Some amps are specifically made to run at a certain ohm rating, so watch out for that. Try to replace the speakers with as close to the original ones as possible.
Q:How do you demagnetize stereo speakers?
99.999% of all speakers made since about 1930 use a permanent magnet as part of the mechanism. if you demagnetize, it will no longer speak!! Some speakers intended for use near old-fashioned CRTs may have some shielding added to prevent interaction with the electron beam. If you still need to demagnetize, about the only method is to heat the metal above the Currie point. However this will destroy the rest of the speaker components as well.
Q:Componet speakers and 2 way speakers?
A very popular setup is Component Front and Coax Rear. Reason is Cost Efficiency. In a car, 70% of the sound quality comes from the front speakers, 30% from the rear. So 70% of your budget should be spent there. If you have $300 and you purchased $150 speaker on the front and $150 for the back. And your getting 70% of the sound from the front, you have lost sound quality potential. But if you get a $220 Speaker for the front, something real nice, and some ok speakers in the rear. Thats a better use of you money. If I had a car with a $200 speaker in the rear, another car with $150 speaker rear, and a third car with a $75 speaker in the rear, all 3 cars would sound similar (as far as the rear goes) So spend as much money in the front speakers as you dare. Like $200 Pioneer 720 C series, or Boston Accoustics S60 $220, or a Boston Accoustics SL60 (really nice set). Your polk audio is ok, but most installers laugh to themselves a little when they see polks. They aren't bad, but there are a lot of better choices, like at least Infiniti's The best component I have heard in the 200 $ range is the Pioneer 720 C series. It has a lot of surface area on the mid and a fantastic silk dome tweeter. At our shop, our best selling tweeter is a 500$ 720D series component. That thing rocks but the C series is 80% of the sound at the $200 price range.

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