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Hey guysWhen I put in my power cable, I can turn on my laptop, but as soon as I take it off, it shuts off. Why isn't it charging it ?Thanks alot in advance
This happend to me, and it I was wondering what happend. Turn over your laptop and make sure your battery is put it in correctly. My battery was slightly comming out. My friend noticed and put it back in correctly and now it works fine. Also update your battery driver. Worst case scenario, your battery is fried and you need a new one.
What does the cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16 mean?
Copper core flame retardant XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, three core, 6 square
Police are hunting for a badly scorched would-be copper thief after finding a hacksaw embedded in an 11,000 volt power cable. The thief also left a lit blow torch at the scene. He is presumed to be badly charred, and not the brightest bulb in the socket. .
The higher they are up, the Higher the voltage. Of course, high voltage power will usually have individual bare aluminum conductors on porcelain or plastic insulators. Lower voltage (120/240 in North Amercia) is either three or four conductors on a set individual insulators, or two or three insulated wires wrapped around an aluminum wire (steel cored actually). The 4th wire, if there, is for street lights. Telephone is a think cable, with junction boxes evert few homes, which the customer lines come off of. Cable lines are a round coax, which connect to its pole equipment with threaded connections, usually with hex fittings, and splitter/taps which customer lines conenct to. Cable lines also have power injector boxes every often. They supply the power for amplifiers. If the wires are overhead to a home, you can usually tell by what they connect to. Electricity is obvious, the individual conductors from the lateral connect to the individual conductors on the drop, which lead to the meter. Telephone and cable both usually go to similar boxes on the house, but cable continues with one or more of similar coax, while telephone goes in with a JKT, Cat 3, or 5 cable, often grey.
Cable 3 (4 × 185 + 1 × 95) What does it mean?
According to Article 22.7.1 of the Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings JGJ16-. the transmission lines and the electronic information system transmission lines shall be laid separately and shall be shielded when they are close to the laying of them in parallel by the construction conditions. High-voltage cable under normal circumstances is not allowed and weak cable with the ditch laying. If the relevant control cable does need to be with the high-voltage cable ditch, should be laid on both sides of the laying and keep the distance, but also pay attention to control cable shielding measures.
I got a PNY geforce 9800 gt 1gb graphics card from bestbuy and once I got it I noticed it didnt come with a power supply cable which most of the 9800s require. Anyone know why it didnt come with the power supply cable.
There are two versions of the 9800 GT card - a 600 MHz version that needs the 6-pin power cord, and a slightly slower 550 MHz version that doesn't (i.e. the 550 MHz version uses < 75W that the PCI Express slot can provide without external power).
Need the cable you plug into your outlet and it's plugged into the back of your power supply on your computer. My computer is for gaming and is very modern so I need one that wont melt and can handle everything. Anyone know of anywebsites that I can order a high quality one from?
If you have a problem with your power cords melting, then the problem isn't the cord, it's your electrical wiring!
PVC Power cable : Polyvinyl coated power cable. this kind of cable can be used in domestic appliance, machines and outdoors, it's quite durable.