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Siddiqsons Tinplate Limited Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Siddiqsons Tinplate Limited supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Siddiqsons Tinplate Limited firm in China.

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What are the types of traffic barrier and the size and requirements of each classification?
Some city and often because of economic conditions, the cement fence, guardrail tube, but due to the lack of detailed design, appearance is very poor, the role of guardrail is poor, but also affect the city environment; some city one-sided emphasis on decoration, while ignoring the inherent barrier functions: such as some "safe" city of stainless steel guardrail, but did not pay attention to the optical design of guardrail, stainless steel guardrail brought to light pollution caused by glare, impact safety; some non-standard guardrail design, guardrail is too high, the influence of city landscape
How much is one meter for the road barrier?
3, steel mesh anti glare isolation barrier is a new type of isolation fence, white steel screen inserted in the middle of the border, looks more clean and novel.Road central isolation barrier price: generally according to height difference 60-120 yuan per meter.
I crashed into the guardrail on Saturday, and I drove off. After second days I went to the accident spot and found no escape
1., knowing that a traffic accident, traffic accident, the parties driving or abandoned vehicles escape from the scene of the accident;2. the traffic accident party considers that he is not responsible for the accident and drives away from the scene of the accident;The 3. traffic accidents with drunk driving without a license and other suspects, after the report does not fulfill the obligations at the disposal site, abandoned the vehicle to leave the scene of the accident and then returned to the;4., although the injured party traffic accident to the hospital, but did not report and leave the hospital without cause;
Is the grade B wave beam guardrail only installed at the corner?
Installation of round column. According to the "rules" of traffic safety facilities of highway JTG/T specified in the D81-2006 set in the soil B in grade two wave beam guardrail post embedded depth should be less than 125cm; set in the soil base class A, Am grade two wave beam guardrail post embedded depth should be less than 140cm; set in stonework, underground a pipeline section concrete foundation in the guardrail, post embedded depth shall not be less than 40cm. But in the actual construction, the shoulder and the central zone of the lower the complexity of the situation, such as gravel (such as large area construction, etc.) often appear in the soil column hit deep enough, in some places the 1/3 sections of the column do not go to fight for as cast high cost construction method, construction teams often use night cutting method reduce the column depth for illegal operation,. After cutting the column installed guardrail, it can not reach the collision requirements, and can not guarantee the driving safety of the highway. Owners, supervisors and contractors should resolutely put an end to this phenomenon. Found a strict together, without leaving future trouble. As long as the owner, the supervisor and the contractor pay more attention to the construction site, the problem is easy to solve.
On the original double yellow line installed guardrail, logo is a double yellow line at the junction of the left, in the corner? Please state the laws and regulations
A double yellow line is not to turn and turn ah, never mind with no railing.
Twenty-seven this month, 19:58 in the pine Fen North Bridge, a license plate number for the Su *-*9641 minivan suddenly he crashed into a roadside fence, passers-by were hit startle, the car down a man on a drive the beauty in his back open stroll up, the car did not seem affected by major injuries, second days work hair, the poor fence also stubbornly stick to their posts. In which cable!
(six) violating the provisions on traffic control pass by force, dissuasion; (seven) intentionally damaging, moving or altering traffic facilities, harmful consequences, does not constitute a crime; (eight) illegal interception, detain a motor vehicle, dissuasion, thus causing serious traffic jam or heavy losses of property. If the actor has one of the second or fourth items mentioned in the preceding paragraph, he may also suspend his motor vehicle driving license; if he has one of the first, third or fifth to eighth items, he may also be detained for not more than fifteen days. But the one who will not detain is a penalty! (you belong to the seventh item.)
What is a traffic barrier between pedestrian and roadway effect
It's elementary school, isn't it? Ha-haSince it is located between the road and pedestrian traffic guardrail roadway will certainly will be slightly separated with pedestrian vehicle, is the safety facilities of pedestrian protection!
I hit the guardrail by car and didn't report insurance, did I?
Why do you buy insurance?. 1, specifically to see what you buy insurance, there is no driving liability, if it is not deductible, the general insurance is to pay in full; 2, traffic accidents are generally not penalized; 3, the facts are clear, now the insurance company claims procedures is very convenient, the amount is not large and complete formalities generally you can get the money directly.