zydl ykz Linear circular vibrating screen

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Linear circular vibrating screen product Introduction

  YK series of vibrating screen circular motion, is a multi-layer, high efficiency and new vibrating screen, designed for quarry screening material design, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electrical and chemical sectors for product classification . This series circular vibrating screen has the vibrancy Qi head, flat head; the vibrancy Qi head, flat head four categories specifications; wherein the vibration exciter and eccentric style cassette; motor connection mode gimbal Couplings and Tire Couplings.

zydl ykz Linear circular vibrating screen

Structure principle:

  The screen machine mainly by the sieve box, screen frame, screen, vibration motor, motor table, damping spring, bracket and other components.

  The linear vibrating screen is driven by a double vibration motor. When the two vibrating motors are synchronized, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block is canceled in the direction parallel to the motor axis, and is perpendicular to the motor axis. A force, so the screen of the trajectory of a straight line. The two motor shaft axis relative to the screen there is an angle in the exciting force and the material from the force of gravity under the action of the material in the screen surface was tossing forward leap forward for linear motion, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials.

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Q:What measures are taken against the vibrating screen to avoid resonance?
The curve is projected on the horizontal surface into a circle, and the projection on the vertical surface is an ellipse. Adjusting the exciting force of the upper and lower rotating weights can change the amplitude. While adjusting the spatial phase angle of the upper and lower heavy weights, the curve shape of the screen surface movement track can be changed, and the movement track of the material on the screen surface can be changed.
Q:Environmental protection type sesame vibrating sieve
Three dimensional rotary vibration sieve can also be widely used in food, chemical, metallurgy, powder, waste water, waste oil, paper, activated carbon and other industries
Q:Vibrating screen is 3 meters long, 80 cm wide, rubber particle sieve, sieve with rubber particles less than 300 kg, with the vibration motor much? How many?
Note that, according to the design principle of mechanical vibration must be made, no production experience to make the effect is not ideal, such as screening is not clean, feeding the poor, the screen body crack, suggest direct procurement of professional manufacturers, very cheap. You can ask me in more detail.
Q:Is the shaft of the round vibrating screen a straight axis or an eccentric shaft?
Normally, the eccentric axis of a circular vibrating screen.
Q:How about paint vibrating screen?
Each kind of machine has its own characteristic and the good work domain, the vibration sieve is precisely such.
Q:I have a vibration screen, with NJ428EM bearings, bearings can not be used for a week, the shelf is broken. Change a few sets, this is the case, what is the reason?
Such bearings allow the inner ring axis and outer ring axis angle error is very small, only 2 '-4'. Therefore, the machining accuracy of shafts and bearing housings is relatively high. Otherwise, it is easy to appear uneven contact and stress concentration in raceway contact parts.
Q:How does a feed vibrating screen work?
Feed screening, it is necessary to choose a linear vibrating screen and the like,The effect of the linear vibrating screen in removing impurities is better, and it can be used safely
Q:How can eccentric wheels be justified only if a vibrating screen with one eccentric wheel is installed?
The eccentric wheel frame is often crack, you may consider a symmetrical arrangement of two, the total mass is half of the original quality, also should consider the change often split components of materials, should be soft and not easy to crack the material, the round to crack place.
Q:What is the meaning of the model number of the vibrating screen?
Vibration screen does not belong to the national standard machine, so there is no specific model, in general, each vibration sieve manufacturers have their own models
Q:What is the working principle of a linear vibrating screen? What industries are you using?
The material is thrown and jumped on the screen surface to move forward in a straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and grading the materials. It can be used in assembly line to automate homework. The utility model has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, complete blocking structure and no dust overflow. Maximum 325 mesh screen mesh can sieve 7 kinds of materials of different particle size.

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