YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Product Description:

Features and Benefits:

1, Innovative structure, large handle capacity, high-efficient screening

2, Tube style eccentric shaft exciter and amplitude adjustment are adopted to facilate the maintenance

3, Spring steel woven screen or perforated screen plate are adopted to lengthen service life and not easy to plug hole

4, Rubber isolation spring is adopted to lengthen service life, lower noise and stablize resonance region

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

Working principle

This series round vibrating screen gradually formed on the basis of specific situation in building material industry and feedback form clients. Vibration exciter has vibration cassette and eccentric block, the connection mode has cardan shaft and coupling and tire coupling. There must be one suit you best. Contact us if you have such requirement.

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

    Light vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Heavy vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Note: the parameter is subject to change without notice, the actual data in kind prevail.

    YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Q:What is the difference between exciter and vibrating motor?
In industrial production, often need a variety of raw materials (such as ore, coal, stone, etc.) and primary products (such as cement, salt, monosodium glutamate) by the particle size of materials is divided into several classes, or to remove the moisture and impurities, for the next step of the process and improve the quality of the products, the it is necessary to use screening machine.
Q:How does the mine vibration sieve do not do?
This requires a specific look at the characteristics of your material, the screen is not net, may be too large sieve, or may be length is not enough
Q:Which is better, a linear vibrating screen or a round vibrating screen?
The working principle of linear vibrating screen: linear vibrating screen, dual motor drive, when two motor synchronization, reverse rotation, vibration force generated by the eccentric block offset in parallel to the motor axis direction in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft for a stacked together, so the trajectory of the screening machine straight. The two motor shaft relative screen surface has a dip in the excitation force and gravity force under the action of the material, the material to be thrown up on the screen, leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve on the materials selection and classification purposes. Can be used to realize the automated assembly line in operation.
Q:Can the discharge hole of the linear vibrating screen be adjusted at will?
Hello, straight line vibration screen outlet can be customized according to customer requirements, but can not be adjusted after the good
Q:What's the difference between YK series round vibrating screen and YKR series round vibrating screen?
In the USK type vibration of the German company KHD screen localization based on YKR series circular vibrating screen, summing up our years of research, design, production and use of machine experience, combined with China's national conditions and the development of new series of vibration sieve, is a product of domestic innovation, USK type vibration, alternative USK type vibrating screen and other existing series machine, it is applied to coal, electricity, mining, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.
Q:1.5 meters X5 meters vibrating screen with large vibration motor
This involves many aspects, such as small models, multi-layer screen frame with high-power motors, such as large models, small production, with the corresponding small power motors
Q:What are the causes of the left and right of the vibrating screen?
The vibration sieve appears the left and right movement, one is to check the vibration motor synchronization (speed, eccentric block position is the same); two is the two vibration motor symmetry line and whether the screen frame symmetrical line coincide.
Q:What is the working principle of high frequency vibrating screen?
High frequency vibrating screen adopts double electrode self synchronization technology, universal block eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibrator.
Q:What should be paid attention to when using automatic vibrating screen machine?.
Feeding uniform maintenance necessary automatic vibrating screen, if the one-time excessive feeding material is not normal in motion on the surface of the screen will become abnormal, it will make the screen becomes loose, the material processing capacity will decline badly; but also make the motor load suddenly increased, resulting in substantial damage to the motor. If the feed is too small, far from the processing capacity of the vibrating screen, not only waste of equipment resources, production is also greatly reduced.
Q:What is the difference between an ultrasonic vibrating screen and an ordinary vibrating screen?
The difference between screening materials: ordinary three yuan rotary vibrating screen can screen a variety of powder materials, and the sieve is divided into good effect. But in screening some, such as silicon carbide, Zong Gangyu, white corundum, cobalt powder, etc. in principle, it can be screened, but in the processing capacity and screening accuracy, it has not met the requirements. The ultrasonic vibration sieve exactly meets this requirement. Due to the installation of the ultrasonic transducer can be 220V or 110V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz power into high frequency 18 Hz, and then enter the ultrasonic transducer, the high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration, the ultrafine powder material by ultrasonic acceleration strong, solving friction, produced in the process of screening drop, wedge such phenomena, improve screening accuracy and the processing quantity at the same time, since the net cleaning efficiency is significantly improved;

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