XLPE Power Cable,Copper XLPE Flexible Power Cable,Low Voltage xlpe Power Cable

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International:  IEC60502

China: GB/T12706.1-2002




CCC, IQNet and more others at request



Model Number




Copper/ Aluminum Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable

For laying indoors and outdoors. Able to bear certain traction during installation, but not external mechanical forces. Laying single core cable in magnetic ducts is not allowed.


Copper/ Aluminum Conductor, Steel Tape Armored, PVC Sheathed Power Cable

Suitable for burying in ground, Able to bear external mechanical forces but large pulling forces.


Copper/ Aluminum Conductor, Steel Tape Armored, PE Sheathed Power Cable


Copper/ Aluminum Conductor, XLPE Insulated, Fine Steel Wire Armored, PVC Sheathed Power Cable

Apply to shafts, water and soil, able to bear the larger positive pressure




sectional area








3,aluminum alloy




1,Copper wire braided

2,copper tape

3,copper wire  winfed


alloy wire braided



1,steel tape armoured

2,steel wire armoured

3,aluminum tape armoured

4,aluminium wire armoured






XLPE Power Cable,Copper XLPE Flexible Power Cable,Low Voltage xlpe Power Cable






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Q:record player power cable help
You need to get a power cable. If you do some research online maybe you can find the manufacturer of the turntable. It may be a common type cord or maybe not. If you e-mail me maybe I can help more.
Q:My amp is burning the power cables no matter what guage wire i use.?
Look for a short circuit in the input power circuitry.
Q:Have a question about compatible replacement power cable for Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, HELP please! 10A vs 3.6A will it ruin computer?
no it will be fine, the maximum power needed as you state is 240W the replacement power cable is 125V 10A=1.25Kw so the power cable is grossly overated HTH David
Q:My HP Pavilion DV6700 is eating Power Cables.?
Get it repaired. There might be a short circuit inside the socket. It will ruin your computer if you dont act now. You will lose your laptop or spend more if the laptop itsel gets damaged.
Q:Power Cable for Super Nintendo.?
Try okorder.com but I am in Canada.. they surely have something like that close to you, and they are free..good luck!
Q:Playstation 3 power cable/AC cable question?
the ps3 does take that standard 3 prong cable.
Q:My xbox power cable box led light is turning red?
I can't answer your question coz I've got the same problem too! can somebody please answer his question?
Q:Need help finding a firewall/hole to run power cable for the amp?
The Tercel will have a couple of un-used holes that are covered with black solid rubber grommets. You can poke a hole through one with a pen or screw driver and just push the wire through. You should find these holes one the left and right symmetrically, and they will be near half way down, but closer to the top than bottom. If you can't see them, maybe you can feel for them.
Q:Emergency power off after the computer can not open the machine, an open is a lot of words appear seconds limit, you can
X treasure has to sell SATA power extension line, 10 yuan or so.
Q:Installing lighting in my car by connecting a power inverter to the cables going into my subwoofer amp?
You okorder.com/... Your power inverter, I am not sure what kind of cabling it will require for it to be powered properly as well. Ground is usually connected to Black. And +12v is usually Red.

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