WPC SOS Certification Board Outdoor Decking

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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1> What is WPC?

WPC, simply for wood plastic composite.

Wood Plastic Composite is made from a unique combination of plant fiber and recycled plastic

according to high-tech formula.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and

insect damage, and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives you a natural feel.

It has characteristics of high strength and rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistant

and without formaldehyde, it is a real green environment protection building material.

2> What’s WPC used for?

WPC can be used for military equipment, urban utilities and landscaping, architecture,

gymnasiums, outdoor decking, fencing, pallets, indoor and outdoor decoration.



3> Why choose WPC decking?

*Natural colour
*Slip resistant
*Resistance to water, rot and crack
*Guaranteed to last
*Low maintenance
*Beautiful and broad range of finish

4> What are the main kinds of WPC currently?

*WPC decking board
*DIY decking board
*WPC wall panel (wall cladding)
*Garden fence (railing)
*WPC outdoor furniture (gazebo, pavilion, outdoor desk&chair, dustbin, pet house…)

5> Ingredients of WPC?

30% HDPE+60% bamboo/wood fiber+10% Chemical additives.

6> How’s WPC made?

WPC SOS Certification Board Outdoor Decking

7> Specification of WPC?

A. Weatherability
suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance

B. Test Data

Testing Item Technical RequirementsValue of Test
Water Content % ≤2  0.4

Rockwell Hardness (HRR)


Thickness Swelling after

Water Absorption (%)

≤1 0.2

Screw Holding
Capability (N)

Surface of board ≥13003870

End of board ≥12003460

Static Bending


Bending Elastic




Hammer falling impact in low

temperature, broken (pcs)


State after Heating

No babbles, cracks and pockmarks


Rate of Size Change with Heating (%)


Report Number: 201107126
Type of sample: 90x25x820mm, Solid

C. Surface treatment

WPC SOS Certification Board Outdoor Decking

D. Main colors available:

landscape use wpc CMAX H150H25C

charcoal-black; classic-white; rinforest-canopy;sand-castle; stepping-stone; tree-house; vintage-lantern .

E. How to install

WPC SOS Certification Board Outdoor Decking

Company Information


8> About CNBM and It’s WPC products

China National Building Material Corporation (CNBM), long history since 1984 is one of the top
fortune 500 corporation and central enterprise with total assets of more than $20 billion and
120,000 staff.

Our unique advantages:

* Preferential payment terms
* Good and reasonable price
* Quality guarantee -- CNBM won't let a single small deal ruin our reputation and brand, so quality is

our lifetime.
* Professional team for CRM order processing & QA & logistics
*Global logistic database, originated from Dubai

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Q:laying laminate flooring?
Yes, exactly
Q:basement flooring?
If it's concrete, then it should be a grey color. Buy a brick colored paint. Pour paint into a tray. Use a large rectangular sponge and dip just the base of the sponge into the brick paint. Dab the sponge on newspaper to remove excess and then use the sponge to stamp rectangles on the floor in a pattern that would appear like bricks. When dry, paint floor with a non yellowing lacquer.
Q:How do you clean floating floors?
Sweep floating floors regularly with a broom or dust mop to maintain dust and dirt accumulated through every day traffic. You may also use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to get dust out of corners. Spot clean with a mild cleanser and a damp cloth in the event of spills or other stubborn dirt. Do not use an abrasive scrubber when cleaning dirt and debris from the floor, as this may damage the surface. Never flood the floor with water if you need to mop up a spill, as this will cause permanent damage to the floor. Clean up any puddles of water immediately with a dry cloth or sponge. Clean stubborn nail polish, paint or crusted food stains with a cloth doused in a small amount of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Gently wipe at the debris until it comes clean. Do not scrub. Don't panic if wax gets spilled on your floating floor. Wait for the wax to dry and cool, then scrape it away gently with a plastic scraper. After scraping, use a sponge and mild cleanser to wipe the area clean. Use a piece of ice to harden chewing gum and then scrape it off with a plastic scraping tool the same way you would scrape away wax. Follow up by gently wiping the area with a damp sponge and mild cleanser. Check manufacturer instructions before you clean your floor, as most manufacturers provide their own cleaning tips and instructions to help maintain the longevity of your floor. In some cases, manufacturers will provide their own brand of cleaner.
Q:Explain how oceanic-floor rocks and sediments are evidence with sea-floor spreading.?
Sea floor spreading. In the 1960s, geologist Harry Hess proposed that the sea floor was moving outward from the midoceanic ridges. His theory of sea floor spreading maintained that new basaltic oceanic crust forms at a midoceanic ridge and is slowly pushed away on both sides toward the continents as more new crust is produced. (Measurements indicate that new crust moves away from a ridge at rates from 2 to 10 cm/year.) A midoceanic ridge is called a spreading axis or spreading center. Subduction is the process by which the oceanic crust is pushed against, and finally underneath, continental or oceanic crust. Subduction zones are often marked by overlying chains of volcanic islands called island arcs. Geologists believe sea floor spreading results from convection in the mantle and lower crust that brings hotter, less dense, and more plastic material up toward the surface; the colder, more dense rock and sediment, such as subducted crustal material, sinks toward the mantle (Figure 1 ). These convective forces tear the ocean crust apart at the midoceanic ridge, forming a rift valley marked by high-angle faults, basaltic lavas, and high heat flows. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is one of the best studied midoceanic ridges. It separates North America from Europe. Its 10,000-foot-tall mountain peaks lie about a mile below the surface of the ocean.
Q:How do light wood flooring come with a baseboard?
And the same as the floor and the door can be the same ah.
Q:Decorative white wall with what color floor tiles
A decoration contractor and I share the next Experience, I organize a comprehensive order out, you can see, can help you a lot of home decoration, including the decoration of various parts and materials to buy and
Q:Is dancing done better on more slippery floors or floors with more traction?
You want to get a marley floor for ballet. The traction helps you better control the moves and not slip in your pointe shoes (which can be very dangerous). Dance floors are legally required to give some. That just means they aren't rock solid like concrete. They absorb shock, which makes injury less likely. Marley floor is a covering you put over the dance floor and tape it down. Marley helps you keep better control. Normal wooden dance floors work too. You'll just need to use rosin more often.
Q:Vinegar and water floor solution?
Floor cleaners ARE poisonous to dogs, IF THEY DRINK THEM. Use a solution made for floors. Vinegar is only an acid. It has NO soap, detergent, surfactants, etc.
Q:Museum of the floor is not false
To see where you buy, buy what the floor, the floor I ridicule cans prostitutes Intuit Magic Guiwei Wei Xiang was not heard, it is recommended to buy well-known brand floor, at least the quality and aftermarket than some miscellaneous brand is better many.
Q:Repair parquet floor?
Parquet floors are easily damaged by exposure to moisture. There is a point where you can't fix them, they have to be replaced. Ask again with pics of the floor for a better answer.

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