Working Safety glasses with nose bridge pad with good quality

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China main port
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10000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Safety Glasses  

Good quality working Safety glasses with nose bridge pad

Model No.: FT2631B

Available customized logo imprint

Available customized packaging

Available for gardening, forestry, laboratory, street works, constructions, electric power, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mine and metallurgy etc.



Product Name 

Good quality working safety glasses with nose bridge pad

Model No.








Good quality, Nose bridge pad

Available Lens Coating 

Anti-Scratch (hard coating)

Anti-Fog (Anti-Mist)

Available color


Clear/ Smoke/Yellow

Blue/ Red/ Green/ Mirror Coating


Black/ Smoke

Nose bridge pad color: Smoke


27 g

Mechanical Strength

F ( 45 m/s)

Optical Class

Optical class 1


1pc/ polybag; 12pcs/ inner box; 300pcs/ master carton

Production Capacity

500,000pcs/ month


1.CE EN166 F

2.ANSI Z87.1

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