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  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 9.4 x 4.4 cm

  • Item Weight: 662 g

  • Shipping Weight: 662 g

Texas Instruments ti wireless charger smart chip program
Made in China made in china
Environmental protection certification mark
Input voltage 5v2a output 5v1a low standby power
standby power consumption of less than 1.50kwh in one year, l
charging complete then automatically switch to standby
Pc + ab material mixed material design piano paint technology
Only 0.73cm thin
Suitable for any qi Standard Charger

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Q:left phone charger plugged in!?
No worries. I leave my charger plugged in all the time and it doesn't do anything unless I plug the phone into. If the phone finishes charging, it simply stop drawing electricity from the charger. The only way these things are going to overheat is if you put it in an oven or set it on fire.
Q:difference between regular battery charger and deep cycle charger.?
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Q:Can I use this charger?
Here is an excerpt from a laptop charger website: The following three condition should be met for you to use this charger safely. You can contact us here if you need further assistance. 1) Output Voltage is within +/- 5% of your old charger's output. For example, if your old charger provides 19.5V, then you can use a charger that provides 20.5V or 18.5V. 2) Output Current is the same or higher than that of your old charger. For example, if your original adapter provides 3.42 Amps, then you can use a charger that provides 3.42 Amps, 3.9 Amps or higher. 3) Connector tip must fit securely into your laptop. So if it applies, then yes :)
Q:Compaq and a HP laptop - charger question.?
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Q:Nikon battery charger *digipower*?
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Q:My computer charger makes the monitor blink?
Hi, try to insert a bootable disk IE: repair disk or running procedure disk, and notice if it boots up thoroughly, if nonetheless a black display with not anything on it after the dell bar so much potentially bios hassle or motherboard hassle and could desire a fix store, if the disc boots then hardware is potentailly excellent, restart via both conserving down the energy button or CTRL+ALT+DEL, then after it boots again up simply after the loading bar preserve urgent the F8 key and optimistically youll get the choice to enter trustworthy mode, if You dont see trustworthy mode both harddisk hassle or primary corruption of your running procedure, optimistically this is helping
Q:Patriots vs chargers whos gonna win?
Chargers, all day dawg i got ur back, yeah!! PATS WHO? right? yeah! I predict a LIGHTNING STORM in San Diego Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
Q:Laptop Charger Port is Messing Up!?
do you have the correct charger maybe buy 1 from your laptop provider dont buy a cheap 1 because they are just made for any laptop i.e if your laptop is a dell buy a dell laptop charger wire not a universal 1 universal wires can have faults new or old buy a propper charger see if that works contact me my name is julian jayjay5396@hotmail.co.uk good luck
Q:laptop charger gets really hot?
A power adapter is just that. when you are using it as a power lead and it is working it will generate heat, nothing un usual about that. The amount of heat is the problem (I can sometimes use mine as a heat pad for my back).are the 2 adapters rated the same (old v new) the battery is charge is controlled from a Board inside the laptop. I bet if you take the Battery out of the laptop and use it it will still generate heat. if its to much then a bad quality adapters is being used, just like the cheap christmas tree light that people buy that catch fire and burn the tree.
Q:Charging Galaxy S4 with iphone charger?
You can't do it. Samsung's charger is wider than the iPhone charger. I once tried to use the Samsung charger to my iPhone and my charger port broke.

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