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  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 9.4 x 4.4 cm

  • Item Weight: 662 g

  • Shipping Weight: 662 g

Texas Instruments ti wireless charger smart chip program
Made in China made in china
Environmental protection certification mark
Input voltage 5v2a output 5v1a low standby power
standby power consumption of less than 1.50kwh in one year, l
charging complete then automatically switch to standby
Pc + ab material mixed material design piano paint technology
Only 0.73cm thin
Suitable for any qi Standard Charger

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Q:my mac laptop charger wont work?
Mac Laptop Charger
Q:Who will win Eagles/Chargers game?
Eagles got this. Did you see them own the Redskins? Michael Vick is back!
Q:rechargeable batteries; using chargers with different mAH RATING?
There is not a simple answer to your question. It really depends on the charger design and the type of battery. I am assuming you are actually talking about cells. Although we all call cells batteries, a battery actually consists of two or more cells connected together in series to produce a higher voltage. Generally speaking however you can do either (especially with modern day chargers). If you use a lower capacity charger to charge a higher capacity battery, it will simply take longer time to fully charge the battery. If you use a higher capacity charger to charge a lower capacity battery, the circuitry inside the charger should limit the output current to a safe level. A higher capacity charger will not be able to charge a lower capacity battery any quicker however. If a battery has more charge current applied than it is designed for, it will overheat, damaging the battery, and possibly explode! That isn't an exaggeration, I have seen it happen a few times and in fact I've done it myself while playing around. I at least kept a safe distance away, unlike a co-worker who nearly lost a thumb about 25 years ago. The above is just for informational purposes only, based on my knowledge and experience of 35 years working in the electronics industry, and not to be considered as anything other than general guidelines. To give any more specific help, I would need to have a bit more information. You are welcome to blast me an e-mail with more information and I will do my best to be of assistance. Hope this helped a bit. Good Luck!
Q:Can I charge a battery with a charger that has a higher voltage?
you need to be very careful with that check what amperes the charger is giving out and what the laptop can handle it should say on the bottom usually on a sticker. if the amps are to high you could damage the system 5v in voltage terms isn't a big jump but i would recommend finding the correct charger just to make sure.
Q:Laptop want charge is it the motherboard or charger?
i know why! its because its a DELL haha there cheap. i would never buy from them only because they are cheap and you know. you should always do it right the first time. Anyways its not the motherboard. because that has nothing to do with it charging since the motherboard doesnt give power to the opponents. the battery does. so it maybe your battery the brick is supposed to get hot. But not to the point where you cant squeeze it in your hand test it take the brick and squeeze it when you think its at its hottest point. if you cant bear the pain.then thats a bad sign that its too hot and you need to return it back to dell or where ever you bought it
Q:load sharing two battery chargers?
Off the top of my head, I'd say you can't do that. At least, maybe using two identical 12V chargers in the same mode in series to get 24V but it sounds like a bad idea. Load sharing I believe is intended for chargers in parallel, and requires an interconnect cable and support for load sharing in the design. If you have two batteries in series, you should be able to charge them independently using two possibly different models of charger, as long as the charger outputs are allowed to float and are not tied to ground.
Q:Cordless Weed wacker charger question?
I would check your manual or find one online, and find the part # for the charger and see how much it would cost from the manufacturer or their parts distributor. Watt Amp * Volt, To convert mA to Amp you divide by 1000. So The orignal charger has a charge rate of 9.5/12.8 AMPs Your different charger has a charge rate of .5 AMPs In theory it would work fine, just charge 38% slower. However I always say better safe than sorry, and would just order the right charger. Because I don't if the charger has auto-stop, if it trickle charges, if it peak-charges, etc There are other variables, but in theory the charger you have would work. Just account for the extra charging time, due to the lower amp output.
Q:camera charger?
I avoid using rechargable batteries in my cameras. They don't last long between charges, especially with flash or zoom lense usage. You can buy a battery charger combo for between $20 and $40US, although you get what you pay for. I prefer to use Lithium(Energizer or Duracell) batteries,but I don't care for the Kodak Lithiums. Lithiums will last 4x longer than conventional alkalines, and won't give you the headache/heartbreak of rechargables when they run out in the middle of the action.
Q:Why did LT leave the chargers?
As another answer said, LT was forced to leave the Chargers. From what I saw, LT wanted to retire a Charger, and I think he should have been given the opportunity to retire there. He has given that franchise so much over the time that he spent there, and obviously the organization felt that he wasn't the same player he was 5-6 years ago. So they decided not to renew his contract. It was the organization's decision to part ways with LT, and not his. So when an organization makes it clear that they don't believe in you as a player, then of course you have no option but to leave. LT was indeed a great player, and he is one of the classiest in the NFL. But the Chargers felt he wasn't going to be much better than he was at the time. Also note, there were a few controversies surrounding LT in regards to whether or not he was physically and mentally tough enough. I remember just before he left SD, he was questioned about whether or not he was truthfully injured in one of the playoff games. He was seen on the sidelines working out on an exercise bike, when many felt he could have continued to play in the game. So there were multiple reasons as to why the Chargers wanted to part ways, but the majority of it was his decline in effectiveness.
Q:Question about USB chargers?
Most lithium batteries can take more than most chargers can output so it just means the smaller the output the slower it will charge.

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