Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-600-15

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New 2.4GHz Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-600-15 LCD Screen Type: 3.2Inch TFT-LCD MonitorEffective Pixels: 320*240General Transmission Frequency: 2400MHZ-2480MHZChannels Available: 4Receiving Sensitivity: -85dBmAV Out: YesVideo System: NTSC/PAL

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Q:How to install closed-circuit monitoring?
Computer monitoring has disadvantages, such as home no one, happen to power outages, after a call, if no one to open the computer, your monitoring system will not run.It is recommended to buy a small video camera, 4 on the road, inside a SATA hard disk, connected to a video camera in front of the house, you can run, can put the picture received on TV, you can watch the AV switch, usually does not affect watching TV
Q:What do you need to add an ordinary home computer to a closed-circuit monitoring host?
Look at the camera monitoring system there are several points, according to the situation to buy a video acquisition card, buy soft card, low price, good quality video if you want to the best use of the card, the 7130 chip currently on the market price is low, but the image quality is not high. If you want to have a voice in the video data, the best buy with audio input card. (Note: at present many cards only support Intel computer motherboard chip
Q:Can CCTV system be connected to mobile phone?
Mobile client to use only fill in the domain name, address, password, port number, you can complete the remote monitoring.
Q:The difference between IP monitoring system and analog system
The typical TV monitoring system consists of two parts, the front end device and the back end device. Among them, the back-end device can be further divided into central control equipment and sub control device. The front and rear devices have many ways of forming, and the connection between them (also known as the transmission system) can be achieved by cable, fiber, or microwave. The television monitoring system consists of four parts, the camera part (and sometimes Mike), the transmission part, the control part, and the display and recording part. In each section, it contains more specific equipment or parts.
Q:What's the difference between TV surveillance system and video surveillance system?
TV monitoring is a part of video surveillanceTelevision monitoring is now less and less popular. It used to be a monitor display with a lot of monitors. Now it's splicing wallsA small number of monitors are used, but they are all VGA signals. They used to be BNC
Q:Why has CCTV been flashing all the time?
The possibility of 1: loose ends, as to which location, you need to plug in, you can start from the back of the watch, shake the video adapter of hard disk video or contact near the camera
Q:Why can't closed-circuit monitors be shown after thunder?
If not, you can use a bad power supply and an interface, and suggest alternative if necessary
Q:How to install closed-circuit monitoring
First determine the number and location of the installation of surveillance cameras, hard disk recorders use wire number, number of parameters, and determine the corresponding parameters of the equipment list, to the nearby market to purchase the list of equipment installation technology
Q:The CCTV Monitor for hard disk recorders is black and white. What's going on?
Where do you use it? Is the camera in the room? The light is not enough. Well, you can describe your situation carefully!
Q:What are the common types of CCTV cameras?
The camera is divided according to the sensor:1, CCD camera; 2, COMS camera
The company mainly in the security monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intelligent, LCD products. We have set up the development of the factory, the production of cable camera, wireless camera, MINI DVR, and obtain the general agent of five industry brand, and a number of manufacturers of products to a regional distributor rights. Our innovative products, variety complete, the future will continue to develop new products more intelligent fashion.

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Factory Size: About 5,000 square meters
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Product Price Range Cheap, professional