waterproof LED trailer lamp LED Trailer Lamp

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100% waterproof LED TRAILER LAMP
This kind of light can be used for trailer light (trake,turning travel,back up combination trail light) tailer motor house atv yacht light,with the advantage of high brightness,rich colors,low power and long lifespan, It can be installed easily and used in any weather.Good warning effect.100% waterproof led trailer lamp.Rated voltage is 24V, working voltage is 24V,Installation way can be changed as customers'request.Various colors available


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Q:When the car headlamp is on, the window glass will automatically come down
There is a short circuit line ~ suggest you look at the repair shop
Q:2001 Ford Escape: oil light and engine coolant light?
If there's something wrong with your engine cooling system, your heat gauge would rise fast and keep getting hotter. For the light, I would go to a mechanic or even an auto parts store and ask them to plug your car into a computer. They will be able to tell you what is causing the light to come on.
Q:Tang Jun car headlights do not shine other things are so bright
Hello, the simplest look at the light bulb did not check the headlamp fuse really good? And then test the lamp to measure the headlamps have no electricity, [
Q:Out of gas, now the engine light is one?
Disconnecting the battery on a newer car does not work. You will need to use a scanner to shut it off. The newer vehicles have an internal battery for memory - that is why you can not reset the mileage of the vehicle when you disconnect the battery :P. Id go to your local automotive parts store like Kragen/Auto Zone and have the guys there use the scanner and see what the code is - they should be able to give you at least the Code number and then you can research it online of on this Forum. With that info you can determine if it was set due to the gas problem you had or the gas cap was not put on tight enough which can cause the light to come on. All in all there is a reason behind the light and the 1st step is use a scanner Good luck.
Q:xbox 360 hardware question.?
Im I am correct, I think the auto shut-off function is a fail safe system requirement. There is no way to shut it off without actually opening your xbox 360. P.S doesn't your xbox have a warranty? or a warranty of the place where you bought it? That could save the 100 bucks and get a new 360. Otherwise if you really do have to open the xbox and shut off the feature somehow I do not know how that might breach the xbox's warranty with microsoft.
Q:There are several gears for car headlamps
Off ---- small lights ----- headlamps, far light to pull the rod forward, near the light pull
Q:Antelope car headlamp how to tune
Their own tune, then the best tune in the evening, but do not increase in the road, do not say danger, not easy to see the results, try to choose in the district or yard inside.
Q:Abs light is on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?
it is not your brake pads. your abs does not know if your brake pads are worn. possibilities are: abs sensor/ ring problem (one on each wheel, the most common problem) wiring problem/ fuses, etc. computer problem hydraulic problem (least likely if the brakes feel ok, and usually the red brake light would be on for this) and- just to be safe- check the brake fluid level. usually this will turn the red brake light on, but better safe than sorry, it takes like two minutes. when the abs light comes on, there is a trouble codesaved in the computers memory. this needs to be retrieved, using a capable scanner. next step- test according to the code as needed, etc. you should be ok to drive until you can get it checked out, as long as the brakes feel ok. you will still have your normal brakes, you just wont have the antilock feature (rain, snow, etc.) whitch some cars dont even have. when there is a serious urgent brake problem, the red brake light will light also. im assuming from your question that only the yellow abs light is on. the answers you are getting here are for the red brake light, not the abs light. hope this helps, good luck. oh also- dont disconnect the battery if you want to find out why it came on!! it will erase the memory. if it was a one time problem, and fixes itself, the light will eventually go out on its own.
Q:check eng light 1994 plymouth acclaim?
I believe you can get a code by turning the ignition key on and off three times then back on and wait for the check engine light to blink. You gotta watch careful It might only blink once pause then two then five. What you have to do is count the flashes and write them down. That code will tell you what the problem is. Assuming none of the other lights are red or amber it is safe to drive but watch the temperature guage and the oil light or guage carefully. You might have and emissions sensor going but the code should pick that up.
Q:How to use the 600D night to shoot that beautiful car lights traffic lights line? C
In front of the two did not tell you to the tripod, whether it is a few seconds of slow, less than 1/30 are best with a tripod. There is the direction of the traffic, the car headlamps illuminated much stronger than the taillight times, often seen too serious exposure to the night flow film.

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