Water Tree Retardant Power Cable

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Q:How can I find FSP150-AAA compatible power cable for PC?
There appear to be various manufacturers of FSP150-AAA power supplies. You must have a substantial laptop or whatever that is powering. Most laptops have 65 to 90 watt PSU, my gaming laptop is 120 watt, and FSP150-AAA is 150 watt. Or is that an all-in-one PC where the computer is built into a screen? The one you link to is one of the ones I found in a web search.
Q:can i cut my computer Power Supply cables/USB and HDD cable to add an extension myself? They're all short.
Only if you know what you are doing (if you have experience with this kind of stuff). If you get the cables wrong you can fry your power supply, your motherboard, usb, or HDD. If you know what you are doing, then it is fine. It would be best to solder in the extensions, but not necessary. What I do is for each end of the cables that I will join, I divide the individual wires into 2 parts, and then intertwine them with the other cable's wires. Then I individually tape each cable, and finally tape all the cables. *Note: by cable i mean one the black, red, or yellow ones. By wire i mean each individual strand of metal in each cable.
Q:Windows Media Centre starting when power cable gets plugged in?
Use windows defender hit softwares tab and remove windows media center from startup programs list
Q:whats better, a external hard drive with a power cable or not?
As okorder.com/... Both ESATA and USB 2.0. The bomb. My enclosures are all pretty generic. Good luck.
Q:I need a replacement power cable for my laptop?
dick smith or easily one of those kinds of digital shops they promote those packs with about 10 different adapters for $60 pay attention utilising some thing besides the indisputable fact that the right acer battery could void your assure
Q:Can I use a Radio Power Cable for my PS2?
Ps2 Power Cable
Q:Cables required for electric guitar?
The term power cable is used on electrical appliances such as amplifiers. Some amps have permanent fixed ones while others are detachable. A guitar uses what is called a 1/4 inch instrument (or guitar) cable to connect to a guitar amp. These are properly shielded cables. They either have two straight jack plugs or one straight and one angled - both works fine. A length of 6' seems to suit most situations. These cables come in lots of qualities, from very poor to high quality. You do not need the most expensive ones, just don't get the cheapest qualities. If it's a guitar pack you have purchased, guitar and amp together, it may be that there's a guitar cable included. These are typically very low quality... basically throw away stuff. You hook up the guitar by inserting one end of the cable into the guitar output jack and the other end of the cable into the amplifier input jack - usually found on the front of the amp, labelled 'Input'. And no, it is not a stupid question - we all have to start somewhere! Good luck with your playing :-)
Q:How can I power an older IDE Hard Drive with a Power Supply with Only SATA power?
I am afraid you are a victim of the penny pinching that companies like Dell need to do to make the machines at the price you want to pay for them. I would always recommend buying from a proper store (bricks and mortar) and taking a good look inside before parting with your cash. There are plenty of suppliers out there who will build a PC for you and look after you.
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Copper core per square of the safe current (continuous use) for the 2.5A, intermittent use of 4A, according to the power count 550W-880W.
Q:How are large power cables run between towers when there is a valley between towers? Do they use helicopters?
From the high point a rope is thrown down. the workers pull this light rope to which a stronger steel wire is attached and then the power carrying wire is attached and pulled carefully over wheels so as not to scar the wire. Lots of sweat and hard work to get it done. and Yes Helicopters are used where they are available.

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