VP52B Detergent Powder Filling Packing Machine

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Product Description:


A:High automatic, easy operation, save costs 
B:1 worker can control the whole sets, low failure rate 


Product name



VP52B Main machine

1 set


Auger filler

1 set


Screw conveyor


1 set


Finished product conveyor  


1 set


Incidental former

1 set

I. The major performance and structural features

*Advanced design for complete machine, reasonable structure, convenient adjusting

operation and maintenance;

* standard positioning with servo film transporting system; stable for transporting

film with two synchronous belts;

* high automation with auto correction function;* minimize the consumption with

multiple kinds of auto warning protection function

* supported by metric device, the machine can automatically complete all packing

processes from measuring, feeding, filling, 


II. Range of configuration

* The machine can be supported by auto weighing machine, meter glass dosing

machine, manual batch conveyor and spiral dosing machine. It has an extensive range

of package, suitable for packing of each kind of item such as grains, blocks, bars

and powder, etc.


VP52B Main machine





60 bags/min, depending on the features of   the materials



  Bag Size

  (L)80-350mm (W)100-250mm

  Film Width

  Max 520mm

  Bag Type

  Pillow bag (Optional: punching bag, gusseted   bag, vacuum bag)

  Pulling Belt Type

  Double-belt pulling film

  Filling Range


  Film Thickness


Film Material



  Air Consumption

  0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min

  Total Power



  380V   50HZ

  Air Compressor

  Not less than 1 CBM

  Total Height

  2.534 m


Advantages of the whole sets

    1:High automatic, easy operation, save costs

    2:BAOPACK over the past 10 years continuously improve packaging solutions, packaging experienced

    3:1 worker can control the whole sets, low failure rate

    4:The whole system is linkage control, automatic feeding, stop working without material

The Superiority:

A:High speed and efficiency

B:MITSUBUSHI PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate

C:Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor minimize the     loss with complete automatic warn protection function

D:High automatic, it can complete the whole packaging process, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, counting, transporting

E:The contact parts with food is made of 316# or 304# high quality stainless steel ensure food safety


Features of auger filler

A:It completes measuring, bagging, filling automatically. Auger filler drove by servo motor to measure and fill materials.

B:Suitable to package free-flowing or poor- flowing powder.

C:Stainless steel 304 contact parts.

auger filler Specifications


  Middle type auger   filler

  Filling range



  Max 50bags/min




  380V 2.5KW

  Auger filler dimension


  Auger filler weight



  Screw rotary filling



Features of screw conveyor

This conveyor made of high quality stainless steel, and the storage can be vibrated . It is suitable for conveying various powder and little pellets. Size can be customize.

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