VP42II Automatic Food Packaging Machines

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20 unit/month

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Product Description:



* #304 stainless steel using

* Packing fast and stable

* Mastered the core technology of packaging machines

Product List



Products name 




Basic machine

1 set 



14 heads combination weigher

1 set



Z type bucket elevator(vibration)

1 set



Supporting platform

1 set



Finished product conveyor

1 set


Stochastic forming

1 set


Wooden case packing charge

1 set


VP42II automatic food packaging machine


*Low investment, high return, high speed, high efficiency

*Imported PLC computer control system, man-machine interface, large display and easy touch-screen operation.

*Servo film transporting system, horizontal sealing servo control, accurate positioning, machine performance

*Maximize the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.






70-100   bag/min,it is according to quality of wrapping and supplies



Bag size

(L)60-300mm   (W)90-200 mm  

Film   width


Bag type

Pack   with film, upper seal, lower seal and back seal by automatic bag making   machine.

Filling   range


Film   thickness


Package   material

Thermal   composite material., likeBOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE etc

Air   consumption  

0.8Mpa   0.5m3/min

Total   powder



Four   wire three phase 380V 50HZ

Air   compressor

Not less   than 1 CBM

Total   height




Suitable to package fragile materials demanding high accuracy,such as


puffedfood,crispy rice,jelly,candy,pistachio,apple slices,dumpling,chocolate,pet


food,small hardware,medicine,etc.

The 14 heads weigher

Main feature 
Load cell infeed detection, more compatible for harsh working environment (dusty).
Automatic frequency control function to improve the passing rate.
Independently adjustable amplitude,more user friendly.
Staggered dumping mechanism to prevent material blockage.
Multi-language operating interface.
Mouse, USB and SD card compatible 10”  touch screen 
High grade (IP65) waterproof and dustproof design, more durable in wet and dusty working environment.
Instant display of the weight inside each hopper.
Application Range:
Cereal, pasta, pet food, frozen food (frozen dumping), all type of granular products (peanuts, pistachio), confectionary, fresh products (lettuce leaf), bakery food (biscuits). Non-food applications (screws, bolts).

Weigh range




Max speed


Weigh volume


Hopper No.


Control panel

10inch touch screen

Driving Device

Stepper motor

Power supply

AC 110/220±5V, 50/60 Hz


1 .3KW





P1.7-1.8 Supporting platform P1.7-1.8


The supporting platform is solid will not affect the measurement accuracy of the combination weigher.

In addition, the table board is to use the dimple plate, it is more secure, and it can avoid slipping.


The size of the supporting platform is according to the type of the machines.



The machine can send the packed finished bag to after-package detecting device or packing platform.


Lifting   height


Lifting   capacity

1   cmb/hour

Feeding   speed







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Q:How does the pulp solidify? What additives do you need? Curing agents? Or what do you need as binders?
Urea formaldehyde resin is a water-soluble resin, easily cured, the cured resin colorless, non-toxic, good light resistance, long-term use does not change color, heat molding will not change color, can add various colorants to prepare various brightly colored products.Urea formaldehyde resin is hard, scratch resistant, weak acid, weak base and grease. It is cheap and has certain toughness, but it is easy to absorb water, so it has poor water resistance and electrical properties, and its heat resistance is not highThe use of urea formaldehyde resin is widely used in plastic, mold, laminated plastic, foam, also can be used for the production of water-soluble adhesive, the adhesive for wood; fabric shrinkproof and crepe treatment agent; used as a varnish of paper, in order to improve the wet strength of paper. The following is a simple Shaoxing on it the application of the plastic.
Q:What are the packing machines?
Heat shrink packaging machine, mask packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, food packaging machine, I suggest you can go to see
Q:What is a packaging machine?
Meet the needs of mass production and meet the requirements of clean sanitationUsually some non-standard equipment, the common is pneumatic and simple combination of electrical components, to meet the requirements of factory automation
Q:How much is the tableware wrapping machine?What's the price of the tableware wrapping machine?
Tableware packaging machine machine standard price of about 38000, excluding tax, tableware packaging machine is designed for tableware (e.g., chopsticks, bowls, dishes and so on) a modern packaging machinery packaging, this machine is mainly composed of conveyor, packaging machine, output machine, shrink machine, composed of four parts.
Q:Vacuum packing machine for cooked food: can whole chicken, whole goose and whole duck be packed?
Well, yesBut the vacuum packaging machines used for different product sizes are different
Q:What is the design basis of automated packaging?!
Increase productivity and reduce process costGerman packaging machinery, especially beverages, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, with high speed, complete sets, high degree of automation and good reliability and so on. Beverage filling speed up to 1200 bottles / D, when the cigarette packaging 12000 / min.. Increasing the speed of the machine is a complex problem. The faster the piece production cost is, the higher the use area of the workshop is. In addition, the speed of the motor is limited, so do not think how fast, how fast. In general, the speed increase by 15%, 20%, will lead to a series of complex problems. In addition to increasing the speed, the productivity can be solved from other channels:1. continuous or long work. Packaging machinery works a batch type and continuous type, design, design should strive for continuous work, also can improve the productivity; one device may also have multiple production lines, the production of the same product or several different products, but must improve the reliability.2. reduce scrap rate and provide fault analysis system. The loss of waste to production is enormous, not only product loss, but also material loss. So try to force to reduce the rejection rate; packaging machinery sale should also provide maintenance services for the fault analysis system, the modal analysis is carried out to find fault, or through the Inter network for remote diagnosis, the maximum to meet customer needs. In the future, the packaging machinery will be further intelligent, that is, the equipment itself to find fault, to solve their own failure, to reduce waste rate and failure rate, so that the normal productivity can be improved.
Q:Predecessors please point out: what is the future of packaging machinery industry?
China's packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize this opportunity.The overall upgrading of packaging machinery equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and the world. The main features of the renewal is: a large number of transplanted with civilian and military industries all modern high precision technology and electronic technology, microelectronic technology, edge technology, fuzzy technology, accelerate the further improve the reliability, safety, no work of the level of automation of packaging machinery and equipment and production line. Intelligence will move into the field of packaging machinery, equipment and production lines.
Q:Which friend is an expert in mechanical equipment or a better understanding of sealing machines?,
If these are good, and then talk about the price, always a penny goods, this side, quick packaging machine is not bad,
Q:What's the fastest packing machine?
Depending on the characteristics of your material, the speed is adjustable!
Q:What's the best place to use the pillow type packing machine?
This device is now relatively mature technology, but each manufacturer's design is still a little different

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