Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Cloth Manufacturer

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100000 m²/month

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Packaging Detail:Plastic bag inside, Carton box outside or woven bag
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after received your 30% T/T in advance


Ceramic fiber cloth: 
2.Glass fiber reinforced&stainless steel reinforced. 
3.450 ~1000 Celsius degree.

Ceramic fiber cloth is made of ceramic woven yarns with fiberglass yarn or steel wire reinforcement,it is excellent substitute for asbestos cloth.  
Ceramic fiber cloth with metallic wire (inconel or stainless steel) are also available. 
Ceramic Fiber cloth with Aluminum foil is available.

Widely used in thermal insulation industry as heat insulation curtain, large area thermal insulation. Radiant heat shielding, flexible fabric expansion joints.


Thickness (mm)Weight (g/m2)ReinforcementWorking Temp.
21100Steel wire1050°C
31500Steel wire1050°C


  1. Heat insulation curtain, large area thermal insulation.

  2. Radiant heat shielding, flexible fabric expansion joints.

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